Wednesday, May 12, 2010

All Better :)

Well its May 12th, and my little man is home fast asleep while I am back home working :) He was exhausted yesterday as he really hasn't slept a full night in weeks. He went to bed last night at 9:30!!!

I am so sorry to say I have NO pictures.....
I know I'm sorry long story short I had an appointment that ran a bit longer than expect :) Then I didn't get on the road till 1100 and I was supposed to leave at 1030. So lets just say I was going a tad above the speed limit and lets also say GOD IS AMAZING! There were cops EVERYWHERE on the OTHER side of the highway. He knew I was just so excited/giddy to pick him up. So here's how it went, I only circled once and then got a little text message I'm outside. I wanted to BARF!! i was going to drive for 60 more seconds and then the love of my life would be there standing on the curb. There he was :) It gives me butterflies just thinking about him standing there. He was so precious and smiling so big. I threw the car in park and did I horrible job of it and almost hit a child (not really, but she wasn't paying attention not my fault!) and jumped out of the car :) I think the first thing I said was OMG Hi :) Hugged and kissed in the nasty terminal pick up area then we hopped in the car and just stared at each other! It was crazy that he was not behind a computer screen. He looked even better in person, let me tell you!

After we got the shock out of the way and hugs and kisses, we made a very important stop at MCDONALD'S!!! He ate a whole big mac meal and a double cheeseburger. he was so excited, I had a happy meal. I enjoyed it too, since the last time I had it was when Ty was here :)

After McDonald's, we jumped back in the car and then I started Bawling! Haha! It was all good crying, but it was like a flood gate opened. My little peeps hope texted me right after I lost it and said hi I am so happy for you two send me a picture! And I said well that might be a problem because I look like hell.

Anyways, last night we ate dinner. (we shared a bowl of pasta at his house :)) He was warming up the bowl of pasta in the microwave and I grabbed the bowls and he said lets just share and both eat out of this. My heart skipped a beat, I probably could have started crying! I know so lame, but I have been waiting to share a bowl of pasta for 4 months! It was great!

I am a very happy camper and am so so so blessed! I have the MOST amazing friends and family. I wish you all could have been sitting on my shoulder all day so you could have seen what my day was like. Everyone called, texted, emailed, facebooked, it was just amazing. I am so blessed with so many amazing people in my life its really unreal.

THANK YOU for being so amazing and so supportive. I love you all and hope you can share a bowl of pasta with someone soon :)

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