Monday, January 30, 2012

New Name, New Year, New Husband!

Well hello 2012, hello Kara Manis, hello husband!!!! So much to catch up on and to chat about! So I have a new name, its a new year and I guess I should say I now HAVE a husband and not a NEW one :) He is so handsome by the way and I love calling him my husband!

As you may or may not know I went home in October to finish planning the wedding. I thought I was way ahead of schedule until I touched down in Orlando.. it was a rush of planning and constant to do lists! Would I do it over again and go home sooner... probably not because I loved my time with Ty but would I like to plan a wedding again..probably not! Haha! I just adored my wedding and loved having all of my family and friends all in Orlando for the wedding. I do wish we could do it all over again but not plan it again!! I have a couple sneak peak pictures to share :) more to come soon! 

I had heard there was something called the wedding blues. Where after planning your wedding for so long you get pretty sad when its all said and done; I had a feeling I would have that because all the way up to the end I enjoyed the planning process. BUT Ty and I were so lucky because I hadn't seen him in 3 months, then a week later our wedding, then a week later Christmas, a week later our Honeymoon, then a week later back to Grenada! It was NON stop for about a month which kept my mind very occupied. We had an amazing Christmas, and an amazing (very lazy) honeymoon! Here was our daily schedule on our cruise.. sleep in.. breakfast...pool or off the boat...back on the boat to shower...nap...get dressed for dinner...dinner..go out.. to sleep! For 9 Days!! It was just fabulous!!! 

We are back in Grenada now and I just LOVE it here! I guess I would say I love the time with my new husband! Don't get me wrong I love Orlando BUT here I get him all to my self. Im so lucky! I have been at the orphanage here in Grenada almost everyday. 2 new babies and my old babies who I adore! I get so much back from those little kids and I am going to miss them when we leave in May! 

We only have 3 1/2 months here and I have a lot to do before we leave! I know Ty is ready to get back to the states but I'm not yet :( 

I will try to catch up some more soon but Happy New Year! Here is to an amazing 2012!!!!

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