Monday, April 26, 2010

HOLY COW its almost MAY!!!

WOW! Where has my time gone? Its already April 26th, I can't believe it! As many of you may or may not know the reason why I haven't updated my blog is because I was discovered by a modeling agency and I am now a big time swimsuit model getting paid millions to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated.....Ok maybe I just have been kinda busy but I would like to say I have a reason for not updating...

Quick update of all the things that have happened since April 5th, the last time I updated!

~I turned 24~Visited New York~Received A LOT of cupcakes~Visited Ohio~Had a tough break with work~Have an Amazing sister!
NOTE THIS IS AN EXTREMELY LONG POST, I apologize in advance...

These first three points are kinda all one point! I am now officially in my mid twenties according to my sister who I must say is almost in her LATE twenties! haha... I am officially 24! I feel like it was my 21st birthday just yesterday. It was an amazing birthday but a little odd. I have the most incredible family and friends EVER! I could not get over it! In a nut shell every one knows I LOVE CUPCAKES, My little Peeps Beth sent me these see picture below. I just about cried!!It was a box up cupcakes to be decorated from a bakery! AMAZING!
I went to New York to then be at breakfast with one of my beautiful friends Kathrine to then be told my friend Hope called and ordered me French toast for my birthday! I was over the moon, I could not believe it! Then my other friend who lives in new york Lauren walks up with HUGE box of crumb cupcakes! Then my sister ordered CRUMB cupcakes to be delivered to my dads apartment. I luckily found out a few minutes before they were delivered and cancelled them, since I would then have a grand total of 30 cupcakes to my name! NOT OK for my figure :)

I stayed with my dad and he treated me like a QUEEN! I woke up every morning to a bagel and coffee and a note sitting on the counter. He took me to a mets game!! See was freezing so we only stayed outside for a bit, but it was so fun! Then he took me shopping and then to see WICKED! OMG, im obsessed! All I could say was dad, I want to be on Broadway and he said you might have a problem, you can't sing or dance. I wanted to say Dad, apparently you haven't seen my amazing rendition of beyonces single ladies dance, I am quite amazing.. Jk But at the end of the show they were raffling off a chance to have a walk on roll for a night in wicked, My dad turned to me and said I will do it if you want to! I turned BRIGHT FREAKING RED, and was like oh Dad I would be so embarrassed, I love you but I think I will pass. It was so cute though, he was going to get my on Broadway.... ok for one night but still! It was such an amazing birthday! My mom snuck a little card in my luggage and I still am trying to figure out how she did that. I am thinking she might be dating a bag boy at airtran (or maybe the owner..that sounds better and she met up with him under the airplane and he boosted her up into the plane where she slipped a card into my bag and then he caught her as she leaped from the moving plane and then they lived happily ever after.. ok well maybe I just wasn't paying attention, but it was a really cute idea!

EVERYTHING was perfect, except for my TY...He reminded me it was my birthday 500 Times! he was so cute and sent me emails upon messages and smiles, and gifts in the mail. (my obsession is boyfriend sweatpants from Victoria secret and I have one pair I wear all the time, He bought me another!!) I wish he was here with me for my Bday, but I know he will be here SO SOON! YAH!!

I ate A LOT of White Castle and Visited my family in OHIO!!! I had a great time visiting my grandparents and my Aunts. It had been a couple of years since I have been there. It was a great trip and I am so glad Brittany, Adam and I were able to make it up there. Unfortunately my grandma is not her lively self, so we went to try to cheer her and my adorable grandpa up. I love them both very very much equally! But I have to say I have the cutest grandpa! He makes me laugh so much and I couldn't get enough hugs out of him! Here he is below, building a castle with our left over white castle boxes. Yes the 6 of us had 24 burgers!! (they are little just for the record :))

We had the pleasure of staying with my incredible Aunt Judy. I couldn't stop thinking in my head what an incredible person and daughter she was the whole time i was there. She has so much patience its crazy. I wish I had a quarter of her patience, she NEVER got frustrated with taking care of my grandparents or ever wished things were at all any differently. We are VERY similar in many ways, but I have to say I do not have the patience she has. We are already planning our next trip there for an OSU football game, since we had so much fun this past weekend! A much needed weekend!

Tough break with work....I cant remember if I posted something about this amazing adoption(or sale) that I got! It would have made my year and I worked so hard for it! I was over the moon and so relived. After my competitor became a big cry baby and a scum ball, I no longer have the adoption. LONG story but it was a really tough break and its tough to keep my head up about work now.

I have an amazing sister... so I was in the middle of telling my sister a VERY important story and I hear her interrupt me "OK I can not keep it any longer! I sent you a package in the mail!" Based on her overwhelming excitement I thought a couple of things either a.) she won the power ball and was sending me $50 million dollars in the mail or b.) she kidnapped my boyfriend in Grenada and sent him back to me in the mail. a or b would have been great but you know what c was so unbelievable I couldn't stop smiling! It was the most precious thing i have ever seen. I get a box in the mail with this..(see below) I remember these from when I was a kid we used to make them A LOT when we were counting down exciting events. Then it hit me, my sister took the time to make a count down for me for when Tyler comes home! can you believe it, I know she is AMAZING! Each ring has something for me to do or something for me to get excited about. Shes quite AMAZING!!

I know this is a VERY long post, BUT as my mom mentioned to me in the car yesterday all three of her little bloggers gave up and in order for me to be the favorite I thought I would surprise my roommate!! SURPRISE I WIN!!! (I think I win... unless one of my siblings is in the process as we speak, then i will have to buy my mom diamonds or become her house keeper or something! Lets cross our fingers!)

Anyways, I am officially 13 days away from Ty being home! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!! Scroll back to my extremely sad and depressing posts in January! I couldnt get through a post without crying, now I have big butterflies in my stomach! I asked Ty if it would be weird if I left for Miami today to wait at the airport for him, he said of course not..go for it! So I am off to Miami tomorrow..Just kidding i leave Friday.... But really I am going to be very busy for the next couple of weeks getting everything in order for our upcoming trips! I can't believe 4 months have passed, YAH for having a boyfriend in AMERICA!


Monday, April 5, 2010

Weddings are like Cupcakes!!

I love everything there is about Weddings! I love that the wedding festivities really start on Thursday sometimes even Wednesday and last until Sunday! Every girls cries at the wedding! Its another excuse to buy a dress! You get to eat Delicious cake!
Reminds me of cupcakes, I buy them on Wednesday and they last for a few days because i buy too many, I cry every time I eat one..JK..and I buy a new dress every time I buy a cupcake! JK again! But I love cupcakes and weddings!

I went to another wedding this past weekend for my college roommate Suzanne. She looked so pretty and her dress was amazing! As I get older, (ALMOST 24!!) You start to see your friends less and less. Its a very sad thing, but the great thing about weddings is it gets everyone back together.
Here are some pictures below...
Some of the great friends I got to see!
Suzy walking down the aisle!
Suzanne with one of her flower girls...
Suzanne getting her bouquet, I love this picture!

It was a great time and I so enjoy being a paparazzi at the wedding!
Embarrassing STORY! One of Suzanne's or Adams family members, was taking a picture right beside me and I stepped in her way, So i apologized and she said, oh my goodness you are much more important! She would much rather her photographers pictures turn out than mine! I kinda turned red and explained, i just have an unusually large camera because I enjoy taking pictures.. Slightly awkward.....
Anyways, I leave for NYC on Thursday! Really excited to go up there to shop, see my dad, and maybe have a few (45) cupcakes! WHAT come on, give me a break! Its NYC cupcake heaven...
On a more serious note, I will be turning 24 on FRIDAY! WHAT!! I know crazy, I still remember my 21st birthday like it was last year! I really am excited for 24 though, I think its going to be a GREAT YEAR! I know 23 was! Exciting times to come, like more weddings!! I am attending a Greek wedding with 600 guests! Isn't that crazy! I am so excited to see everything, I might break a few plates, then get arrested...jk I will wait for a Greek to do it and then I will follow! I will take pictures! Mr. Manis is teaching us how to Greek dance before we leave for the wedding. It should be very interesting.....
Then Joey is getting married in December, and then Dianna next March! Wedding bells are ringing very loudly around my girlfriends! Its probably because they are so pretty, just kidding but really I have gorgeous friends who wouldn't want to marry them!!!!
Have a great week, Happy Belated Easter!

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