Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What did you just say?

I have not been able to stop thinking about smart people recently. I know its an odd post and an odd thing to say, but I am constantly speaking with highly intelligent college professors who teach thermodynamics and legal economics! It blows my mind how amazingly intelligent some people are. As much as i sometimes complain about my job, one of the amazing things about my job is I am constantly surrounded by brilliant individuals who are experts in their fields. If I want to build an airplane, become a accountant, learn how to give an enema, the list goes on and on! I have experts who I can see everyday. I was very lucky to sit in on a speaker who is actually an author for us and was the second in line to become the federal reserve chair and was on presidents bush' advisory board. AKA..hes pretty freaking brilliant! I was overwhelmed by everything he knew and wanted to bow down to him and just walk up to him and scream I am so stupid! I don't know.... that is just what i felt like doing, he was that brilliant! I sat in the crowd surrounded by 50 brilliant college professors who nodded their heads and laughed at his jokes.. I sat their watching everyone else to make sure i was mimicking their facial expressions and heads so I didn't look out of place. Let me tell you I was a 23 year old blond surrounded by 70 year old college professors in suits... I took a picture for you below...
I am definitely a pro in some areas of life, but let me tell you I am NOT a pro when it comes to Economics and Finance! I can sell you a pretty nice finance or economics book, if I may say so myself. (wink ;) )

Anyways I wanted to say something positive and I am so lucky to be surrounded by very intelligent individuals. Let me also point out I am constantly surrounded by either Tyler or Tanners Brilliance, its pretty amazing and outrageous how great they are. Yes I am slightly bias, but both would like to be doctors. Its going to be crazy! They will both be outstanding!
(p.s. Let me tell you my adorable boyfriend still always says he thinks I am as smart or smarter than he is, how cute is he?)

anyways I guess this post is about how lucky I am to know extremely intelligent people. They make me happy and so proud to be their friends!

p.s. I thought you should see me in front of my crazy intelligent professors describing the thermodynamic process...... weird they still buy books from me isn't it!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


So I am trying to be happy...... With work being work it has been very tough. VERY TOUGH. So I am sick of being sad and unhappy, but figured if anything could cheer me up it would be Pink Lovey.
I need to think about good things or things I love, so here I go!

1. I love when a kitchen is super clean and you just ate dinner and the dishwasher is running. Its dark but the only light that is on is a little lamp in the kitchen. It makes my heart melt. Even more amazing if there are fresh baked cookies cooling on the stove and a best girl friend on the phone chit chattin. Ahh i love!

2. My old Doctor/PA. I used to have this Physicians assistant that i absolutely LOVED! It was probably about 8 years ago. She was my favorite and then she left the practice. Well with a lot of talk about skin cancer recently and my friends being amazing people, they have been really pushing us to go to the dermatologist to just get looked at. As many of you know me, I am not super open person to randoms. So my first immediate thought was, am going to stand there in front of a gentleman naked while he looks at my One hundred thousand freckles. I THINK NOT! So i thought to my self I need a girl dermatologist. My mom thought Sarah (my old doctor) went to a dermatologist. It has been 8 years but all of a sudden Siak came into mind. I didn't know why but i typed it in and BAM there she was! She is a dermatologist downtown. I AM THRILLED!!!! i don't think she will remember me but I just cant wait.
(p.s. that was totally the highlight of my day, I know LAME!)

3. Making my brother uncontrollably laugh. Sometimes if you catch Tanner laughing you can push him to this uncontrollable laughter he gets into. he turns bright red and sometimes almost spits out his water. Its HILARIOUS!! You should totally try it and go with Tanner to 168 you are almost guaranteed to get a big laugh (p.s. Tanner, Ashton told me a kid snarted in her class this week. I told her to start videotaping because that is one of tanners favorite things to witness)

4. Butterflies! Goodness, are they not the craziest thing ever. I love the feeling when I look into Tys eyes and he just gives me the biggest butterflies. I feel like I am 16 and thats such a fun feeling to have. (He is so supportive and I hate being a sad person to his little happy face, he is just too sweet and wants to do anything to cheer me up. I am slight obsessed with his face, if you have not realized this already.)

5. My family. I am just so blessed an obsessed with them. They are so funny and perfect. Can I just tell you I almost wet my bed when I read an email from my amazing aunt Judy. She emailed me about one of my last posts, and said WOW is that you on the beach? that's a great picture. I just love her so much that she would even think that the SUPERMODEL picture I posted as a joke on my site was her niece!! haha. I just about died, but then realized that my family sees me in a light that no one else does and I love them for that. Thanks Judy for making me feel like an amazing beautiful supermodel, while i sat there in hideous sweatpants, mismatched socks and a huge tshirt! I also love that i woke up with SWOLLEN eyes this morning because I had a tough day yesterday and my mom greeted me this morning with "hello cupcake" note cards she found for me. She said she was trying to save them for Easter but couldn't wait any longer and wanted to cheer me up. Made my whole day that much better and i love her that much more for seeing anything cupcake related and immediately thinks of her second daughter. (sees anything dog related Brittany; cupcake related Kara; Volleyball, medical school, chickens, food, anything =Tanner; JK mom! I know he is your favorite its ok)

As much as I am unhappy or should I say not as unusually happy as I usually am, I am so so so blessed to have such an incredible life. i am way t0o blessed, that I am so sad because the love of my life has moved and my job is really tough. WELL BOO HOO Kara! right!!

Yes I am not as happy as usual but i should be at least grateful for what I have....

Deep Sigh....... tiny little smile...

I knew Pink Lovey would make me feel a bit better!!

Funny moment of March:
I did a Nursing presentation and was going to show these nursing videos that these nursing professors were interested in purchasing. I was standing in front of a very large screen and projecting the videos on the screen. Standing in front of the screen I just clicked on a video. Continued speaking and would turn and point to important features while the video continued to speak. I quickly noticed it said how to administer an enema. I was thinking to myself, there is no freaking way they would ever show someones private parts. Well.., GUESS AGAIN! I just couldn't speak or move and was standing there red as anything and mortified while the nursing professors looked on nodding their head like they were watching a nurse administer a shot. They thought it was so normal, I almost died of embarrassments and definitely realized I could NEVER NEVER be a nurse. I could not believe I saw someones body like that I was embarrassed for them!!
Side Note: WHO In their right mind would show their goods on a nursing video.. Are those people actual patients who agreed to be video taped or Actors who agreed to show everything. I am so embarrassed but thought you would get a kick out of it.

Its Friday! Yah! (well almost...) No plans this weekend, but I can't wait to sleep in!

Friday, March 12, 2010

College, Candles, Cookies, & Catnaps

Do you ever smell something or see something and it immediately takes you back somewhere?

Well if you are in Florida you might have had a similar experience. It has been rainy for the past 2 days. If you know me you know I LOVE LOVE rainy days. I think the main reason I love rainy days is because of college. I had the best four years of college that I think anyone could have had. I was so blessed for a great family and great parents who completely allowed me to enjoy college to the fullest. I was able to join a sorority and live an unbelievable four years!

So why you ask Rain makes me think of College, candles, cookies and Catnaps?

Well it really makes me think of my senior year in Pink Lovey :) With these girls! (I know its a weird picture to post, considering how many millions of pictures I have of us three.) But the reason I picked this picture is because it was one of the last days in Pink Lovey and all three of us sat on Single Bed Peeps bed and just laughed! i miss these two girls like crazy and when it rains I immediately want to go back.

It was kind of a ritual. As soon as it rained, no matter where I was I immediately headed back to the sorority house. It rained usually right around lunch time, So i would grab an obscene amount of cookies from downstairs and head up to Pink Lovey where I would usually find Beth Lighting candles with a movie in hand! Then not too far behind would walk in Hope. We would sometimes open the windows, then pop in a movie and lay in bed to take cat naps and watch movies. It was some of my absolute favorite favorite days in school. It was so relaxing and fun with my roomies its hard to continue to work ANYTIME it rains. So I guess I can blame my laziness when it rains to my beautiful roommates. (side note: Funny I still call them my roommates but I guess they will forever be my peeps roommates). I love the rain and my college years. Today its raining and very nasty which makes me smile and want to curl up with my peeps and light candles. You should try it sometimes, it will make you a VERY VERY happy person. Enjoy a Pink Lovey rainy day!

Let me know...What do you think of when it rains?? I would love to hear :) If it makes you want to work out, clean or work really hard maybe you shouldn't comment because then I will feel really lazy. JK!

P.S. Tyler is done today at 945 AM with midterms! I am so so proud of him! He has been awake for 48 hours! Crazy!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I know TWO blogs in one day!! I could not wait to post this.. many of you may or may not know...I have been trying to get a credit card for almost 2 years now!!! i know it sounds crazy but true if you have no credit right now you can not get a credit card. After countless rejections I am now the proud owner of ....

A CREDIT CARD!! WHAT WHAT!!! I know i have just been over the moon all day and screaming at my family members who answer their phone! Watch out im going on a shopping spree....JK! I will post a picture of my new baby as soon as I receive her....I will name her...miracle :) Fitting huh!

PS. Ty got a 90% on his midterm! One down three more to go! pps..the average was a 78%...i know my bf is a baller :)

How was your weekend?

I want details!

I have the most amazing friends and family in the whole wide world! Not only did I receive countless emails and texts days leading up to Tyler's arrival but I received texts and emails and calls the day he left.
It was the weirdest feeling EVER! I woke up on Thursday nice and early with a huge list of items I needed to cross off. It was a very good thing, I was running around like CRAZY on Thursday which kept my mind off what was about to happen. I went and picked up Tyler's car around 330 (becuase he wanted to drive so bad, cute huh?) and that's when it hit me. I was so nervous. A good nervous, but I could just feel my stomach in knots with a million butterflies. I would have loved to have seen myself driving to the airport. I don't think I stopped smiling once, I sat on the edge of the car seat and was riding every ones tails because for some reason everyone was driving 35 MPH on the highway on Thursday! It must have been the day to drive slower than dirt just to piss off Kara! So maybe they were not going 35 but I felt as if I couldn't drive fast enough. I would like to take this moment to THANK GOD for not giving me a ticket for speeding, wreck less driving, or inappropriate gestures. I appreciate it. I think I screamed a couple of times in the car to myself with pure excitement I could not stand it. Driving up to the airport was the most exciting time in my life! Ok maybe just in the last 2 months... I only had to circle twice and the reason for the second time was I was not paying attention and passed the American airlines sign. I was just too excited, I really probably shouldn't have been driving because I was probably the most excited, most awful driver EVER! As I circled the third time I saw a tan, handsome greek boy with his back pack on standing on the curb with the BIGGEST smile I have ever seen. I threw the car in park and jumped out to give him the biggest hug and kiss ever. His smile was so big I was afraid he was going to rip his skin :) He was the cutest thing I have ever seen! He jumped in the driver seat, (thank god!) and I jumped in the passenger seat to just stare at him! We started driving and I just automatically just started crying tears of joy! I don't think I have ever cried tears of joy but I did. I was smiling so big and laughing with tears coming out of my eyes, it was the weirdest mixture I have ever felt.

It was an incredible weekend. We had SO Much fun. I have to say the first couple of days were SO weird. Seeing him in person was just not right. I was used to seeing him through a computer and not being able to squeeze his little cheeks! (his face cheeks, get your mind out of the gutter!) ((he does have a cute butt though :))) ANYWAYS! As you can tell I am still quite giddy over the weekend! It was so much fun, the wedding was beautiful and we had a blast. It was also so fun being in a wedding with Ty! It was so nice! Walking down the aisle knowing Ty was standing there made me nervous and calm at the same time. His little smile was so cute.

Isn't love just incredible! It can make you so happy or so sad. I feel quite lame being so sad when he is gone, but I have to say our relationship has only gotten stronger and stronger each and every year. Its crazy, I can only imagine how strong it will be when we are 80. I had a very hard time with him leaving on Sunday, it was one of those crying sessions that you have to gasp for air. I think it was so hard, because I knew how sad and lonely I am without him and how amazingly perfect and happy life is with him. I wanted to jump in his suitcase and go with him to Grenada, but I know the flight would have probably made me nauseous underneath the plane. Soon enough soon enough, is what I have to keep telling myself. I'm just going to come out with it, and say I want to move there NOW! I will become a prostitute to earn money and live down there. ok so Tyler was not happy with that plan, but I will come up with another one... i promise. Life is crazy and Love is crazier, it makes you want to do crazy things like move to an island! I also know many adults do not think its a smart idea. I understand people might be quite nervous but I know there is no other time I could live on an island with my love for the rest of my life. i only have one life to live and I need to live it how I want to and live it BIG! Right? and think about it I could learn how to braid hair and when I return I can braid your hair for free, you would have to pay for the beads (sorry I'm not a totally free service).

Life is amazing, tough right now but I know i can stick it out until May until Manis returns home. I love you my unbelievable friends and family and thank you for your support and love! You are amazing!!

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