Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Time Chi....

We are back to reality and the countdown begins until Ty leaves to begin his dream of becoming a DOCTOR!!
This summer has made me really cherish my life. It has absolutely FLOWN by. It has been probably the greatest summer of my life. Great trips, many laughs, seeing my family and many more memories. Of course there is also that thing called Tyler he has made it I guess some what enjoyable :)

I will upload some more pictures soon but here are two from my phone to hold you over!
We had an amazing weekend, my uncle is the best hostess ever! If you have never been to Chicago you HAVE TO GO! Its incredible. If the weather was just a little bit different in the months from November to March I would be there tomorrow! Its amazing!
Not to mention I was able to stop by one of my favorite cupcake shops! Mandy B's!!! And don't you worry your little pants off I brought home 8 for everyone to enjoy....
BIG BIG NEWS! Thanks for some great advice from Trish, I of course went to Papyrus and purchased some adorable adorable cards AND drumroll please....I purchased a frequent shopper card! Yah. It was $10 for a year and I get some great savings. So thank you for the great advice.

I did some amazing shopping as well, I bought some really great dresses from urban and found a dress that I really loved but they didn't have my size so I just got the one that I tried on that fit but was a bit snug. Because thats always smart since my weight NEVER fluctuates! And because trying it on for a combined time of 30 seconds standing really gave me a gauge on how it really felt. So I decided I really wanted to wear my really cute snug dress out to dinner and a bar that Ty and I really wanted to go to. So we hop in a cab, and within 15 minutes I was regretting it like no other. Honestly I felt like I was wearing a freakin corset. I have never felt more squeezed in my life!! So I tried not to let ty know because I knew he was really excited about the night, but he started to catch on. I am not sure if it was me putting my hands up my dress to relieve my waste band, or if it was my dry heaving in the cab that informed him that I was literally going to die. I started to think, holy cow my mother is going to have to bury me and explain to people. "well my pea brain daughter tried to fit into a dress it eventually collapsed her ribs and she died." I was nervous.... Ty is the best Boyfriend because he knew I was MISERABLE, and even though he really wanted to stay he said Kara you are not going to stay like this all night and we went home to change into a very loose fitting linen dress. :) Then the night really got much better and I LIVED!! Yah, so lesson learned I am only from here on out going to wear massive sweat pants and baggy tshirts...Jk, but I wish!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

We are now at 15,000 feet......

Please fasten your seat belts and try not to use the tiny little bathrooms with pee on the floor while your on our plane.

Yes I am blogging from the air!! Isn't technology just crazy?!? It really still blows my mind.
What's next a device where you can talk to people instantly with a hand held device :)

So I was sitting here listening to my favorite new soundtrack. The soundtrack from 500 Days of Summer. If you have not seen this movie I would recommend it. It is a bit of a different movie, but I really enjoyed it and now am obsessed with the music! I loved the way they looked at each other and the giddy side of this movie!

Lets not mention Zoey Dechanel is Tyler's FAVORITE actress. She is really cute so I will allow this one.

I have been sitting here on the plane with my ipod on and just have loved every second of it. Granted I am sitting next to the hottest guy I have ever seen......his name is Tyler Cory. You got a little scared didn't you! I love traveling with him and we can't wait to get to Chicago!

I have just been thinking about how lucky I am and how much I just want to squeeze God and thank him so much! I would buy him a cupcake and a cup of wine to thank him. (and he would say.. "Kara instead of this cupcake and wine, how about you stop swearing like a sailor." and then I would say well God, I would but sometimes it is so much fun! I don't mean it really I swear and then I would get embarrassed and eat his cupcake and agree.")
I just love everything right now, I have the biggest smile on my face because I have such AMAZING friends, family and boyfriend.

Oh I have to run, the captain just came over the intercom and asked if "Kara could come fly the plane." Then everyone started clapping and I flew the plane to Chicago......

Enjoy the weekend!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Be Careful.....

So I found a new cute clothing site.....

Be careful!! They are really stinking cute and really not too expensive. I only bought one so far and my sister had a few in her shopping cart so I am not sure what she ended up with! Very cute ones though..

Also my sister called me to remind me that today is the......


All I could say was MAN! I am really trying to STOP buying things I don't need. Not sure how its going to work out because so far I suck at it! I will keep you posted on my status. I have decided I am going to start using cash from here on out, so I actually see the tiny green pieces of paper come out of my pocket.

Here is a self portrait of me... I like to throw all of the cash I keep in my purse in the air before I go to bed every night... JK... This is my horrible misuse of money... Here is to SAVING!! Off to get a mani/pedi, Jk but really I am...Here is to saving TOMORROW!!

***If you have any tricks on how you stop buying stuff you don't need or little tips...PLEASE POST BELOW!!!


Monday, July 12, 2010

These make me GIDDY!!

So I saw this video on the news today and thought it was so cute! This is a soccer player (the goalie) who plays for Spain and he was so over the moon about their win that he had to plant a kiss on his girlfriend who is also the news reporter. It made me giggle :)

While I was searching for this one above these popped up with it. LOVE these too!! They make my heart melt and make me smile so big!!!

This one just makes me proud... My sister is famous, she created this new dance video and its now online!! WAY TO GO BRITTANY! I AM SO PROUD AND LOVE YOU..and your haircut.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Love, Love, Loves....

HAPPY FRIDAY! Yah, don't you just love waking up knowing its Friday! Its like waking up on Christmas morning!!! (but miniature excitement)

Bethany getting married....
It has to be my new favorite show! One reason being she is hilarious! I love her one liners and her crazy busy life. I also love her makes me feel normal :) You can go watch them on, I did this week :)
Could you imagine if someone asked to videotape your life?!?! These people have such crazy lives compared to me. This is what my show would be.... Wake up, drink coffee, eat, start work, swear a lot, ask for forgiveness, sleep, eat, eat, eat, sleep, watch tv, blog stalk, sleep. Seriously I can't believe I haven't signed a contract for a new show. My life is so amazing!! jk... But Bethany Getting married is really funny and it makes me smile!!


If I won the lottery I would only shop at J.Crew! I love love love their clothes but sometimes have a really hard time spending 98.00 on a NECKLACE!!! Its crazy, but look how cute these dresses are!

I love these sites!! I purchased a $50 Gift certificate to Ceviche's for $25!!!! Love that!
I don't think I will ever go anywhere again without looking at sites for coupons before I leave.

I can't wait to eat dinner tonight!! Anyone else?!?!?! Oh the simple things in life that please, sleeping and diamonds.

Just kidding!

Love you all!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lebron and I...

So it was so weird, I received a call from Lebron this morning. (he usually calls me in the afternoon before his games for advice) and he wanted to know where he should go. He said "Man Kara I am so confused I am such a media Diva and I want all the attention so I am putting off this decision as long as I possibly can so I am all over the news, radio and Internet. Kara I love that i am everywhere you turn to and it has made you frustrated." I said listen Brother just make a decision so I can continue my life without hearing your name ALL DAY LONG!Here is our picture after a game of his...Pardon my shocked face but it was weird all of a sudden I look down and I had tiny hands and he was holding me like a baby!

So I was watching TV and Its ALL I HEAR! OMG Lebron is going to Miami, no wait Cleveland, no wait OMG Chicago, wait what!!! This is crazy people he is moving to play in Afghanistan!!

I am ready for this to be over :) and had to get it off my chest ITS CRAZY!! I wonder what he ate for lunch today? did he blow his nose this afternoon? WHATS NEXT!?!?!

While I am at it here are a couple other pictures from my computer.. Here is my grandma with Jay-Z he quotes her as being his biggest mentor of his life..

I am not even going to get into this one....

This is one of the events that I went to as Lebrons advisor and decision maker. Also he needed help with his jump shot so we practiced after. (i am also his private basketball coach if you haven't already noticed.)

Hope you all have a great weekend coming up!!!

So you are probably wondering...well I had a tough day at work!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm Embarrassed....

So I know what you are thinking two blogs in two days!! Did Kara get fired? did she break her legs and has to lay in bed all day? Neither of the two happened thankfully! But yesterday my mom informed me that she tried to post a comment on my blog and couldn't figure it out. (i told her I would teach her soon :)) But she wanted to say your next story has to be the IPhone story! So here it goes everyone, You all might stop being my friend but I will tell anyways...

So this all dates back to May when the new IPhone 4G was unveiled and we found out that you can do face time, meaning Tyler can be in Grenada on campus with Wifi and I can be at home with Wifi and we can talk to each other face to face through our phone! I know amazing!!!

So we pre-ordered two phones and it wouldn't give us the option to ship it to our house so we said ok we will just go pick it up on the day. (Bad Idea)
We were nervous about it but the Apple guy said don't worry we have gotten really good at product launches. (knowing what I know now, I would have liked to kick him square in the pant region and tell him he lies like a dog!)

Anyways we show up at 820 in the morning and Ty sees the line and says NO way, I am not standing in that line. This line below.....

I said, well lets just stand in it for a bit and see how quickly it moves. Being such a great BF he said ok, and we started to walk the 176 Miles to the end of the line. So we end up standing there for 2 1/2 to 3 hours and get a good distance about the middle of the line. An apple guy comes up to us and says we are really sorry its taking so long but we really are horrible people who do not know how to run a store.... not really but he said we are thinking you guys from this point have about another 3 hours. Tyler and I looked at each other and thought we have already WASTED 3 hours of our lives by standing here, we are not going to leave and have wasted 3 hours without a phone. So we decide to keep going in this line... fast forward 7 hours later, I am standing at the front of the line waiting to tackle the next apple advisor that comes to greet me. I had this flash in my mind that I was just about to start running and screaming into the store and grab all of the iphones I could grab and walk out and start throwing them to all of the people standing in line. But i didn't want to get arrested, so we finally got out 10 HOURS LATER!!!

I know, I wasted 10 hours of my day! Yes Tyler was 100% correct when he first saw the line and yes we did get the phone and its amazing (but the signal sucks!)

Literally I didn't want to mention this to anyone for the rest of my life because I am so embarrassed I wasted that many hours.

But on the flip side, I got to spend 10 amazing hours with my love at the MALL. Who can say they have done that:) Also we have cute little matching phones....

So side note, the reason Ty can use his phone in Grenada is because they use similar chips down there so he can just swap them out and use his iPhone in Grenada. Its perfect......
Well fast forward to the next morning, my feet look like pieces of raw chicken and I am now officially permanently a hunch back. Ty takes out the Sim card to see it, and just stares at me....

THE GENIUS COMPANY HAS NEW TINY SIM CARDS!!!!! SO ty will not be able to use it!!!! (we think!) Isn't that amazing!!!!

The poor guy was in line with his cranky girlfriend for 10 hours so he could use his phone for a month! I know I am the best girlfriend in the entire world!!

So that's my long story!! Totally horrible and embarrassing, but a story at that! I hope you never ever have to stand in line for 10 hours for anything unless its to pick up a free car you have won. No we just waited 10 hours to pay apple for a phone.

While I love apple so much, they are on my I HATE YOU list for a few months until my hunch goes down.

Happy 4th of July to everyone Except APPLE!! I hope they have to stand for 10 hours on the 4th of July!

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