Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What a Week!!!

WOW! So it has been a very interesting week to say the least!

So the last time I posted, I was soooo excited to pick Ty up from the airport. I had been waiting for that moment for months! Anyways not very long after I posted did I become violently ill! I first thought it was food poisoning and then later learned I had a bad FLU! REALLY?!?! I mean could that have happened at a better time!!!!

I started getting sick EARLY around 3AM Sunday morning and Ty came home Sunday night. I was really hoping a miracle would happen and I would feel better by that night, well fast forward to Wednesday when I was able to spend time with Ty!!! Yes Wednesday, Can you believe it?!? Ty tore his ACL back in August so he had Surgery this past Monday (I will get to that in a second) So I did not want to be around him because he could not be sick going into surgery. It was a horrible three days... WASH YOUR HANDS everyone!!!! (oh yeah if you are wondering..I had a flu shot a month ago!)

Anyways so we laid low pretty much the rest of the week oh yah and I still have this thing called a JOB that I have to keep up with!! So Saturday morning we traveled to Dade City, Florida for one of my great friends Joey's wedding. About 7 couples rented villas near her venue and we had an amazing time!!!! It was so fun to get together with all of our friends in one spot. Here are a couple of pictures from the weekend!
Here is the group of 10 great girlfriends! We wish we could get together more often but when we do it is so special!

How about this guy!??! It was SO NICE, let me repeat this SO NICE to have him with me! I just loved it and we had an amazing time.

Well now we are onto Monday! Tyler had ACL/Meniscus surgery on Monday and we were at the hospital at 5:50AM on Monday. He was in surgery for about 2 hours and had a few screws put into his leg, a cadaver tendon and completely repaired his meniscus. All I have to say is NEVER tear your ACL! It has been a tough recovery for Ty, the pain is extreme and he is just miserable! His break that he was so looking forward to and deserved is now gone.... Poor guy! I am hoping he will feel much better by Christmas and can at least sit with us and open a few presents.

This should be Tyler's Christmas Card.. Merry Christmas From Tyler! The second picture is one from the hospital... Tyler's Dad wanted to send a picture to his mom and Tyler the jokester decided it would be funny to pretend like he was out to scare his mother... Not nice!!!!

This week I am pretty much playing nurse and trying to stay on top of work as much as possible! I read someones post on Facebook, when they said remember when you were done with school and you could just go home all of December and do nothing!! I do remember those times and really wish we could all shut down for the month of December!


Friday, December 10, 2010



Tyler will be home Sunday night at 11PM and I can not stop thinking about it!!!! While these next few days are so exciting waiting for Ty, I can't wait for these hello and goodbyes to be done eventually. How about we just live in the same city?!?! That would be fun!

EHHHHHHHHHHH!! Can't wait to see Ty :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

One of my Favorites

These little bags are one of my favorite gifts I will be giving this year! They are $12, and such a great little gift to give for any occasion!

These little bags have all of the essentials you need to have in your purse on a daily basis! There are 16 items in these little bags! Can you believe it! These are all items I have found myself searching for and I would love to have them in one place. aka my purse! Also how cute are the little bags!

You know I also liked the little minimergency guy ones too! How great for a guy to keep in his car or desk.... It has 13 must haves! Love these too!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I thought I posted this on Wednesday and it never posted!!!! Here is how I felt last week, how things have changed!

That is what I feel like yelling right now! My mom, sister and I are all SICK as dogs! I have been sick since Sunday and am just so tired of the coughing, sneezing, etc. Take my word for it and WASH YOUR HANDS a LOT!!!!! You will thank me later, promise!

P.S. The Countdown till tylcember :) Yes we are at 9 days and counting! SINGLE DIGITS! Seriously? He will be home next Sunday and I am trying to make my week so busy so it flys by!

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