Saturday, February 27, 2010


The Olympics, Chili, fresh baked bread and my roommate (my mother) what could be better on a Saturday night!

My mom and I have enjoyed the Olympics so much, that we had to have one last night with a fire in the fireplace and a night of cheering on the USA! It will be sad to see them go because they are on all night in my house. At first I had a heart attack each and every time I watched them. The reason for this was anytime someone fell or stumbled, (every minute) my mom would gasp really loud and scare me to death! I had to warn her that I was going to die at a very young age if she didn't stop scaring me every two seconds. I think she enjoyed scaring me to get back for the many times Tanner and I jumped out at her :) If you don't know Tanner and I, we really really enjoy scaring people. Tanner and I stand behind doors, corners and chairs and jump out very loudly to usually scare my mom. (sometimes each other!) It is usually hilarious to us, but not too funny to my poor roommate/mother. Tyler always enjoys scaring me too because he knows how much I absolute hate BEING scared. I know I know, I can dish it but I cant take it. Watching people get scared is so funny to me :)

If you follow me on Facebook or read my last post you have seen my link to

She is a two year old with neuroblastoma who I have been following for some time now. She is unfortunately not doing well and I am praying for her and her family. She is just so precious and I hate that someone so little has to be in such pain. Her mom has been blogging for the last few months to get the word out about pediatric cancer. Is she not the most precious thing you have ever seen? I can not stop thinking about her and her family. DO NOT read her blog if you are not in the mood to cry, it is very sad. I know you might ask why am I reading and following such a sad story? I definitely have a spot in my heart for children battling cancer and would spend all day every day trying to cheer them up if I could. I am so glad I have been working with Queen for a Day (newly named For A Day) so I can help as much as I possibly can with the little ones.

So I am now blog obsessed, I have created another blog for For A Day. The Non profit organization that I am the director for in Orlando. I really wanted to have a place for parents and others to visit to see updates and events for our local chapter. I will try to update the blog every visit I have with a Queen or a Hero :)

It is Saturday which means only a few more days until Tyler is home! So excited to see him after 8 weeks!

Brittany and Adam surprised Tanner in Wisconsin with Greg at his volleyball game :) So wish I could have been there. P.s. They WON!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Burned Out...

It was something people in my company always warned us of. I always thought burning out meant one day you would just go crazy and pull your hair out! Well I found out what it was and it is not going crazy its just being so over everything you don't want to work anymore....I have been really struggling the last few weeks...maybe even months and I know there are other factors than just the job. Not having Ty here has been tough and I know he is a HUGE source of support and a distraction for me when I am about to BURN OUT! He was always here to stop me before the break down and I never knew how much it meant to me. I am only a WEEK away from him being here and I know that will help! But in the mean time, if I don't win the lottery here are my dream jobs that i would love to do now.
1. Open my bakery
2. Keep blogging and make money from it somehow :)
3. become a wedding photographer
4. be a news anchor on the today show
5. Work at a children's hospital and play all day long
6. open a bed and breakfast in Grenada for vacationers :)

Any suggestions on other dream jobs PLEASE feel free to comment below...Have you ever thought what you would do if you had the opportunity to do your DREAM job, regardless of money?

my other favorite thing to think about is what would you do if you won the lottery? Yesterday it was 76 million....What would you do with 76 Million?

My mom and I were talking and she said well I can tell you right now you wouldn't be sitting here whining about your job anymore! And I said YOU ARE RIGHT, we would get in the car and drive to Tally to go pick up our money. We would pay all of our bills, pay off the house and car and then go on a big vacation with our family! We would also buy a beach house... you would all be invited.
I would also go work at a children's hospital for free and just bring presents and fun crafts all day. and I would hug the little ones so much.

On a side note, I found the saddest little blog last night.
Do NOT READ it at work or if you just put make up on.... It is hard to read and it makes you appreciate your life so so much!

She is a precious little girl who is as cute as can be battling cancer. Unfortunately she only has days to live and her mom has been blogging and updating her status on twitter daily. It is so hard to read but makes me say why am I even whining about my job. I don't have kids yet, but if i did I could only imagine how unbelievable it would be to have a sick child. When I go visit children for queen for a day, I always think the kids are unbelievable and precious BUT i always come home thinking about the parents too. They are unbelievable and so strong for their children. I give them so much credit and don't know if I could be that strong. I love Queen for a day, now with a NEW name... FOR A DAY :) (they changed it so it was more for boys and girls now...( because it is really helpful for the children who get to escape from the pain for just an hour or so but also for the parents who get to see their little one laugh and smile for a bit. It is also amazing for the volunteers who get to see a different perspective on life.

I am so grateful for my healthy family, boyfriend, and friends. I have an unbelievable life that I am so grateful for....

It is Thursday which means its almost the weekend which also means its almost NEXT THURSDAY! I would like to go bring a tent and clothes to the airport and sit right infornt of the security gates with magazines and books. I think I might get arrested if I do that, so I will just imagine it in my head so I don't end up in jail when Ty is here. That would be a big bummer, I could only see him through glass and then I would really get into trouble when I had to scale the gates at the jail.. Anyways back to reality I'm staying at home and waiting for my Caribbean lover to be here! I will blog either the night before or the morning of so you can feel my butterflies with me.... CANT WAIT!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Do not Poke my Grandma..

What a day it has been. My 83 year old grandma is on FACEBOOK! Yes believe it, we created an account for her today and she has already learned the main features of facebook. Last night we found out she was quite excited to see what people said on my moms facebook wall, so my uncle had the idea to sign her up! She already has 14 friends! I know it has only been 8 hours and she is already a facebook queen!
I was so proud of her, she is not afraid to try anything and she will sit there with you and try until she learns it. I have to say she is pretty quick, quicker than my mother on facebook. JK JK! my mom is a facebook queen as well! If I find out someone pokes my grandmother on facebook though, i will hunt them down and break their computer and their fingers while im at it. Jk, but seriously I will not allow that type of behavior with her :)

This weekend was the first weekend I was in town in 3 weeks! I know crazy, it was good though I laid outside, did laundry, cleaned my closet and went and saw 2 movies! I know quite the busy bee :)I saw dear john and Blind side. I have to say channing tatum is extremley good looking in this movie, but I was not blown away. If you really want to know I only teared up ONCE. That is a big deal! Blindside was great! I really liked it and I would like to adopt a football player now. I know sounds weird, but how amazing that someone could give someone who had nothing just a chance at life. I loved it!

I had a horrible week at work this week. Well actually only the end of the week was bad, but it was really bad. I lost a really big adoption that I really had no control over losing and it was really tough. Its going to be really tough to make it up and i am just going to keep working on a few other things that might help me make my number. Im crossing my fingers!

I am watching USA vs. CANADA Hockey right now. GO USA! BOO MAPLE SYRUP! Jk, I used to date a canadian citizen for 4 years or so. Even though he is still routing for CANADA (ehemmm, we are still working on this), he has been a USA Citizen for a couple of years now. My parents sat me down a few years ago and said If tyler wasn't a citizen they could not support our relationship. We do not eat maple syrup and life and breathe hockey. But Tyler became a US citizen all in the name of love. I kid! His whole family is :)The Winter Olympics was really a breaking point in my 7 year relationship with Tyler. Finding out he would route for his OLD country :( Just broke my heart. I mean come on USA or CANADA you pick...
I think all of the studying and heat in Grenada is really getting to his brain. I am excited he is coming home for a few days so I can make sure he has not gone totally insane, whats next he will want Sarah Palin for President?
(So the US hasnt ever beaten Canada in the olympics, so since we MIGHT lose I have to get him somewhere :))

Anyways, this week at work should be a bit more calm than the last and then a weekend to get ready for Ty to come home and Lauren and Erics wedding! I can't wait!

I hope this week FLIES BY!!

Love you all, GO USA!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Welcome to Pink Lovey!

Happy Monday and Welcome to Pink Lovey! Pink Lovey you may be repeating to yourself...its fun to say but why would she name her blog this? Well.. It all started back in the triple of adpi with my two amazing roomates. Peeps and Peeps, or you might know them better as Hope and Beth :) SB peeps, or single bed peeps (becuase she slept in the single bed Beth and cave bed peeps (hope) sleep in the cave or the bottom of the bunk bed :)) Single Bed peeps, (beth, until you can follow the lingo) baby sat for a set of twins :) One of the twins called the other one PEEPS, which we thought was sooo adorable we couldn't stand it. It was immediatly our names for each other. Then the girl twin had a blanket that she called pink lovey. I just absoluley LOVED that name and so did all three of us. So beth immediatly named our triple in the adpi house PINK LOVEY! It was an instant hit for us and we still refer to our room as pink lovey. We named our wireless internet pink lovey too :) I really enjoyed setting up that on the phone.. "yes mam, what would you like to call your wireless internet?" The dumb blonde sorority girl on the other end.. "Ummm how about PINK LOVEY!"

"Im sorry mam did you say PINK LOVEY?" Yes I DID!!!!
So that is where the name PL or Pink Lovey came from. My lovely friends Hope and Beth whom I really adore and think about daily. So naming this blog Pink Lovey made so much sense. I started to think when creating this blog... what word do I love or what makes me happy? Tyler immediatly said Pink Lovey. I wanted to marry him right then and there on skype! I knew I dated him for a reason. Those two little words make me so giddy. It brings me back to my college days (almost 2 years ago!) and makes me so happy. I can just hear peeps' saying Pink Lovey and it almost makes me want to cry in a good way! So while this definitly is not a replacement for the REAL pink lovey this is just a little reminder everyday for me of what I love, my girlfriends, pink, college, pillow talk, love, My pink blanket, and many more ideas that come to mind. I also added the hot pink cupcake behind pink lovey because my other favorite item is CUPCAKES!! I just adore them and they make me so happy! This combination of a hotpink cupcake and pink lovey makes me want to squeeze my little computer screen so tight because it makes me so happy!

Anyways now that I finished explaining my new home a quick update of my weekend! I had an amazing weekend with Tanner! So much fun and I have some pictures for you too! I know you are dieing to know about my 5 hour wait in the airport. Well I was in a different terminal and couldn't find anywhere that people were waiting for their loved ones. I was so depressed wandering the STUPID airport for hours. Then all of a sudden I had to pee, so I walked down some weird staircase and there is was a three row auditorium where people (Lovers) were waiting for their loved ones!! It was INCREDIBLE.. even better than my last visit. I wanted to cry, I grabbed my iphone and earplugs and popped on the new lady antebellum cd and a mix of other sappy songs and just sat for hours and watched. I know I looked like the CREEPIEST girl ever, sitting similing for hours and never claiming anyone who walked through the gates, but i loved it!! I have to say (sorry Tanner) I was a bit sad when Tanner called and said he was outside, I wanted to tell him some Tanner i have the flu and Im in the bathroom can
you circle for a bit or maybe even say PARK YOUR CAR TANNER and get in HERE pronto!! but we had 2 hours to drive so I walked away with the BIGGEST smile on my face. It was incredible. Yes if you were wondering I took a picture! I am such a creeper. This was my favorite.. this guy waited a least an hour pacing and then sitting down and then pacing and then sitting down with his little bouquet of flowers. I was in heaven if this wasn't going to be the BEST arrival ever I don't know what would...I was pretty sure he was about to propose to his girlfriend who was living in Africa and teaching at a school to little kids with aids....well IF i would have seen the arrival, MAYBE i could have told you but thats what i was hoping he would have said if i would have asked him...Tanner showed up.....Jk Tanner I love you and was so excited you were there.. ANyways Here is his picture, notice the precious little flowers on the left hand side :)

I am saving this blog to finish when i get back from tribal dance class... i mean body back in an hour!
No..that is not my face after I completed the tribal dance, that is my face in the 20 degree weather in Quincy, showing my family my 47 layers of clothing I had to wear to keep semi warm. I am definitly a FLORIDA GIRL!!

And No this Blurry picture of tanner is not him smiling becuase he saw my tribal dance, it is because...


It was the biggest upset at Quincy in about 15 years!! During the game I literally almost

1. peed my pants

2. had a heart attack
3. jumped on the court to help them

4. did some vulgar movement to the other team to distract them.. (my beautiful grandma reads this so I have to keep it clean..JK)

This is the ONLY picture I could get of tanner after the game becuase I was so dang excited for the win. I was literally jumping and screaming the entire match. I wanted him to win so bad and they did! He was pretty incredible if I can say so myself...

So there its is my first Pink Lovey post... I feel so much comfortable at my new home and hope you do to. If you were here I would give you a very big PL (pink Lovey) welcome which involves some big squeezes, squeals, nose nuzzles and jumping up and down a few times.

Have a fabulous Pink Lovey week my friends!!

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