Thursday, May 27, 2010

Running very quickly....

do you ever have that feeling that life is a few miles in front of you and you just can't seem to catch up with it? Well.... that is me except for I'm I horrible runner so I have to skip or gallop to try to catch up :)

Anyways life has been CRAZY!!! I feel like I have not stopped in weeks since Ty has come home. I have to say I am learning really amazing time management skills. I am unbelievable at multi tasking.

Ty is so darn precious. He is so happy to be home and I just love it. You know I started to feel not as pretty when he was gone for 4 months and its not because I didn't wear makeup and only pajamas for four months, but it was because i didn't have my little support next to me. Let me tell you, I feel like freaking Heidi Klum recently! Its because Ty reminds me literally every hour that I am unbelievable! I am not sure if its because his eyes are bad (jk) or just because there are a lot of he/shes in Grenada but let me tell you I might move to NYC to walk the runways. TOTALLY Kidding, but I really appreciate his comments because he makes me feel so pretty and I love him for that. He is like a giddy little kid home enjoying life! I am so glad he is home but I can't help but think he is going to leave next week or in 3 months! I know I know I have to appreciate him now, which I totally am!!

We leave for our cruise in like 3 days!!! AHHHHHH we are leaving here Sunday around 10:30. I can't wait! Here is our picture from the cruise. Its from the future....We had a great time....

SIDE NOTE.. I about had a heart attack when Tyler told me that we might have to share a table on the cruise.... You seriously should have seen my face. I was literally on my way to walk to the port in Ft. Lauderdale to give it to them straight! I have to share a table with weirdos!! Seriously! So we started to ponder what we could do to get away with this! Tyler explain Eric and Lauren said they were on their honeymoon so they got a table alone (option 1) Tyler said we could just be extremely vulgar at the dinner table and maybe they wont show up anymore (option 2, which really shouldn't be too hard for me ;)) Or I could call the cruise and ask if they know who we are and maybe they will be so scared they will give us our own ballroom with our own pianist, with Rose petals and chocolate all over. Then they will walk us up to our massive presidential suite where there will be lots of cupcakes.... ok so I am not sure what we are going to do but I AM GOING TO FIGURE IT OUT!!!

I will totally let you know when we get back how it turned out. They might drop me off in St. Thomas because I freaked out when they escorted me to the table and I began to break plates and scream at the top of my lungs. Ok so I am a little too worked up, but I want my own table with the love of my life that I haven't seen in 4 MONTHS!!

Well I have to get back to work!!!! YAH FOR SUNDAY, oh yah and YAH FOR THE MAGIC!!

If you are lucky enough, I might dig up my picture of me when I was about 7 going to the magic game with bright blue speedo goggles on to mimic Horace Grant! I know I can't believe my dad took me to the game like that! I would be so embarrassed!! Thankfully my dad and mom took pictures and I might find it for you all!

Next blog I will update you on my future GREEK wedding that I will be having after visiting Canada and a BIG Greek wedding!!! Lets just say MONEY EVERYWHERE!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

All Better :)

Well its May 12th, and my little man is home fast asleep while I am back home working :) He was exhausted yesterday as he really hasn't slept a full night in weeks. He went to bed last night at 9:30!!!

I am so sorry to say I have NO pictures.....
I know I'm sorry long story short I had an appointment that ran a bit longer than expect :) Then I didn't get on the road till 1100 and I was supposed to leave at 1030. So lets just say I was going a tad above the speed limit and lets also say GOD IS AMAZING! There were cops EVERYWHERE on the OTHER side of the highway. He knew I was just so excited/giddy to pick him up. So here's how it went, I only circled once and then got a little text message I'm outside. I wanted to BARF!! i was going to drive for 60 more seconds and then the love of my life would be there standing on the curb. There he was :) It gives me butterflies just thinking about him standing there. He was so precious and smiling so big. I threw the car in park and did I horrible job of it and almost hit a child (not really, but she wasn't paying attention not my fault!) and jumped out of the car :) I think the first thing I said was OMG Hi :) Hugged and kissed in the nasty terminal pick up area then we hopped in the car and just stared at each other! It was crazy that he was not behind a computer screen. He looked even better in person, let me tell you!

After we got the shock out of the way and hugs and kisses, we made a very important stop at MCDONALD'S!!! He ate a whole big mac meal and a double cheeseburger. he was so excited, I had a happy meal. I enjoyed it too, since the last time I had it was when Ty was here :)

After McDonald's, we jumped back in the car and then I started Bawling! Haha! It was all good crying, but it was like a flood gate opened. My little peeps hope texted me right after I lost it and said hi I am so happy for you two send me a picture! And I said well that might be a problem because I look like hell.

Anyways, last night we ate dinner. (we shared a bowl of pasta at his house :)) He was warming up the bowl of pasta in the microwave and I grabbed the bowls and he said lets just share and both eat out of this. My heart skipped a beat, I probably could have started crying! I know so lame, but I have been waiting to share a bowl of pasta for 4 months! It was great!

I am a very happy camper and am so so so blessed! I have the MOST amazing friends and family. I wish you all could have been sitting on my shoulder all day so you could have seen what my day was like. Everyone called, texted, emailed, facebooked, it was just amazing. I am so blessed with so many amazing people in my life its really unreal.

THANK YOU for being so amazing and so supportive. I love you all and hope you can share a bowl of pasta with someone soon :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Today is Monday May 10th.....

WHICH MEANS TOMORROW IS TUESDAY MAY 11th!!! This is only the day I have been waiting to see for 4 months!!! I cannot wait to have Ty home! I have been feeling his pain, he is exhausted and his brain has to be fried!!! He has been studying and taking tests non stop. Today is his last one and it goes from 9AM-3PM!!! Could you imagine, its like the SAT's all over again.

I have been pretty anxious for the last three days but its such a good anxious. It is so weird that love can make you sick to your stomach because you are sad and make you sick to your stomach because you are so happy!! I think I will smile the entire 3 1/2 hour drive to Miami! I am over the moon right now.

I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Well Hello There.....

......MAY! Thank you for arriving so quickly. My heart, stomach, butterflies and mother thank you very very much! I guess I also have to thank April too for being so short and quick!
I can not wrap my little tiny brain around the date. I sit here today and see May 2nd and am quite confused! My countdown is now 8 DAYS!! I know i am a little bit of a cheater...I do not count today or the 11th because I will be driving down to Miami on the 11th and the day will already be here. I am going to try to blog or something at least upload a photo while I am sitting in the airport. I can not wait I just feel like I am waiting for him to pick me up for High school Prom. I was so nervous and had such butterflies it was crazy. There was always this kind of awkward silence when your date first picked you up. I am not sure what I am going to say first i think my hugs and kisses will come first. The poor kid has been studying so so hard it has been crazy! SO PROUD OF HIM!

So yesterday was also a big day in my life. I just about fainted and had a little heart attack. I decided I was going to buy myself a present and I did. His name is Louie...He is a louie vuitton purse and he is pretty handsome if I can say so my self. When I was at the counter with my sister and my brother in law, I started sweating a bit and I started getting really red and a little queasy. You see I have recently realized I am kind of cheap. I will go buy $200 of a ton of really cheap clothes in ten minutes, but ask me to buy a pair of nice shoes for $90 and you would think you asked me to chop of my legs. So you can imagine what i thought when the guy gave me a total for a purse. It was like he was asking me to stand naked in front of the president on national TV and speak about neurobiology while standing next to Brad Pitt, Shiloh while holding a
cat. I could of sworn that is what he said.... My sister calmed me down and Now have closed my mouth and have started speaking again.
I am very excited and proud that I purchased this all by my self. Very rewarding..I don't think I will ever do it again but it was fun i guess once.
Productive day today, cleaned my room, in the process of laundry and about to take a shower! I know I'm pretty spectacular! and its only 1120!
I hope you had a terrific weekend, only one more weekend left until Ty gets here!!!! WOOO HOO!!!

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