Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sunshine, Wine and Updates on Life…..

Where to begin….. Well Tyler finished the four unbelievably hard years of Medical school and is now Dr. Tyler!! Really still hasn't sunk in yet and we are 8 months passed graduation! He started his ER residency back in July of 2014 and has been at the hospital ever since.. Jk but feels like it sometimes!! He is quite incredible. I think he is a robot. He can work with very little sleep and still manages to put on a smile as he opens the door ever morning or night.

What have I been doing, well learning to have my own life outside of our married life! Such a weird feeling as its always been Ty and I and that is how I made my/our plans! Now I have to make my own plans and not expect him to be home. It is quite crazy but I think these are all great learning experiences in life. My job is still just as amazing as it was back in November of 2013. Love it everyday and am so lucky to have a crazy amazing boss! That really does make the difference people… find a boss that you want to be and take the job!

Tyler and I just got back from a week in California! Ty had never been to CA and I had only been twice for two quick work meetings! (aka I got to see the inside of CA hotel rooms:)

We started off our trip in San Francisco visiting one of my dearest friends! She lives in this little sleepy beach town right outside of San Fran. It is gorgeous, precious and so relaxing… (those would be how I describe her too :) its a perfect fit!) It is a weird feeling now staying at your friends house over night and seeing how they"live". I used to know how all of my friends 'lived' in college and now its a totally different life! I just love knowing what she gets to wake up to everyday, the streets she gets to walk her pups down and the house she will bring home her first baby to.  Makes me so happy.

After a couple of days with her, Tyler and I traveled to Napa together. I can explain Napa only one way…...OBSESSED! I just LOVE Napa. I haven't felt more relaxed and happy in months! I love the look, feel and the people! We had a great time. I could drive all around California for the rest of my life. It was so beautiful.

                                                    One of the many wineries we visited!

We headed back to San Fran for a work meeting of mine but still got a a few moments alone for dinner and walking around! I am not sure if I loved California so much because of the beauty and activities or the time I had with Tyler. Uninterrupted and so special. I wish we could do that four times a year! We are really going to try to make it a point that we do one vacation just him and I each year. Family trips or weddings don't count! As much as I love them, it just isn't the same!

Quick update as the Pink Lovey link on my Google tab has been giving me the stink eye :)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Embarrassed :)

Do you ever do something that you just can't help but turn beat red from??!!?

Well I did this today!!! It was one of those moments when I was so embarrassed :) 

My fantastic cousin invited me to the Justin Timberlake concert this weekend and I have been so excited! My Cousin informed me a few weeks ago and gave me the date, time, etc. I added it to my calendar right away. 

We made plans for them to come to Hoboken and shop around before we headed to the concert. I was excited and made sure Ty knew my plans. We made sure to get all of our errands done early, cleaned the house just in case and I started to get dressed. They were to come around 2pm so I made sure I was out of the shower and getting dressed before they left. 

It was 3pm and I still had not heard from them that they left their house and thought that was so weird. This point my hair and make up is done and Ty was asking me what the plans were.... Well I texted my cousin to see if they had left yet and I got a call from my cousin. 

As I sat on the couch in full make-up, hair straightened, house clean my cousin says... "Kara the concert is tomorrow...." :) 

I turn beat red as Ty is sitting next to me smiling :) I decided the 9th was a Friday and just added it to the calendar without even checking...... Man did I feel stupid :) Poor Ty is such a good sport and just smiles at me..... ANYWAYS.. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE tomorrow!! 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Where are we now?

We are two months from the end of 2013. I. Can't. Believe. It. 

Last time I posted was January 2013. Clearly life has been quite busy and the blog has taken a back seat. I don't remember why I started to blog but I do miss it sometimes and will try to see if I can get back into it. 

So where are we in life/medical school? 

1. Ty is a 4th year Medical Student and will graduate in June of 2014. Less than a year. 

2. We are in the process of applying for residency which is such an unbelievable experience. (more on this in a bit) 

3. I am back working for the company that I started my career with and am LOVING it! 

4. We still live in NJ, but this could definitely change within a year.

5. I am the Aunt of two precious identical twin boys. My sister and brother in law welcomed two boys this October and I am quite obsessed. 

6. This December Ty and I will celebrate 2 years of being married. CRAZY! 

That is the short recap of our lives this past year :) Medical School is definitely the culprit of our time (and money). My husband is a champ and is doing a fantastic job as a medical student. Medical school cannot be prepared for or taken lightly. It is a bear :) and sometimes a mean bear, but Ty is dedicated to becoming a doctor and I am so proud of the doctor he is becoming. If you have not given your doctor a hug lately please do :) They spent a lot of money, time and energy to get where they are (not that we all haven't) but Med school is no joke. 

So how to apply to residency? Well in short you create one big application and send it to hospitals with thousands of other students :) It is super competitive and not easy or cheap. You hope that your hard work and dedication will pay off but we will not know till match day this March. Fingers crossed for my main squeeze as we get through this stressful time to hopefully light at the end of this tunnel.(really long and extremely expensive toll tunnel) 

We are loving the gorgeous weather in NJ. Fall is fantastic and makes the holidays that much better. Luckily this year we didn't have any storms like we did last year. Sandy really set us back and am happy this year to be hurricane free :) 

Happy Fall to everyone :) 

Thursday, January 31, 2013


Here are two videos that make me smile.. Some times you just need to see good in the world....Its Refreshing.

This one is a bit longer but definitely worth every second..

Monday, January 7, 2013

Life happens when you make plans....

Celebrating our first anniversary with the top of our cake!
It tasted horrible :) 

Well I am now living in Hoboken, New Jersey with my husband who is half way through his third year of medical school; we survived a hurricane and a flood; I am back on the job hunt again; and it is now 2013.. WHEWWWW

2012 was our first year of marriage and it was amazing! We loved every second of our time together and finally moved into our first apartment together. (grenada didn't really count because we couldn't decorate) Moving to NJ was a shock as we thought we would be in Brooklyn, NY. So it was an interesting day for Tyler and I when his lovely school decided to give us a heart attack and place us in Hackensack, NJ. We decided on Hoboken, NJ as it was close to the city and a short drive for Ty to Hackensack. We absolutely LOVE Hoboken and the city which is a quick subway ride away. Moving to NJ was the biggest pain I have ever encountered... oh yah and super pricey! We could have bought a car for what we spent on the moving truck, brokers fees, paint, furniture, ac units and advil for our sore bodies :)

Did I mention we moved in on the hottest day of the year :)
Ty was flying in that day so I "put in"  the AC unit
All of our amazing wedding presents! We were packed full of boxes!!

Back in October as many people saw Hurricane Sandy pummeled NJ. Unfortunately Tyler and I didn't think it would be a huge deal so we didn't prepare as much as we should have. We had about 3 feet of standing water in our building so our car was declared flooded after the storm. Tyler and I could have never seen this coming as we have lived through many hurricanes before. We are lucky we live on the 5th floor as all of our belongings were dry only our new car was gone :( About 3 weeks ago we FINALLY got a new car and are hoping to not have to go car shopping for another 3 years.

We had a hurricane and a snow storm within a week of each other

Our First Snow Storm!

Our second car in 2 months...

Tyler is doing great at the hospital. He has experienced a lot of exciting things and has also learned to live off only a few hours of sleep. Every day my respect level for doctors rises as I watch my husband leave before 530 and come home on some nights after 9... Incredible. He will not let me take his picture  so this is the best sneak photo I could do :)

I am back on the job hunt after working for a NY based company for a few months. After only a couple of months at the company they decided to close the department and lay off over 25 people. Tough day... I was shocked and looking back have learned so much about myself and corporate america. It has also allowed myself some time to really look at what I want to do moving forward. Not to mention catch up on some of my favorite shows :)

Not sure what inspired me to open my blog today but I did.... I should have been blogging the last few months as we have had some entertaining times around here... Just to name a few... failed dinners, mice, decorating, 21 hour drives home, trips down the stairs, trips up the stairs (yes its possible to fall up stairs) Squirrel friends and more..

I will do my best to continue updating but to tie you over here are a lot of photos to document our latest journey..

Repainting a dresser in 30 degree weather.. a first for me!
Our First Thanksgiving in the city.. My dad, Ty and I and my sister  in law and her boyfriend

Our beautiful view.. 

Our apartment before

And After :) 

If your wondering if I still talk to my babies.. well the answer is YES!

Our "pet" pumpernickel enjoying our pumpkin

Our first christmas tree in our place!

FSU football 2012

We drove 21 hours to Florida.. NEVER AGAIN!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Not even a thought...

I saw it somewhere yesterday... it said The most difficult challenge is leaving.... That hit me hard... the most difficult challenge is leaving. Such a powerful statement for so many of us who are leaving and actually some who are staying too. It means so much to me and I know to many others...

Coming to Grenada was not easy for anyone. Even if you are excited for a new opportunity or in my case excited to move to where your husband is it is still quite scary. It is a challenge leaving your friends, family and comfort. Its exciting of course but its just a scary jump to make. you are living in a third world country, very far from home and it is SO different from the US. Fast forward almost a year since i have been here on and off and its a totally different challenge. The challenge now is leaving Grenada..... 

You would think going home to friends, family, the u.s. would be a no brainer but throw in some amazing amazing women and some precious kids and you have a whole different ball game. 
So I have met hundreds of amazing women in my life and I adore everyone of my relationships, but these are different. Many of them are very new friendships but goodness are these women amazing, they are selfless, fun and crazy smart women. I think its because we are all in the same boat we are all down here together, working toward the same goal. don't me wrong not every women here is special like these handful I'm talking about, but these handful are incredible. These women EVERY day yes I said it EVERY day do something for others. Its incredible and so eye opening. I am NOT saying goodbye because I know its not BUT see you soon because these women have taught me so much! Today two very amazing women Laura L & Laura C created a DVD of pictures with music to go along with it... Seriously we just lost it watching them. They are beautiful and I will cherish it forever. I am so grateful for the time and energy they put into my dvd because I will keep it and watch it when I need a little pick me up/cry...incredible. I honestly know God puts you some place for a reason and these women are reason number 1... 

Now down to the other challenge reason #2. The kids... I fall hard, but I have fallen really hard for these kids. I know this is not my journal but I feel like I am abandoning these kids. These precious kids who should not be in the home in the first place, these kids that should get hugs and tucked into bed every night...These kids who I have fallen harder for than just about anything else in the world. I am jumping on a plane to head back to the US and Leaving these precious children.... Challenge is the biggest understatement I could think of. 

Leaving Grenada has nothing on leaving the US. It has been the BEST year of my life by far and I just can't imagine not seeing my babies every week. They seriously make the worst day so amazing....

I'm posting this UNEDITED... I will not and can not read this...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Love My Husband...

I have been very emotional about leaving Grenada... I am not ready, don't want to leave and feel like I am abandoning my babies..... But last night as I laid in bed with my hubby he promised this wasn't the last time we would see the babies, or be in a position to adopt. He promised me we would do Doctors without Borders to help babies around the world..... He told me he thought I was the most caring person he knows (he must not know too many people....) and he just rubbed my backed as I cried about leaving my babies.... 

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