Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh Crap....

My mom just said "Hey Kara, how about you make the Christmas turkey so you know how...."

Major major problem.... Maybe I shouldn't have shared my blog with my mom....Maybe I can pull the I am a newlywed spending time with my Husband.... or maybe I can tell her the only way I can make it is if I am fully naked..or maybe I can just start sneezing everywhere the night before.....I might be stuck....

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The last Thanksgiving :)

As I called Tyler today over Skype and said Happy Thanksgiving, I just saw this little frown on his cute little face. He just looked sad. This is his second Thanksgiving that he has been down in Grenada and not back home. There is nothing like your moms thanksgiving and I know he misses it so much! I told him today though it is the very last Thanksgiving he will ever be alone!! I will be there from now on and I will be able to whip up my very best thanksgiving meal!! No promises! It makes me a bit nervous as I am not yet ready to do a whole meal alone YET!! Today I did a broccoli casserole and the mashed potatoes! The turkey is what is a bit frightening but who knows maybe next year it will be show time!! 

It is just crazy to think Tyler and I might be in New York next Thanksgiving! It will be such an exciting time for us, but just crazy that we have no idea where we will be for another 9 months!!! 

I hope you all are surrounded by your family and friends and you have lots of little blessings. I have so many I just can't even believe it. I am living a dream life right now and have SOOO many people to thank especially my family! 

I hope your tummies are full and happy!!! 


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Paging Kara Wright?? Kara Wright?? Anyone!?!?

Well Hello there!!!! 

My mom wondered if I quit and gave up??!?! My answer is WEDDING OVERLOAD! I have to say I was pretty calm and collected regarding our wedding UNTIL I came home in October and realized my life is now CONSUMED by our wedding. Not only am I planning the wedding but I also have to do it with my cute fiance thousands of miles away :) Oh yah and have I mentioned he is quite busy down there, like 7AM-2AM studying!!!! I never realized what a labor of love a wedding is. Yes I knew it was a lot of work but had NO idea how much love, energy and time you put into 1 weekend. Everyone says it is so easy to loose sight of actually what the weekend is about and let me tell you I have had to remind myself several times this week!!! 

I have to say I am over the moon excited to become Mrs. Kara Manis! I am incredibly incredibly lucky to have the most amazing girlfriends on this planet! Seriously I can't even explain how these girls have been! One of my bridesmaids was 1cm dilated and having some contractions and CAME to the entire bachelorette weekend! seriously?!?! 
Or how about I had a DOCTOR take off an entire weekend of saving lives to come celebrate with me... Seriously!?!?! 
Or how about my sister who had EVERYTHING under the sun monogrammed with my new initials and the most amazing weekend decorated just the way I dreamed it would be!!!! 
Or How about I had 17 of the most amazing girls completely spoil me and just surround me with the most amazing gifts and love!! YES these are all 100% real! 

There are moments when I just wish I was on the beach in Grenada (of course in my dress) and its just tyler and I and we are barefoot, and we get married just the two of us and our pastor :) (we flew him down) The weather is a little breezy, No mosquito's (yah right :) ), really pretty music and a gorgeous sunset. Just Ty and Kara.... I am so thrilled to be his wife and I think he knows that! 

So that is where I have been, oh yes and I have I told you I am in the process of serious working out and dieting. It is so much fun! NOT!!!!! I have to be patient and I am 100% not patient!! Omg I thought after like 4 weeks of working out I would look like brooklyn decker... well unfortunately I'm FAR FAR from her, but I still have 30 days!!! AHHH its crunch time so if you don't hear from me you know where I am trying to steal a Victoria Secret Models body!!!!!! 

12-17-11 Can't come faster!!!!!!!! 

P.s. did I mention how much I miss this little one!! I  think about him daily and hope he is being hugged and kissed every day while Aunt Kara is away :) 

Monday, September 19, 2011

A little slice of home...

I have just returned from my trip home and I am back safely in Grenada. It was a whirl wind 8 days! It was amazing but I literally did NOT stop! It was great seeing all of my girlfriends and all of my family, it is never enough time with my family but loved seeing their faces!! 

If I have not filled you in on my obsession in Grenada it is the Bellaire home for children! I met this little guy named Delante and fell hard, very hard. I have never had the feeling of desperation for a little one. It really started when I went to visit the home and walked in to see the little guy just playing in the crib alone without any toys, blankets, air conditioning etc. The homes staff are great and love all of the kids, BUT you can only do so much with so many kids. It was the first time I felt that I could change this child's life, I could feed him better, love him more, and give him a home with air conditioning and a lot of toys! I know Ty and I are not ready for a child, it would be very tough planning a wedding, adopting a child, finishing med school, moving to NY, etc.... it would add a whole angle to the mix! So what I have decided is I will love on them as much as I can and spoil them rotten until I have to leave!! I love love Delante but I also have become obsessed with all of the kids, they are so great! I have a little video of delante clapping and a few pictures of him in his new FSU jersey I picked up at home!!! 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Grenada update!

So today is Wednesday which means tomorrow is Thursday..(I know I am getting extremely smart here on this tiny Island) which means I am off to Florida for a week tomorrow! Excited/not excited! Excited to see my amazing family and friends, NOT excited to travel for a full day tomorrow! My day will start at 7:30 and I will not be home probably until 6:30PM. I will update you on my experience when I am home because I am not sure if I mentioned, I hate the Miami airport more than I hate lizards! (and I really really hate lizards) 

A couple of updates on Grenada...... Baby Goats!!!!!! You would think living on an island I wouldn't be showing so many pictures of live stock but there is a goat in the field across from our place and she had three babies!!!! Ty was in a rather studious mood so he would not let me go near them or pick them up.. COME ON TY!!!! How often do you run into tiny goats the size of a baby!?!!?!?! I am thinking maybe when he is done studying so much I can talk him into it after a few glasses of wine :) I will keep you posted on this!!!! here are some pictures!! 

Famous Cow! This little guy LOVES the camera, if you remember he was on my blog recently and when I walked up with my camera I swear he just about put his hoof on his hip and gave a wave to the paparazzi!! Here is another great picture of him... I need to name all of the animals now that I think about it! 

Grocery store!!! So the shelves have been unusually very very empty!!! There are a lot more students this term so maybe that is the deal but I took a picture so you can see my frustration when I am trying to find Pastry flour!!!! I know it was a long shot in Grenada where they don't even have GUMMY BEARS!! What country doesn't have gummy bears or REESE'S!!! Come on Grenada!!! 

Last but certainly not least you caught me at a very bad time to write this but I just went to pay our Internet bill at the bank. They take a lunch break and close all of the stores here, (why not who needs to go to the bank at lunch time!!!!!!! like everyone Grenada!!) So I go and stand in line outside the door, you have to wait outside and they then let you in. I walk up and I am the 2nd person in line and there is a security guard standing to facilitate the line just in case there is like a riot or something... Anyways there he is playing away on his phone and then he looks up and walks to the door and closes the door behind him and flips the sign to closed!!! I swear I just about lost it, oh wait I did loose it!!! All of the students who were in line were pissed but just walked away, I proceeded to walk up to the door and knock till the kind gentleman opened the door. Yes???? Me in a not so nice attitude... Can I give you a tiny piece of advice sir.....Next time you have customers waiting in line and you know you are going to close at a certain time how about you let them know they might not make it or tell them to come back at a different time?!?!? He to me "well mam did you read the sign!?!??!"  (I read every sign while I was standing there so i knew there was no sign) "ummmm no I didn't read THE SIGN sir, can you point it out to me!??!? Umm its right.... oh it must have been taken down....... My blood was boiling!!!! 

Yes I know this is NOT America, but I am just looking for a bit of consideration from you Grenada and mister security guard probably texting your baby mama while i drip sweat from every part of my body.... Here is a picture of me after I left the bank!!! 

Oh Grenada how I will not miss your superb customer service next week!!! I will miss my baby goats, Delante (i need to post about my new son.....soon soon you will hear!) and Mr. Cow.......... 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Becoming a master!

Moving to an island/third world country has proven to be an eye opening experience for Tyler and I. We have lived in a bubble and its unbelievable how much living in Grenada has made me realize how blessed we really are. I already knew we were very lucky but no where near how I feel now. There are a lot of little quirks here that you just have to laugh about and realize its just Grenada!!! So i have become a master when it comes to a few little quirks!!!! 

1. Master of hand washing dishes!!! Fortunately and now unfortunately, I have always had the luxury of having a dishwasher! Of course here we do NOT. Since we try to cook in as much as we can that = a lot of dishes!!!! I have become very good and pretty darn quick if I may say so myself!! Here is our little Grenada kitchen!!

2. Master of Sunscreen!!! If you have seen pictures you will know I have very fair skin. The Grenada sun is killer!! It will burn my pale skin so fast, so I try to wear sunscreen as much as possible! My goal is no burning at all, and so far my sunscreen application process has paid off!! Tyler told me last night he thinks I am tanner than him! Can you believe it!

3. Master of the shower knobs!!! We are very lucky to have REALLY hot water and very cold water. Some students don't really get hot water. We on the other hand get scolding hot water and freezing cold, and you have to find that perfect middle ground. Tyler and I probably use the shower knobs to adjust the temperature at least 10 times each shower! I have it down almost pat!!

4. Master of driving on the left! This is a bit of a scary one but after driving for 9 years on the right it is a constant mental note "left, left, left". I just about have it down, Now I am not saying I am a MASTER of driving, but a master of driving on the left. 

5. Master of empty grocery shelves!!! The shipment or boat of food for IGA the nicer grocery store here comes on Wednesday or Thursday depending on their journey. You have to be VERY quick when it comes to milk, bananas, eggs, juices and really any fruit! I have been pretty good at improvising if its not there but have it down to make my trip on Thursday or Friday!

6. Master of Bug Spray!!! Holy bugs!! I have it down to a science, just about every day I put on bug spray. The bugs here will get you and I think love my pale skin. So I never leave home with out my bug spray!!!! 

Just wanted to share some of my new skills I have acquired since I have been in Grenada! Do you think I can get a job with any of these master skills when I am done here?!?! 

Signing off for the day, off to the beach...

Master Kara

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stroll on the beach..

Work has been very busy this week, like crazy busy!!! I am supposed to be working 35 hours for one company and I am going to bet I am going over my 35 hours by at least 10, but what do I do ignore the customers who are in need? I can't, I would feel too bad so I am putting in over 40 hours recently...I am so grateful that my company is allowing me to work from an Island so I enjoy the work I am doing and am happy to help out my great bosses!

Today though I needed to get out of the apartment. The difference from home is here I sit in a very small living room and do not really move. I don't walk outside, I don't run to Moe's for lunch, I don't run to UPS to ship a box...etc... I have started to be a little stir crazy... So today I told Ty I needed to go for a walk. I walked the beach and drove around a bit and enjoyed the beauty of this amazing island with my camera....

gorgeous day today..

these walls reminded me of our days at FSU..

I am not a tobacco fan, but thought this old sign was so neat....

I love all of the old buildings in the downtown area...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Busy Island Couple!!

Hello There and Happy Monday!

Life has been so crazy busy this summer and I had a lot of great time with Tyler this summer. classes were a lot less busy this summer than this Fall semester! Last week started tyler's 4th term of Medical School! Can you believe it!! This 4th semester is the hardest and most time consuming semester of med school!!! I am ready for it to be over so we can move on!! What have we been up to!!!?!??!

Well your first probably wondering what this picture is!! Well there are goats and cows everywhere here! Well probably not everywhere but a lot more than Florida. They are just wandering the streets and really keep to themselves. I usually have to stop and take a picture every time I see one, which is about once a day.

Grenada Carnival!!! It was a three day NON STOP party in Grenada! It actually lasted a lot longer than three days but the main days were Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and let me tell you Grenada knows how to party. A lot of the locals here usually do not go to bed the entire three days! Can you imagine!! Events go through the night till sunrise and are so fun. Here are a couple of pictures from Carnival!!

Touring the Island! I have said to Ty time and time again, I want to really explore Grenada before we leave here. The area we live in is by far the nicest part of the island but it would be great to see everywhere else. The rainforest is one of the top to do's on my list and we were able to see part of it when we went tubing!! It was a great time and go my goodness the rain forest was gorgeous!!

Tyler's parents came to visit!! It was such a great time when his parents came to visit! It was like Tyler and I were on vacation as well, and we had a great time with them and they loved Grenada! I wish the flights here were a tad cheaper because it is actually a GORGEOUS island but it is not cheap to get here.

WORKING!!! I am so so so blessed to be able to work from Grenada! It really keeps me busy during the week! Right now I am working about 35-40 hours a week and it might pick up soon! Even though I do enjoy my occasional nap I have to say I enjoy having a pay check even more :)

Wedding Planning!! I have been on a little hiatus this summer once I got to Grenada. People tell me I am crazy BUT it has been quite easy! I do have a list of many to dos but a lot of them I have to wait till I am home in October. I received our 4 month email recently and I got a little butterfly in my stomach :)

Anyways all is well here, I love the goats, cows, beaches and mountains in Grenada and soaking up the crazy experience as much as possible!!

My next post is going to be about my day I spent with an orphanage in Grenada... I fell in love :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Still an Island Girl!!

Hello Hello Family & Friends!!

I have received multiple "hints" that I need to update Pink Lovey because that is how some of my family knows I am still alive on this tiny island!

I am here and still loving our Island adventure. LOTS to update you on, but not today. I have been very busy with work and also Grenada's Carnival which I will post those pictures soon.

Ty finished his 3rd term and now he is a 4th termer!!! Crazy only 2 semesters left and we are back in the states, YAH!!

Hope everyone has a great week :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Move Out of the Way!!!!

Tyler and I are new proud (temporary) renters of this gem! Ty has been down here over a year without a car and has been using the bus system which is decent but having a car for the two of us is AMAZING (angels singing in background). Everything is quite expensive down here rent, gas, cars, groceries and it is not fun paying for all of it, but I have had to get over the fact that this is just temporary as we are living on an Island and everything is imported.

I have two stories for you today the first one feels like a bad dream but I will re live it one last time..... Tyler has seen the jeep wranglers on the island and missed his days of having his so he thought it would be a perfect island car while we are here. So we received a name of someone and after a week our "jeep" was ready. Remember it is NOT cheap to rent a car and it was not cheap to rent this jeep. We walked up and the car looked in pretty decent shape, it was a black wrangler and it look like it was in good condition until you actually sat in it and drove it.

Long story short, the man that brought us the car could not stop spitting and coughing and we were not sure why. An hour later after Ty and I had been driving the car for almost an hour we both had horrible headaches and stomach aches from the fumes that were coming in the car as we drove it. There were NO seatbelts. (they did not see this as a problem when I said, um sir there are no seatbelts?? their answer yes no answer, ummm ok) We would drive it and then it would just stop while driving like 40mph. It was a nightmire!! We called the guy back and told him he needed to come pick it up and we are NOT keeping it! Our landlord stepped in and said no you come with me I will get you a good deal.. and he did :)

The interesting thing about our new car is the steering wheel is on the right. It has taken some getting used to let me tell you, BUT I have to say I am now kinda a pro and Ty is trailing far behind me... hehe...he has been studying and I have been driving around town :) It has Air Conditioning and drives pretty nicely as these bumpy Grenada roads. I feel very safe in it.

Now here is my second story. Yesterday I was going to meet a wife of one of the students for lunch and I told her I would come pick her up to take her to lunch. I had driven enough and thought I would be fine. Well fast forward to Kara driving up CRAZY hills/mountains in Grenada! OMG, I was pretty scared at first and have to say it could have been really bad if I was in the jeep. I set up my phone on the way down the hill so Ty could see what I had to drive down. Its a little jumpy, but you will get the idea. And you can see what I see in Grenada!!! It was an experience let me tell you and after I was home safe and sitting down I was able to laugh about it, but not until I was safely back in our apartment. The funny thing is these tiny steep roads are one way roads so it was sooooo scary when a car would be coming the other way and you look down the side of the mountain and see how steep it is :( I am safe though and now have a LOT of experiences driving in Grenada! Look how tiny this road is!!!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Favorites!

Happy Monday :)

Just thought I would share some things I have been really loving this Summer! Some old and some new, isn't it funny how you can have something for years and fall in love with it years later!?!

WoodWick Candles- Tyler and I bought a couple small ones on a whim before we came down to Grenada and we have been lighting them every night we watch a movie! Being so hot in Grenada we like the sound of a crackling fire. Weird right!?!?! But it makes us feel warm and cozy and makes us feel like its chilly outside!! It also reminds us of Christmas which is our time favorite time of the year!

Solitaire on the IPAD- I have had an ipad now for almost a year and have slowly gotten used to it. I am obsessed with my mac book pro so its tough for me to choose the ipad over the computer when they are right next to each other, BUT this past week has been a crazy week for me health wise. My body is getting used to Grenada and hasn't had the easiest transition SO i have been cuddling up in bed with my love and we play solitaire. I recently have played it ALL day, I think Ty is worried!
Brownies- This is not a new love, BUT Ty and I made extra chocolaty Brownies in a muffin pan and they were delicious!! I also loved how clean and compact the little brownies were. I will now make brownies in a muffin pan all the time! They were quite cute :)

Jersey Sheets- Ty and I purchased Jersey Sheets before we came back to Grenada and I don't EVER want to get out of bed!!! I had a bad picture of jersey sheets before; they weren't crisp and clean and looked worn, but the sheets we found are pretty clean and crisp and oh man they are soft!!

Brookstone portable speaker- I received this as a gift at a sales meeting when I worked for Pearson. It was in a welcome bag and I didn't think it was really anything. Ty started playing with it when I got home and we found it VERY useful and pretty powerful for a tiny speaker. We take it to the beach and play our iPhone off it!

GOATS- Grenada has goats that randomly graze and I love them!! Hearing their little voices is so cute!!! Here is one far away picture I took on my phone!

Tyler- I love seeing him everyday! Its so nice to have him home every night and know he is just a few steps away on campus everyday. We have been watching lots of Movies and we started to watch LOST from the beginning!! So good! I love our time here together, we miss our friends and America but know this time is a small chapter of our lives.

A few dislikes too!

Allergies!!!- my allergies have been horrible in Grenada!! I have really bad sneezing attacks and horrible sinus headaches!

Living in an apartment- (with thin walls) As I am currently typing the person upstairs sounds like he or she has been laying tile in their apartment for hours!! Constant banging and lots of walking.

No Malls- I miss my malls and shops :( no explanation needed!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Back on the Rock!

Ty and I have been back in Grenada now for almost a week! It was the quickest 6 weeks of our lives but filled with such fun and love! Here is a super quick recap!
-engagement pictures, registered for wedding, food tasting, wedding shower, Tys bachelor party, tys family vacation for a week, My brothers graduation in Illinois, visited friends in Sarasota, Meeting the florist, the dj and wedding planners! And so much more!!!

We are back in Grenada though and are all settled in, I feel like I have been here for at least a few weeks now!!

So I was so happy in our little apartment right off campus until Ty and I visited some friends last night at their new apartment....Ty kept saying lets just move out in the middle of the night and the land lord will never notice!! It was crazy!!!! Remember we are living in Grenada! To get into your place they have a finger scan for the door to open! GRENADA remember!!! Take a look at this place!

Anyways all is well here in Grenada! I will update on our summer once life slows down a bit!

HAPPY 4th of JULY!! We are off to a pool party at this house... i have a feeling I will have the same jealous feeling by this afternoon!

Friday, June 3, 2011

So busy!!!

I have been so mia recently!! Life has been so busy but so amazing!!

It has been so nice to have Ty back home! It has been amazing we have been non stop since we have been home but a great time. We have to have most of the wedding items done by June 26th when we head back to Grenada. After this break for Ty he will not be back in Orlando until a week before the wedding. So crazy and a little scary! Hopefully we will have everything in place before we head back and the only things left will be small details I can finish with my mom.

Anyways just wanted to check in! Off this weekend for a girls weekend, Love those!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sad But True!!

So I realized this weekend that I make it through the week based on my TV Shows!! How horrible am I! It makes me happy that on certain nights I know that I have a good show to look forward to at night! Here are my favs:

Sunday: The Killing- It is on AMC and it is in its first season! SOOOO good, its like a movie every Sunday!

Monday: Castle!!! Bethenny Ever After (which is now over :( )

Tuesday: Can't believe I am admitting this but 16 and pregnant!! Ahh its a guilty pleasure!

Wednesday: Modern Family! Hands down one of my ultimate favorites!

Thursday: Park & Recreation & The Office

Friday: I try to have a normal life so I don't have a favorite on Friday

Saturday: SNL!

Ok So what I would like from you all...... What are your favorite shows?!?!?! They can be on now or not but I am always up for a good new show!

Have a great week everyone!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Lots of Excitement!

So much is about to happen in the next 7 weeks I can hardly wait!!

1. Tyler comes home in less than a week!!!!! So thrilled, it has only been 3 weeks and it feels like forever!

2. Ty and I take our engagement pictures in 2 weeks! This really makes me feel like I am getting married!

3. I get to pick up my wedding dress!!!!!! I can't believe it!

4. Tys family is taking a week vacation and I am excited to get away for a week.

5. I have my first wedding shower!!!! It really hasn't sunken in yet but I get so giddy thinking about it!

6. June 26th I get to fly back to paradise for 3 months!!!! Holy cow, I can't believe it!! I will try to keep very busy since its 3 months!

A couple of random thoughts that I felt the need to share:

1. I recently have been getting a Gel Manicure and OMG I don't want a regular one ever again. My manicure lasted 2 weeks without a single dent or chip and I probably could have gone another week! Definitely worth it!

2. New ONE SIZE (yes ONE SIZE) boy shorts from Victoria secret! I bought two pairs and didn't realize the price until I left and found out that they were $15 each BUT I am going to go back and buy 5 more! They are so comfy and when I read one size I thought no way, but they fit like a glove and I love wearing them to bed with a big shirt of Ty's!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So I promised myself I was not going to wake up at 4AM to watch the Royal Wedding! Don't get me wrong, I definitly was going to watch it but not at 4AM. Guess what.....I woke up at 4:15 and then didn't go back to bed until 7:15.

Matt Lauer said something that I really liked. He said even if you are not into the royal wedding the moment you watched Kate step out of the car you couldn't help but be engulfed by all of the wedding excitment!

It was incredible and I just loved watching the whole wedding. She looked just stunning! She looked just as I would have thought a princess should look on her big day.

What I loved about Kate was not just the way she looked but the way she carries herself. Every move she makes is so thoughtful and classy and I just love it!

The other thing I loved was Pippa!! She looked just GORGEOUS!! I loved the white dress she of course wore at the wedding but when I saw the green dress I just gasped and thought would it be weird to wear green to my own wedding????

Congrats to the Happy Couple!!!!!! It makes me so giddy just thinking about our big day in December :) How do we look?? Just kidding....

Friday, April 22, 2011


I can not believe how fast time has flown by since I have been in Grenada! I leave on Thursday, less than a week!! Can you believe it!!?!? It has been an amazing month filled with lots of new adventures and time with my love! There is so much that we still have not done in Grenada so I am still so excited to come back in June so I can explore the Island more.

Everyone asks me, what do you do when Ty is in the library?
-Well, I have been lucky enough to work for a company that allows me to work from anywhere! All I need is my phone and Internet and I am good to go. Its actually quite perfect for my life situation right now! Once Ty is done with this portion of school and we move back to the U.S. I will probably have to go back to getting a real job, BUT for now I will appreciate this job that is less than 40 hours a week! AMAZING!! (I am actually going to start another job on the side starting next week too :)) Will keep me busy until Ty is back home on May 19th and add money to my wedding fund :)

We are so excited for the summer break back in Florida! We will be there for 6 weeks and it will be a very busy but VERY fun 6 weeks and then its back to the island! For now I will appreciate these little beauties and appreciate my time and experience here. (I am so excited for the mall and by favorite restaurants though :))

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm Official!

So if you are married or in a committed relationship to a student at SGU you are consider a Significant Other or SO. You have to go into the office and sign paper work and then you get your official ID that gives you access to campus! Today we went to pick up my ID that was ready and it was so exciting!! I honestly felt like I was accepted into medical school today! (no laughing!) Side note I asked Ty should I put on make up just incase they take my picture? Tyler: No, they will use the picture from your drivers license. Kara: oh perfect! I walk out of the door with ZERO make up on! While we are standing in the office the lady pulls out a camera and says ok I need to take your picture. Tyler got the biggest death stare! I am no longer listening to Ty ever again!!

Anyways here is my ID, I am now officially an SO!


Having been blessed to live in the U.S. for the last 25 years can really skew your view on life. Don't get me wrong it has been AMAZING but you start to think that everything that isn't like the life back home is wrong or weird. In the last week I have really taken a very different view on a few things. Think about these the next time you are out running around, appreciate these little things we have because I have to say I didn't really think twice about them.

1. The IPHONE!!!!! So my phone for obvious reasons doesn't work here so I have been phone less. I do carry it with me just in case of emergency because I can still call or text but it cost about $4, 452 for a text. I am so accustom when waiting for an appointment to jump on my phone; when I can't sleep I jump on facebook; when I am waiting in line at the grocery store checking my email.....Here there is A LOT of waiting. It is island style and you have to have a lot of patience. So it has been a bit of shell shock when I am waiting to not either call someone or jump on my phone.
CHALLENGE: next time you are waiting don't immediately grab your phone to chat, text or surf! You are left alone to just think and look around. Quite nice...

2. Multiple items!!! At home my mom has several coffee cups, several plates, lots of cups like most Americans. Here Ty and I only have a handful of plates (5), a few more cups (7) and 1 coffee cup. At home when there is a dirty cup in the sink you reach for one in the cabinet or reach from the dishwasher for a clean cup. Here we do not have a dishwasher so if my one coffee cup is dirty before I can enjoy my morning cup I have to hand wash my cup :) Ty is so good about splitting chores.... I think he got this from his parents who have a super relationship and really split all duties. Tyler and I trade off on doing the dishes and it works really well.
CHALLENGE: Next time you are about to cook dinner or eat and you reach for a new cup look to see how many dirty cups or plates are in your sink or dishwasher. SHOCKING!!

3. NO CAR!!!! So this one anyone who lives in a big city can relate to but I have had a car since I was 17. So here anytime we need to go run an errand we have to go to the school bus stop. They have buses that are supposed to come every 20-30 min, but remember its Island style so patience. So if we need to be somewhere at exactly 7:00 we really have to make sure we are a good 20-30 min early at the bus stop just in case. You also have to really think trips out, I won't just run out to the store for ONE item but we keep a list so we go to the store maybe twice a week and only carry the grocery's that fit in our hands :)
CHALLENGE: Count how many times you jump in your car for errands a week. I used to run errands so many times a week and just add stops to my list while I'm driving.

4. STORES OPEN LATE!!! Grenada works on Island time, so there is NO Walgreens that is open 24 hours, no McDonalds open late if you need a snack, no Walmart for ANYTHING you could possibly imagine. Here everything closes at 9PM, which sounds late but think about how many times you ran out of bread, or feel sick and need meds, I have found myself cooking or cleaning and thinking about running out to grab something, then I remember where i am. Also Ty and I sometimes eat very late, and here that doesn't work as well if you want to pick something up fast. Sundays almost everything is closed except for the grocery store every other store is closed!!!
CHALLENGE: Watch how many times you walk into a store past 8:55 to pick something up or grab some type of food! I was always running errands pretty late!!!

So This was a SUPER long post but I wanted to share all of the great things I have noticed being here in Grenada. The next time I am home I will now appreciate the little things a bit more now having lived here. Don't get me wrong its great being down here simplicity is key in Grenada and its a great change from the norm, but I sure do miss my Target :) I will post some Grenada pictures soon!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm a Natural

Hello from the Island!!!

Life has been so so great down here! It has been so nice to actually see my fiance face to face and not have to call him through skype every time I want to tell him something. It is also nice getting on a schedule with ty! It actually has been a super easy adjustment! Before I got down here I wasn't able to think about how I was going to feel so far from home without my lovely girlfriends! Granted I of course still miss my mom and my girlfriends but I have been an unusual calm since I saw Ty. This is Ty's little tiny ocean view out his front door :) Usually there are about 10 sailboats just hanging and it is such a fun sight to see every day.

Ty is a very protective fiance :) Which is very cute, but I wasn't quite sure if he was going to let me venture out alone on the big island. This morning I decided I was going to get up and go to the grocery store. When I walked in to tell Tyler his face said it all. He wasn't quite sure if he was comfortable with me doing this or why I even wanted to go alone! With much hesitation he agreed and walked me through the bus route and tips. He also tested my cell phone down here so just in case I got lost or scared I would for sure be able to reach him.
He is such an adorable fiance. I went to the grocery store alone and it was great!! I felt so comfortable and excited that I accomplished this on my own! I know it took a lot for Ty to let me be independent on this unknown island, but I thank him for it! I was so proud today!

When I was out of my little journey I saw something really exciting!!!

It was a Discovery Channel Truck...Which means they are here filming something!!! So exciting :) How often do you step outside of your house to see a large Discovery Channel truck passing you by! I was so excited to tell Ty!! I am not exactly sure why they are down here but I am going to find out!

It has been a great week and I am officially settled in. Our biggest question of the day is what we want to eat, what movie do we want to watch, gym or no gym!?!?! Its soooo amazing! I know Ty's schedule won't always be this great but I am going to take it right now!!!!

My embarrassing moments of Grenada so far:
1. I tripped pretty bad on campus and could have probably busted my face if I didn't catch myself. Thankfully I was not alone or I would have been super embarrassed.

2. When Ty and I went to the gym for the first time I asked him "are there any rules I should know?" I didn't want to look stupid, but of course he said no none. He always goes to the side with the weights so I should have figured. Anyways 5 minutes into my walk on the treadmill, I was tapped on the shoulder. "Excuse me mam, I am signed up for this treadmill at 7." I probably turned BRIGHT RED! I was so embarrassed and walked in 7 circles in the gym trying to find machines that you don't have to sign up for! I probably looked like the biggest idiot just pacing and pretending to look at my iphone. I totally made sure to let Ty know this as soon as I walked out!!!! I think he turned a little bit red for me :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Welcome to Grenada!!!

Hello from the Island of Spices!!!
I arrived on Friday night without my bags! I was not a happy camper as I had never lost my bags before so I didn't even think about packing a bunch in my carry on! Anyways I now have all of my things and am starting to get very comfy here on the Island! There have been a few Internet issues that I am trying to work on, but I now have my phone set up and that really makes me happy!

Anyways I thought I would provide you all with a few stats on Grenada!

The main question.... Ummm Where is Grenada?????
Grenada is located in the British West Indies almost to Venezuela.

Grenada is one of the Worlds largest producers of nutmeg and mace hence the name Island of Spice!

Grenada is 133 square miles and has a population of 110,000!

Grenada is in the EST right now

The average yearly temperature is 76 degrees

Currency is Eastern Caribbean dollar or EC

St. George University the medical school Tyler goes to has about 5,000 students. Not all are Med Students. They offer masters programs, undergraduate courses for locals and then also a veterinarian school.

The campus is quite amazing! It so beautiful and they did a really great job with it!

Well that was my quick update on Grenada! I will fill you in on some great Grenada stories very soon!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

So excited..

I recently heard the book Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen was a must read! I was VERY excited to hear there was a movie with one of my absolute favs Reese Witherspoon staring in the movie! I just saw the trailer and AHHHH I am on page 241 of 331 and I can't wait to finish it!!! If you are in the mood for a fun book to read pick it up before April 22nd! Watch the trailer you will be at Barnes & Noble so soon!!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


So tonight my lovely and amazing friend Michelle surprised me and took me to Wicked and dinner for my upcoming birthday in April. I know quite amazing!!! I just had such a fun time and thank her for being such an amazing friend! Anyways we both walked out just in awe of the talent and slightly jealous. Ok not slightly, really jealous! I think I heard myself say I wish I could just tell Glenda and Elphaba how lucky they are to be in Wicked. Really Kara?!!?

Anyways so my secret, I really want to be on Broadway..... But two small problems.... I cannot sing if my life depended on it and I dance like a 7 year old little girl listening to Justin Bieber. So in other words I would be AMAZING and the Lead in any Broadway musical....

Funny story almost a year ago, my dad took me to see Wicked in New York and it was my first time seeing Wicked. I was instantly obsessed with it, but have always been quite in awe of Broadway. So at the very end of the show after I told my dad a million times during the play how badly I wanted to be on Broadway; the lead actors came out and asked for donations and also said right now they were actioning off a walk on roll to Wicked, my Dad turned to me and said "if you want it I will try for it" I swear to you I think I peed a little bit and turned a lovely red color. "OMG dad no way I can't sing!!" My dad turned to me and said listen Kara I highly doubt they are going to give you the lead roll. I still didn't want to chance it and walked out quickly with my head down. Secretly though how amazing would it be to have a walk on roll!??!?!! AMAZING But So scary..You would all be invited by the way....

So I thought I would show you Michelle's and my little dream...
Please first make sure you click this link before you scroll down. Just have it in the background its our favorite song..

Wicked Staring Michelle and Kara- SOLD OUT :)

8 More Days....

Monday, March 21, 2011

Weddings, Weddings, Weddings...

I think this is what has been on every girls mind that I am friends with in the past year and a half. I have amazing friends far and near, but I have a group of about 10 girls in Orlando who have grown up together, some meet in high school and others in college! Out of 10 of us 6 of us are either married or engaged!! Can you believe it?!??! We just had our 4th wedding two weeks ago and have our 5th this weekend in less than 1 year!!!! My wedding will be the 6th! Can you say wedding over load?!?!?! So on the flip side of all of this craziness is the love and friendships we have from these weddings. The weddings have all been so different and so beautiful. These girls are just amazing people and I was so honored to be at each of them. We are a very different bunch all being able to meet the loves of our lives at this stage in our life. This is just such an amazing time in our lives!

It's so funny to say my wedding. I just told my friend Michelle on Sunday that I just love and adore being engaged! You get this look and smile when someone asks you if you are engaged and also a big congrats! Its such a giddy time and I just LOVE this year so far. Its funny there are times when I want this year to go by so quickly and then there are days when I want to be engaged forever just so the giddiness never goes away! Think about it, when you ask someone if they are engaged you get a "oh my gosh how fun!!" "whens the wedding?!?!" "what does your dress look like?"! When you are married the only question you get is "when are you having kids??"!
So I will enjoy every day of being engaged to this amazing man and dream about the day I will be walking down the aisle to meet my husband!

By the way this is us as Seniors in High School. We had been dating for almost a year in this picture and the other...... 8 years later on the night of our engagement.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sister & Brother :)

I don't think I have said how much I love these two people enough but I really felt the need to today. I have to say I have the most amazing sister and brother a girl could ask for! They are truly two of my best friends and I am really not sure where I would be without them. I can ALWAYS count on Tanner for a good belly laugh. The uncontrollable, air gasping laugh that is so fun to watch! I have a video of tanner and I laughing at eating chips and I watch this video when I am having a bad day! I just love it. One day I might post it :) My sister on the other hand is someone I can always always count on. I could call Brittany with the craziest scenario and she would figure it out or make it work for me. I just love her and she is really a girls best friend! We can share clothes, make up, secrets and I just love her! Its so funny when the three of us were growing up we would fight like cats and dogs and today I can't imagine my life without the two of them! They are just the best!

I hope everyone has these types of relationships with their families because it makes me so happy! Thought I would share this today and mix it up a bit from my normal Tyler obsessed posts :)

Have a great weekend!!

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