Monday, January 7, 2013

Life happens when you make plans....

Celebrating our first anniversary with the top of our cake!
It tasted horrible :) 

Well I am now living in Hoboken, New Jersey with my husband who is half way through his third year of medical school; we survived a hurricane and a flood; I am back on the job hunt again; and it is now 2013.. WHEWWWW

2012 was our first year of marriage and it was amazing! We loved every second of our time together and finally moved into our first apartment together. (grenada didn't really count because we couldn't decorate) Moving to NJ was a shock as we thought we would be in Brooklyn, NY. So it was an interesting day for Tyler and I when his lovely school decided to give us a heart attack and place us in Hackensack, NJ. We decided on Hoboken, NJ as it was close to the city and a short drive for Ty to Hackensack. We absolutely LOVE Hoboken and the city which is a quick subway ride away. Moving to NJ was the biggest pain I have ever encountered... oh yah and super pricey! We could have bought a car for what we spent on the moving truck, brokers fees, paint, furniture, ac units and advil for our sore bodies :)

Did I mention we moved in on the hottest day of the year :)
Ty was flying in that day so I "put in"  the AC unit
All of our amazing wedding presents! We were packed full of boxes!!

Back in October as many people saw Hurricane Sandy pummeled NJ. Unfortunately Tyler and I didn't think it would be a huge deal so we didn't prepare as much as we should have. We had about 3 feet of standing water in our building so our car was declared flooded after the storm. Tyler and I could have never seen this coming as we have lived through many hurricanes before. We are lucky we live on the 5th floor as all of our belongings were dry only our new car was gone :( About 3 weeks ago we FINALLY got a new car and are hoping to not have to go car shopping for another 3 years.

We had a hurricane and a snow storm within a week of each other

Our First Snow Storm!

Our second car in 2 months...

Tyler is doing great at the hospital. He has experienced a lot of exciting things and has also learned to live off only a few hours of sleep. Every day my respect level for doctors rises as I watch my husband leave before 530 and come home on some nights after 9... Incredible. He will not let me take his picture  so this is the best sneak photo I could do :)

I am back on the job hunt after working for a NY based company for a few months. After only a couple of months at the company they decided to close the department and lay off over 25 people. Tough day... I was shocked and looking back have learned so much about myself and corporate america. It has also allowed myself some time to really look at what I want to do moving forward. Not to mention catch up on some of my favorite shows :)

Not sure what inspired me to open my blog today but I did.... I should have been blogging the last few months as we have had some entertaining times around here... Just to name a few... failed dinners, mice, decorating, 21 hour drives home, trips down the stairs, trips up the stairs (yes its possible to fall up stairs) Squirrel friends and more..

I will do my best to continue updating but to tie you over here are a lot of photos to document our latest journey..

Repainting a dresser in 30 degree weather.. a first for me!
Our First Thanksgiving in the city.. My dad, Ty and I and my sister  in law and her boyfriend

Our beautiful view.. 

Our apartment before

And After :) 

If your wondering if I still talk to my babies.. well the answer is YES!

Our "pet" pumpernickel enjoying our pumpkin

Our first christmas tree in our place!

FSU football 2012

We drove 21 hours to Florida.. NEVER AGAIN!


  1. Hooray!!!! Randomly checked this and squeeled with delight when I saw a new entry. Love you!!

  2. Oh my gosh, I just randomly checked this too and SOOOOOOO happy you are posting. :) Keep it up my love bug!


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