Thursday, January 27, 2011

Goose Bumps!

I was sent an email from my friend Michelle that Anthropologie is starting a wedding line!! I can't wait to see it as I really love their store. So I clicked on the link and watching the website and listening to the music just gave me goose bumps!!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Life is one huge ball of fire right now that I am juggling!! I have so many decisions to make and choices to decide on. (this has nothing to do with wedding festivities) But more to do with career and job choices I will make in the next few days.

My stomach is in knots and so many things are running in my head. Stressed to the max doesn't describe it..... Just thought i would throw that out there!

Wedding planning is going AMAZINGLY well though! I am pretty much done! It has been so fun and I wish I could do this forever:) haha!!

I will leave you with this amazing blog of a lady who BAKES and I wish I could do this!! Please at least scroll down to this months Valentine Crossword Cookie!!! Amazing!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Future Mrs. Kara Manis!!!!

AHHHHHH!! That is about all I can say!! Let me say that again... AHHHHH!!

Tyler proposed on Christmas Eve and I am still in shock weeks later!!! When I say I am in shock people immediately say how can you be in shock you have been dating for 8 years! Well let me tell you why I was shocked... This will be a long post!!

So the last time I posted was on the 22nd of December, Remember this picture....

Well I was Nurse Kara for a whole week and let me tell you we had NO IDEA how bad it was going to be. The poor kid did not have a great break from school at all. He was in intense pain and was not able to get out of bed for days! He had surgery on Monday and literally did not move from bed until..... Christmas Eve around 4:30PM.

His parents always throw a Christmas eve party and this year it was going to be tough for Ty since he was literally bed written. So I said I was going to come over around 4PM and help him get ready for the night. I told my mom that day that I was going to have to skip Church (I know..I'm horrible) because I needed to help Ty. She gave me one "oh really??" and then was like ok...(Little did I know Ty had already asked for her permission to propose:) So all day I was literally RUNNING around town picking up last minute gifts, wrapping presents, and skyping with my grandpa and Aunt in Ohio. Ty called around 4Pm and asked where I was... I was taking my sweet time because I didn't know what he was waiting to do..

So without makeup on, I walked out of my house with jeans and a tank top on looking HORRIBLE!!! I stopped by the ATM, Ty called AGAIN and then I pulled up to his house. I had been taking care of the little sick guy for the whole week so I really was just walking in to help him get dressed. Also NOTE: How would he have time to buy a ring he was in bed for days!!!!
Anyways I walked into a very quiet house that was all clean with Christmas music playing and Ty sitting right in front of the Christmas Tree all dressed up. (tie and all, he looked so handsome!) Anyways when I walked in all frazzled and saw him I said Ty what are you doing!! Did you take a shower by your self and get dressed alone!?!?!? He said Yes and I said WHY!?!? and he said "I wanted to surprise you! You have been taking care of me all week i wanted to get all dressed up for you!!" I was in shock 1. that he was sitting up....2. that he was all dressed up ...3. he did it all alone!!!

He then proceeded to say hey go get your gift under the tree and I said OH great I have one for you too!! Back story: I asked for Black Peep Toe Heels for Christmas so I grabbed the box that looked like a shoe Box! I sat right in front of him and started to open it thinking and secretly KNOWING it was my shoes...Little Did I know... I unwrapped the gift and there was a black shoe box with peep toe heels on the box! I knew it I thought!! Then I opened the box to find a copy of the Knot Magazine! Literally I saw the purple cover and just looked up at him... to see him kneeling down (YES after having Surgery 4 days ago!!!) and opening a ring box!!! The first thing he told me that I SAID was "are you serious?" OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD Like 300 times! He had to grab my hand to put on the AMAZING ring he designed!!!

We hugged and kissed and I kept yelling oh my god!! For years when I thought about what I would do when I was proposed to was I always thought I would immediately break down and bawl my eyes out, BUT I was in such shock I couldn't even get words out! I started to tear up a little bit when I asked him if he asked my parents, he said yes :)
Seconds later his parents and sister and boyfriend came running in! It was such a blur I couldn't believe it!! 10 Minutes later my family walks in and we all had a champagne toast and took pictures! It was amazing and I keep playing it back in my head over and over because it could not have been more perfect!! I was in shock and he is AMAZING!! He had been working with the jeweler the week before surgery but didn't expect the ring to be ready until New Year's Eve but it was ready early, so his amazing parents went and picked it up for him :) Love them forever for that!!

That night his parents had a Christmas Eve Party that turned into an engagement/Christmas eve party! It was a great night and I was still in shock!
And Now we are planning our wedding!!!! We are so excited and I can't believe I get to marry my high school sweetheart!! Seriously if you would have told us when I was 16 and he was 17 that in 2011 we would be getting married we both would have laughed in your face!!!

Here are some pictures from the best day of my life! I am so excited and can't wait to be...

Mrs. Kara Manis!!!!!

My family and Ty's Family!

Christmas Eve Night :)

Minutes after the engagement!

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