Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wait what? March? No seriously...what?

Whooooaaa whoooooaaa whooooaaa hold on there February, not so fast! When you leave its March and then we only have April and 17th days in May and then we are leaving this beautiful island. Last time I checked it was like January 13th and now you are telling me its almost March!!! 

Ty and I are officially in the process of our next step...hopefully NY! We have to rank the states in order and we did NY 1 (obviously :) ) and NJ 2 (not obviously but the others are worse.....) Anyways we will be back in Florida on May 17th and then will find out where our next home will be in the end of June. 

Just to show you what I  imagine our place to look like here are a couple of pictures of us in our new apartment... 

Wait..... hold on......its how much a month.......... oh ok well can we at least have the chair in the study?!?! Wait what?!?! There is no way......a chair... ok how about one of the books...you know what never mind...  So in conclusion Tyler and I (i wish delante) will be living in a fancy box for the next two years :) I will make sure there is a 2nd box for visitors :) 

Can't wait for our next step though, can barely wait!! 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Moving right along...

We are almost to the end of February! Can you believe it?!?! All that is left is March and April and we will hardly have a May and then we are back in the U.S.! I seriously cannot believe it!! So many great things have been going on in our lives and we are so lucky to share them with our family! 
This past weekend, I was so fortunate to share Grenada with my Dad! It was a short 2 day visit but it was so fun to show him around! I so wish my whole family could experience Grenada but unfortunately flights are outrageous!! Luckily there are videos and pictures of Grenada to last a life time! 

This was our second visitor, Ty's parents were our first and its so fun to have one. It's almost like we are on a vacation too!! Crazy that we have only 2 more months and we can no longer say we are residents on the Caribbean! It has been an unbelievable experience and can't wait to print pictures from our crazy adventures when we are back in the states! 

Next week we get the list of rotations for where we could possibly be for the next two years. I have been talking about the day when we have to rank where we would like to be and goodness we are right around the corner! We will be new residents in AUGUST!! Life does fly by, I remember the day where I was when I found out Ty got into SGU. I was so excited for him but also so nervous and scared for 2.5 years of long distance. 2 years later we are now married living together in Grenada and now planning our move to NY very soon. How time flies!! 

My health is still not back up to par yet.... It is really tough to be around 27 little ones in Grenada and not get sick. Unfortunately that is the risk I take going to visit every week. I try to be as careful as possible but unfortunately some things I can't control. Back to the doctor tomorrow for a check up and if things don't go well I will be making a quick trip home next week!!! 

I will post some pictures soon of my recent days in Grenada!! 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

So Thankful....For America :)

I think everyone should live on an island or in a third world country, it is eye opening!!!!!! I just love this little island, adore it really. Not sure how I feel about leaving here soon, but I do appreciate my country more than I ever have in my life. 

I know the U.S. is soooooo far from perfect, but I do have to say how thankful I am for all of the hard work people have put into our country and health of their citizens. Yes we have a long way to go but after my first experience here in a doctors office and hearing about Tylers experience in the hospital here I think we should all be thankful for a few seconds..... 

I know I am lame and corny BUT I just am missing my convenience and comfort back home this week. I miss the comfort of my doctor, my CVS down the street, my clean and always stocked publix, and my family. I am so lucky that I have my husband down here who won't leave my side unless I ask him to, who tucks me in every night, and usually wakes me up with the biggest smile on his face during the week days! I am also so lucky for my precious little children down here that give me the BIGGEST hugs everyday I walk in! I never feel more loved :) I have enjoyed taking them to dinner once a week and can't wait to continue it tomorrow night!!! KFC here we come!!

Anyways, I am so lucky to have this time here in Grenada as I learn to appreciate what I am soooo lucky to have and learn to help others everyday. 

My Dad is landing bright and early on Saturday morning to come visit!! I cannot wait!!!! Not quite sure what we are going to do yet...Eat......sit on the beach.....eat....I will keep thinking!! 

I love my little island of Grenada... adore!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Bad mood to Better mood :)

I had one of those days today.. I was a bit of a grump! I haven't been feeling the best so I decided to head to the campus clinic to see a doctor. I signed in and noted I was the wife of a student, waited 25 mins to then be called in. I was asked what I came in for then she said so you are not a student correct, well you need an appointment! Even though it says clear as day NO APPOINTMENT necessary! She said yes we should update that.. GRRRRR!!! She said I could make an appointment for tomorrow but I was so angry I made an appointment someplace else! No way they are getting my money.... This was the first time I felt a little helpless in Grenada...Im used to having my doctor right down the street who I trust and always solves my problem but here I know no one and do not trust anyone... I do have an appointment tomorrow at 2 and am crossing my fingers it goes well :) Anyways I came home in a terrible mood and Ty suggested maybe you should go play with the babies..... Excellent idea and that is just what I did... 

Here is little man Delante, cute as can be. He was so snuggly today and I just love that! I get sad when he just wants to run and play and stop cuddling :( He is really starting to try to talk, so fun!! 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kippsie, KPC, KFC!?!?!

How ever they say it they just LOVE IT!! When I say they I mean the kids at the home here in Grenada! There are 27 kids who are currently living at the Belaire orphanage in Grenada. I am so lucky to have found the home and now almost visit them daily when work isn't crazy! These kids are just some of the most precious kids ever.
Is it super hard? YES Do I cry sometimes? YES Do I want to take them all home everyday? YES But I have never in my life felt more wanted by someone. 

You walk in the door and you are literally tackled by at least 6 kids just for hugs, they want to know how long you are staying and when you are coming back before you even start to play... Breaks my heart! Discipline as you can imagine is VERY tough with about 20 kids under 8 and 2 workers taking care of all of them! Did I mention 6 of them are under 2 and 1 is 6 months!!! What a handful, they do their absolute best and they really do love the kids. It is nearly impossible to discipline and have order with so many kids and also have one on one time with the kids. So I suggested that as a reward system if we get good news back from their teachers and they are good at home then Ms. Kara will take two kids to dinner a week! 

KFC to these kids is the holy grail! They just LOVE the chicken, fries and oh yeah Ketchup! They would eat the ketchup alone!! All joking aside, KFC is such a treat to them! Its delicious and also so much more food than they normally would receive. So I am so happy and just love to be able to do this! 

Last week was my first trip with a 4 and 6 year old! Goodness I am either becoming very old or just having an emotional night because I seriously just about cried 10 times. They were so excited.

The night started off with me picking them up and they seriously still wouldn't believe me until I told them to get dressed. They got in my car and had a little bit of water and a handful of fishies!!! (gold fish) We then went to the stationary store and bought a new pencil for school and a little tiny notebook. We then left for KFC! The line was SUPER long but they got a kick out of being there!! Remember this is their first trip to a restaurant and later to the grocery store! They ate every last piece of chicken, fries and TONS of ketchup!!! We then left to go to the grocery store to pick up a Popsicle!!! We ate our Popsicles in the car and headed back home! It was a fabulous night and all I wanted to do was just take them home with me. It was so rewarding and I can't wait till Friday when I get to bring two more kids to dinner! Here is a great video of them at KFC, and shondell's first time using a straw! So precious! The second video is just a video to hear (can't see them too dark) but I love listening to them talk about the night!

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