Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Face Lift :)


As you can probably already tell, Pink Lovey had a little Face Lift. Isn't she a gem :)

I came across this lovely little company called Penny Lane Designs and fell in love! I worked with the designer over there who is AMAZING and so helpful to get Pink Lovey looking gorgeous!! Take a peek its a really cute website and they create really beautiful sites!!

My next really important piece of information..... My BROTHER IS A KING!!!

King of his College that is!! Tanner was crowned the Homecoming King of Quincy University!! Can you believe it!??!!
So since I have YET to get my hands on a picture of my Brother with a CROWN on I decided I would google a King with a Crown and see if a King came up. Here were my options..

Slim pickings if you ask me, we can let Tanner decide who he would like to be....

Anyways I have not yet edited the pages but will get to those very soon :)

Have a great week everyone, my next blog will be about my weekend in Atlanta!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

New York State of Mind..

Hello All,
I am back home and constantly waking up in the night trying to figure out where I am! Tough life, I know. I have been so so lucky to be able to travel this much, but I have made a note for the future to not book 4 weekends of back to back travel. Not good for my mind or body, but sure is fun :)

So Last weekend it was New York to see my friend Ashton and my Father! My friend Michelle and I left on Friday afternoon and came home on Sunday so it was a quick weekend but SO worth it!! We had a blast. Michelle's flight was a bit later than mine so she didn't come in till later, but Ashton, her boyfriend and I met my dad for dinner and a boat tour around Manhattan.
I have never seen Manhattan or Jersey from the water so it was pretty amazing! It was a tad bit chilly but gorgeous!!! They pulled up really close to the Statue of Liberty and it was so beautiful lite up at night. The problem it was too dark for great pictures but I do have some of course :)
My Dad and I :)
There she is :)

this was our first night out after our little boat tour.

This is us on Saturday in one of our many cab rides! Shop Shop Shoppin... (we have been saying that ever since this trip when Michelle sang that while we were in the car....we learned Michelle had a lot of little songs and sayings and we can't wait until she has kids to see how the react to all of her songs and dances!!)

Saturday night we decided to go see the Adams Family on Broadway! We choose this one for a couple of reasons, first Michelle and her family love the Adam's Family so she really wanted to see it and then Secondly because we knew someone in the show!!! Wesley Taylor went to high school with us and we have seen all of his pictures and status updates on Facebook about it. We hadn't seen him since high school but he was so kind to allow us to come back stage with him. It was amazing!!

This was on Sunday, Gorgeous day on a rooftop!!

It was so interesting to be In NYC, thinking about how I will be there possibly in a couple of years. Tyler has to do his clinical rotations in NYC for 2 years starting in May of 2012. I can't imagine myself walking around the city as a resident but it was fun to think about it and a tad scary!

So glad we were able to visit and see Ashton! It was a quick trip and I was sooo tired on Monday let me tell you! I was home for 5 days and then left Friday afternoon for Atlanta!! I will update you all on that weekend soon :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Half of my Heart...

Is here....

So here is my post about my fabulous trip to Grenada!

So since last January Tyler has "prepped" me for Grenada. I had a very different view of this little Island than what it really was. Some of Tyler's stories had been about him having horribly delayed flights, loosing his luggage, slow service, and bad food. So I really didn't expect too much from the little island of Grenada.

First things first I had the absolute EASIEST flight EVER. Not a single delay, not a problem with my luggage. Everything was on time and waiting for me :) There were NO lines at customs, they asked me about two questions then I was all set. I had the absolute biggest smile on my face walking out of the little airport. All day I had really bad butterflies/nerves and I was just so excited to get there. I mentioned in one of my earlier posts about walking out and seeing him so I won't bore you again :) But it was so fun seeing him after not seeing him for over 3 weeks. This time will be longer, and it will be sad but we will hopefully both be very busy. My traveling schedule is just CRAZY! Right now I have 3 weekends in a row of travel. (NYC, Atlanta, and Anna Marie Island) Lots of pictures for sure!

Speaking of pictures ..... Here are some from my trip!
Here is Tyler's Apartment... Upstairs are the studios and downstairs are restaurants, a wine shop, and Internet Cafe....

We bought a Grill!! I was so excited until we opened the box and it was in a MILLION pieces... Guess who had to put it together....Tyler! Here is the end product :) We made bratwursts on the grill and they were delicious!
Tyler made me the BEST Grilled Cheese I have ever had :) I really feel like he has missed his calling as a Grilled Cheese Chef..but I guess Doctor will do :)

So after my amazing grilled cheese and our chocolate Ice Cream sundaes with bananas, I felt very lazy, so I decided to do some jumping jacks and my lovely boyfriend thought it would be fun to catch me mid jack...Here is my face to the paparazzi, I just ate so much food and I am trying to exercise. :) But thought it was quite funny! Oh the things that keep us interested in grenada!

I bought coffee mugs for Ty's place to drink my morning cup of coffee in :)

Ty and I actually were only on the beach one day, but when we did go it was gorgeous. It was so quiet and peaceful...

This was our dinner on our last night at a resort called La Luna. It was AMAZING!! It was like we were on our own private Island.

The Sunset was gorgeous!!!

This was the pool over looking the ocean :)

I had an amazing time and can't wait to go back in October for a longer trip!

Good Bye Grenada....Until next time!!

Here is our view on the last night at La Luna. I keep watching this video hoping I can blink and be back on my lounge chair with Ty....

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Few Things...

So I stumbled on this blog and I am dieing!! I want to host a party tomorrow so I can order these cookies!! Please take a look at this site. I just emailed to find out if they ship, I will keep you posted!

Just a sneak peak of their cookies:

(p.s. Don't judge if I host a party, and this is your gift :) )

Ok Now for a Tear Jerker!!! My Sister Brittany introduced me to this blog of a friend who adopted a precious little boy from Ethiopia... She has a blog and just made a little video.. I JUST CRIED watching it... So precious! She has been blogging about her journey and posting videos and its just amazing and get this, she is pregnant and due in November!!! Take a look, promise you will love it!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So I am back from Grenada and my Tuesday went a little like this...

Professor- "Hi Kara, It's great to see you!"
Kara- Its great to see you too!
Professor- Come on into our meeting and see the department...
Kara- Thanks (in my head...I want to be in Grenada!! I want to go back to bed! Its really kinda like a monday even though its tuesday...I have a bad case of the Mondays/Tuesdays, wow there is a lot of people in here...)

Time passes infront of 25 people....

Professor- Kara...ummm Kara, Im not sure how to tell you this.... You have a really large sticker across your chest.
Kara- thanks...wait what?!?!

Yah I went for many hours without noticing :) Thankfully I was wearing a colorful shirt, and it was an XS sticker (only because it was stretchy and Ann Taylor). But that is how my week started. My room is a MESS, I have laundry piled out the door and work is really quite ridiculous!

I will post about Grenada very soon... I the mean time please listen to this new song by Sara Bareilles.... Love this song :) From now on when a customer is mean to me at work..I am going to secretly wear a hidden ear phone in my ear so when someone is rude I will just blast this song and just smile and nod and this should keep me from screaming in the middle of someones office :) Its almost the weekend!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Hello from Grenada!!

I got in last night at 8PM and it was soooooo easy!! I have heard all of Tyler's stories about the small loud prop planes, loosing his bags, flight delays! I didn't have ONE late flight, I was on a HUGE jet that offered food, and both of my bags were sitting there when I walked up. Oh yah and Ty usually spends 30 min to 2 hours in custom lines, and ummmm I walked right up to the lady and walked right out! It was the easiest thing ever.

So I walked out to find my man waiting on a bench for me, he stands up and starts limping as quickly as he could over to me. It was so precious!! God it felt so good to just hug him. I woke up yesterday morning and I was soooo anxious all day!!! &&!(*&@*!@^*@ (that is what my stomach was feeling like) So it literally immediately went away when he walked/limped up to me. We threw my massive bags in the taxi that he had waiting for us and we went to his humble abode. I walked in the door and there on the counter are all of my favorite things. Diet Coke, Special K, BLOODY MARY mixes, wheat thins, easy mac!! I just about died! I could have died and gone to heaven and I would have been totally satisfied with that moment. He is so cute, and all of the diet cokes were cold for me. He definitely knows the way to my heart :)

It was dark and raining here last night so I really haven't seen much of Grenada, and Ty is in class now. I woke up this morning started on my 75 emails that I had received since 5 last night :) and now am updating Pink Lovey!! We are going grocery shopping later today and I just can't freakin wait! I will have to take a picture of my latest find that I was so super proud to buy him.
I purchased a little baby crock pot at target for...get this.......$14...JUST KIDDING $7!! Can you believe that?!?!? So I packed that sucker in my bag and brought it to him. Its perfect for one or two people and I think it will really come in handy the next two years.

I will definitely have pictures soon, but as of now I have just seen his apartment. I have to say it is the ABSOLUTE weirdest feeling being here. I don't know where I feel like I am, but I can tell you I don't feel like I am on an Island! You know I think Grenada was never really "real" to me because I didn't know what it was like. I think this will calm my nerves a bit now when I am home and know where he is. I am so excited to be here and see his life! I am waiting for him to be home from class and am so excited to just hug him in person and say hello :)

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