Thursday, February 23, 2012

Moving right along...

We are almost to the end of February! Can you believe it?!?! All that is left is March and April and we will hardly have a May and then we are back in the U.S.! I seriously cannot believe it!! So many great things have been going on in our lives and we are so lucky to share them with our family! 
This past weekend, I was so fortunate to share Grenada with my Dad! It was a short 2 day visit but it was so fun to show him around! I so wish my whole family could experience Grenada but unfortunately flights are outrageous!! Luckily there are videos and pictures of Grenada to last a life time! 

This was our second visitor, Ty's parents were our first and its so fun to have one. It's almost like we are on a vacation too!! Crazy that we have only 2 more months and we can no longer say we are residents on the Caribbean! It has been an unbelievable experience and can't wait to print pictures from our crazy adventures when we are back in the states! 

Next week we get the list of rotations for where we could possibly be for the next two years. I have been talking about the day when we have to rank where we would like to be and goodness we are right around the corner! We will be new residents in AUGUST!! Life does fly by, I remember the day where I was when I found out Ty got into SGU. I was so excited for him but also so nervous and scared for 2.5 years of long distance. 2 years later we are now married living together in Grenada and now planning our move to NY very soon. How time flies!! 

My health is still not back up to par yet.... It is really tough to be around 27 little ones in Grenada and not get sick. Unfortunately that is the risk I take going to visit every week. I try to be as careful as possible but unfortunately some things I can't control. Back to the doctor tomorrow for a check up and if things don't go well I will be making a quick trip home next week!!! 

I will post some pictures soon of my recent days in Grenada!! 

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