Monday, February 13, 2012

Bad mood to Better mood :)

I had one of those days today.. I was a bit of a grump! I haven't been feeling the best so I decided to head to the campus clinic to see a doctor. I signed in and noted I was the wife of a student, waited 25 mins to then be called in. I was asked what I came in for then she said so you are not a student correct, well you need an appointment! Even though it says clear as day NO APPOINTMENT necessary! She said yes we should update that.. GRRRRR!!! She said I could make an appointment for tomorrow but I was so angry I made an appointment someplace else! No way they are getting my money.... This was the first time I felt a little helpless in Grenada...Im used to having my doctor right down the street who I trust and always solves my problem but here I know no one and do not trust anyone... I do have an appointment tomorrow at 2 and am crossing my fingers it goes well :) Anyways I came home in a terrible mood and Ty suggested maybe you should go play with the babies..... Excellent idea and that is just what I did... 

Here is little man Delante, cute as can be. He was so snuggly today and I just love that! I get sad when he just wants to run and play and stop cuddling :( He is really starting to try to talk, so fun!! 

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