Wednesday, March 21, 2012


What is on my wish list for our next apartment?!?!?! 

You guessed it!! A DISHWASHER!!!!

While I have enjoyed mastering jenga with our dishes on a daily basis, I would love to be able to just put them right into a little machine that washes them for me! Seriously, I appreciate a dishwasher more than anything right now after finishing our huge load of dishes!! I am quite proud of cooking in almost every night, but I miss being able to just run out and pick up a great ______.... I keep telling Ty, I have been tested in Grenada with very few ingredients to cook with. Example 1: I went to get limes today...Excuse me can you show me where the limes would be?....... "no limes today.." Kara has a sad face and walks away. Can you imagine Publix just completely being out of limes? Or MILK! Milk is always gone. OR if there is a huge shortage the grocery stores back home would post a note of sincere apology. Here no milk, no cheese, no limes..... 

We officially have a count down, back to the USA sign. Our cleaning lady who I adore to pieces saw the sign and said I see you all are counting down the days. It made her sad, and I know I will miss her, the little kiddos, and the gorgeous beaches.... 

51 days left in paradise

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