Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sunshine, Wine and Updates on Life…..

Where to begin….. Well Tyler finished the four unbelievably hard years of Medical school and is now Dr. Tyler!! Really still hasn't sunk in yet and we are 8 months passed graduation! He started his ER residency back in July of 2014 and has been at the hospital ever since.. Jk but feels like it sometimes!! He is quite incredible. I think he is a robot. He can work with very little sleep and still manages to put on a smile as he opens the door ever morning or night.

What have I been doing, well learning to have my own life outside of our married life! Such a weird feeling as its always been Ty and I and that is how I made my/our plans! Now I have to make my own plans and not expect him to be home. It is quite crazy but I think these are all great learning experiences in life. My job is still just as amazing as it was back in November of 2013. Love it everyday and am so lucky to have a crazy amazing boss! That really does make the difference people… find a boss that you want to be and take the job!

Tyler and I just got back from a week in California! Ty had never been to CA and I had only been twice for two quick work meetings! (aka I got to see the inside of CA hotel rooms:)

We started off our trip in San Francisco visiting one of my dearest friends! She lives in this little sleepy beach town right outside of San Fran. It is gorgeous, precious and so relaxing… (those would be how I describe her too :) its a perfect fit!) It is a weird feeling now staying at your friends house over night and seeing how they"live". I used to know how all of my friends 'lived' in college and now its a totally different life! I just love knowing what she gets to wake up to everyday, the streets she gets to walk her pups down and the house she will bring home her first baby to.  Makes me so happy.

After a couple of days with her, Tyler and I traveled to Napa together. I can explain Napa only one way…...OBSESSED! I just LOVE Napa. I haven't felt more relaxed and happy in months! I love the look, feel and the people! We had a great time. I could drive all around California for the rest of my life. It was so beautiful.

                                                    One of the many wineries we visited!

We headed back to San Fran for a work meeting of mine but still got a a few moments alone for dinner and walking around! I am not sure if I loved California so much because of the beauty and activities or the time I had with Tyler. Uninterrupted and so special. I wish we could do that four times a year! We are really going to try to make it a point that we do one vacation just him and I each year. Family trips or weddings don't count! As much as I love them, it just isn't the same!

Quick update as the Pink Lovey link on my Google tab has been giving me the stink eye :)

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