Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kippsie, KPC, KFC!?!?!

How ever they say it they just LOVE IT!! When I say they I mean the kids at the home here in Grenada! There are 27 kids who are currently living at the Belaire orphanage in Grenada. I am so lucky to have found the home and now almost visit them daily when work isn't crazy! These kids are just some of the most precious kids ever.
Is it super hard? YES Do I cry sometimes? YES Do I want to take them all home everyday? YES But I have never in my life felt more wanted by someone. 

You walk in the door and you are literally tackled by at least 6 kids just for hugs, they want to know how long you are staying and when you are coming back before you even start to play... Breaks my heart! Discipline as you can imagine is VERY tough with about 20 kids under 8 and 2 workers taking care of all of them! Did I mention 6 of them are under 2 and 1 is 6 months!!! What a handful, they do their absolute best and they really do love the kids. It is nearly impossible to discipline and have order with so many kids and also have one on one time with the kids. So I suggested that as a reward system if we get good news back from their teachers and they are good at home then Ms. Kara will take two kids to dinner a week! 

KFC to these kids is the holy grail! They just LOVE the chicken, fries and oh yeah Ketchup! They would eat the ketchup alone!! All joking aside, KFC is such a treat to them! Its delicious and also so much more food than they normally would receive. So I am so happy and just love to be able to do this! 

Last week was my first trip with a 4 and 6 year old! Goodness I am either becoming very old or just having an emotional night because I seriously just about cried 10 times. They were so excited.

The night started off with me picking them up and they seriously still wouldn't believe me until I told them to get dressed. They got in my car and had a little bit of water and a handful of fishies!!! (gold fish) We then went to the stationary store and bought a new pencil for school and a little tiny notebook. We then left for KFC! The line was SUPER long but they got a kick out of being there!! Remember this is their first trip to a restaurant and later to the grocery store! They ate every last piece of chicken, fries and TONS of ketchup!!! We then left to go to the grocery store to pick up a Popsicle!!! We ate our Popsicles in the car and headed back home! It was a fabulous night and all I wanted to do was just take them home with me. It was so rewarding and I can't wait till Friday when I get to bring two more kids to dinner! Here is a great video of them at KFC, and shondell's first time using a straw! So precious! The second video is just a video to hear (can't see them too dark) but I love listening to them talk about the night!

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  1. I just cried. They are too cute! I love them Little! And I love you for being a part of their lives. They are so lucky to have you. :)


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