Sunday, March 27, 2011

So excited..

I recently heard the book Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen was a must read! I was VERY excited to hear there was a movie with one of my absolute favs Reese Witherspoon staring in the movie! I just saw the trailer and AHHHH I am on page 241 of 331 and I can't wait to finish it!!! If you are in the mood for a fun book to read pick it up before April 22nd! Watch the trailer you will be at Barnes & Noble so soon!!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


So tonight my lovely and amazing friend Michelle surprised me and took me to Wicked and dinner for my upcoming birthday in April. I know quite amazing!!! I just had such a fun time and thank her for being such an amazing friend! Anyways we both walked out just in awe of the talent and slightly jealous. Ok not slightly, really jealous! I think I heard myself say I wish I could just tell Glenda and Elphaba how lucky they are to be in Wicked. Really Kara?!!?

Anyways so my secret, I really want to be on Broadway..... But two small problems.... I cannot sing if my life depended on it and I dance like a 7 year old little girl listening to Justin Bieber. So in other words I would be AMAZING and the Lead in any Broadway musical....

Funny story almost a year ago, my dad took me to see Wicked in New York and it was my first time seeing Wicked. I was instantly obsessed with it, but have always been quite in awe of Broadway. So at the very end of the show after I told my dad a million times during the play how badly I wanted to be on Broadway; the lead actors came out and asked for donations and also said right now they were actioning off a walk on roll to Wicked, my Dad turned to me and said "if you want it I will try for it" I swear to you I think I peed a little bit and turned a lovely red color. "OMG dad no way I can't sing!!" My dad turned to me and said listen Kara I highly doubt they are going to give you the lead roll. I still didn't want to chance it and walked out quickly with my head down. Secretly though how amazing would it be to have a walk on roll!??!?!! AMAZING But So scary..You would all be invited by the way....

So I thought I would show you Michelle's and my little dream...
Please first make sure you click this link before you scroll down. Just have it in the background its our favorite song..

Wicked Staring Michelle and Kara- SOLD OUT :)

8 More Days....

Monday, March 21, 2011

Weddings, Weddings, Weddings...

I think this is what has been on every girls mind that I am friends with in the past year and a half. I have amazing friends far and near, but I have a group of about 10 girls in Orlando who have grown up together, some meet in high school and others in college! Out of 10 of us 6 of us are either married or engaged!! Can you believe it?!??! We just had our 4th wedding two weeks ago and have our 5th this weekend in less than 1 year!!!! My wedding will be the 6th! Can you say wedding over load?!?!?! So on the flip side of all of this craziness is the love and friendships we have from these weddings. The weddings have all been so different and so beautiful. These girls are just amazing people and I was so honored to be at each of them. We are a very different bunch all being able to meet the loves of our lives at this stage in our life. This is just such an amazing time in our lives!

It's so funny to say my wedding. I just told my friend Michelle on Sunday that I just love and adore being engaged! You get this look and smile when someone asks you if you are engaged and also a big congrats! Its such a giddy time and I just LOVE this year so far. Its funny there are times when I want this year to go by so quickly and then there are days when I want to be engaged forever just so the giddiness never goes away! Think about it, when you ask someone if they are engaged you get a "oh my gosh how fun!!" "whens the wedding?!?!" "what does your dress look like?"! When you are married the only question you get is "when are you having kids??"!
So I will enjoy every day of being engaged to this amazing man and dream about the day I will be walking down the aisle to meet my husband!

By the way this is us as Seniors in High School. We had been dating for almost a year in this picture and the other...... 8 years later on the night of our engagement.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sister & Brother :)

I don't think I have said how much I love these two people enough but I really felt the need to today. I have to say I have the most amazing sister and brother a girl could ask for! They are truly two of my best friends and I am really not sure where I would be without them. I can ALWAYS count on Tanner for a good belly laugh. The uncontrollable, air gasping laugh that is so fun to watch! I have a video of tanner and I laughing at eating chips and I watch this video when I am having a bad day! I just love it. One day I might post it :) My sister on the other hand is someone I can always always count on. I could call Brittany with the craziest scenario and she would figure it out or make it work for me. I just love her and she is really a girls best friend! We can share clothes, make up, secrets and I just love her! Its so funny when the three of us were growing up we would fight like cats and dogs and today I can't imagine my life without the two of them! They are just the best!

I hope everyone has these types of relationships with their families because it makes me so happy! Thought I would share this today and mix it up a bit from my normal Tyler obsessed posts :)

Have a great weekend!!

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