Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Grenada update!

So today is Wednesday which means tomorrow is Thursday..(I know I am getting extremely smart here on this tiny Island) which means I am off to Florida for a week tomorrow! Excited/not excited! Excited to see my amazing family and friends, NOT excited to travel for a full day tomorrow! My day will start at 7:30 and I will not be home probably until 6:30PM. I will update you on my experience when I am home because I am not sure if I mentioned, I hate the Miami airport more than I hate lizards! (and I really really hate lizards) 

A couple of updates on Grenada...... Baby Goats!!!!!! You would think living on an island I wouldn't be showing so many pictures of live stock but there is a goat in the field across from our place and she had three babies!!!! Ty was in a rather studious mood so he would not let me go near them or pick them up.. COME ON TY!!!! How often do you run into tiny goats the size of a baby!?!!?!?! I am thinking maybe when he is done studying so much I can talk him into it after a few glasses of wine :) I will keep you posted on this!!!! here are some pictures!! 

Famous Cow! This little guy LOVES the camera, if you remember he was on my blog recently and when I walked up with my camera I swear he just about put his hoof on his hip and gave a wave to the paparazzi!! Here is another great picture of him... I need to name all of the animals now that I think about it! 

Grocery store!!! So the shelves have been unusually very very empty!!! There are a lot more students this term so maybe that is the deal but I took a picture so you can see my frustration when I am trying to find Pastry flour!!!! I know it was a long shot in Grenada where they don't even have GUMMY BEARS!! What country doesn't have gummy bears or REESE'S!!! Come on Grenada!!! 

Last but certainly not least you caught me at a very bad time to write this but I just went to pay our Internet bill at the bank. They take a lunch break and close all of the stores here, (why not who needs to go to the bank at lunch time!!!!!!! like everyone Grenada!!) So I go and stand in line outside the door, you have to wait outside and they then let you in. I walk up and I am the 2nd person in line and there is a security guard standing to facilitate the line just in case there is like a riot or something... Anyways there he is playing away on his phone and then he looks up and walks to the door and closes the door behind him and flips the sign to closed!!! I swear I just about lost it, oh wait I did loose it!!! All of the students who were in line were pissed but just walked away, I proceeded to walk up to the door and knock till the kind gentleman opened the door. Yes???? Me in a not so nice attitude... Can I give you a tiny piece of advice sir.....Next time you have customers waiting in line and you know you are going to close at a certain time how about you let them know they might not make it or tell them to come back at a different time?!?!? He to me "well mam did you read the sign!?!??!"  (I read every sign while I was standing there so i knew there was no sign) "ummmm no I didn't read THE SIGN sir, can you point it out to me!??!? Umm its right.... oh it must have been taken down....... My blood was boiling!!!! 

Yes I know this is NOT America, but I am just looking for a bit of consideration from you Grenada and mister security guard probably texting your baby mama while i drip sweat from every part of my body.... Here is a picture of me after I left the bank!!! 

Oh Grenada how I will not miss your superb customer service next week!!! I will miss my baby goats, Delante (i need to post about my new son.....soon soon you will hear!) and Mr. Cow.......... 

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