Thursday, March 18, 2010


So I am trying to be happy...... With work being work it has been very tough. VERY TOUGH. So I am sick of being sad and unhappy, but figured if anything could cheer me up it would be Pink Lovey.
I need to think about good things or things I love, so here I go!

1. I love when a kitchen is super clean and you just ate dinner and the dishwasher is running. Its dark but the only light that is on is a little lamp in the kitchen. It makes my heart melt. Even more amazing if there are fresh baked cookies cooling on the stove and a best girl friend on the phone chit chattin. Ahh i love!

2. My old Doctor/PA. I used to have this Physicians assistant that i absolutely LOVED! It was probably about 8 years ago. She was my favorite and then she left the practice. Well with a lot of talk about skin cancer recently and my friends being amazing people, they have been really pushing us to go to the dermatologist to just get looked at. As many of you know me, I am not super open person to randoms. So my first immediate thought was, am going to stand there in front of a gentleman naked while he looks at my One hundred thousand freckles. I THINK NOT! So i thought to my self I need a girl dermatologist. My mom thought Sarah (my old doctor) went to a dermatologist. It has been 8 years but all of a sudden Siak came into mind. I didn't know why but i typed it in and BAM there she was! She is a dermatologist downtown. I AM THRILLED!!!! i don't think she will remember me but I just cant wait.
(p.s. that was totally the highlight of my day, I know LAME!)

3. Making my brother uncontrollably laugh. Sometimes if you catch Tanner laughing you can push him to this uncontrollable laughter he gets into. he turns bright red and sometimes almost spits out his water. Its HILARIOUS!! You should totally try it and go with Tanner to 168 you are almost guaranteed to get a big laugh (p.s. Tanner, Ashton told me a kid snarted in her class this week. I told her to start videotaping because that is one of tanners favorite things to witness)

4. Butterflies! Goodness, are they not the craziest thing ever. I love the feeling when I look into Tys eyes and he just gives me the biggest butterflies. I feel like I am 16 and thats such a fun feeling to have. (He is so supportive and I hate being a sad person to his little happy face, he is just too sweet and wants to do anything to cheer me up. I am slight obsessed with his face, if you have not realized this already.)

5. My family. I am just so blessed an obsessed with them. They are so funny and perfect. Can I just tell you I almost wet my bed when I read an email from my amazing aunt Judy. She emailed me about one of my last posts, and said WOW is that you on the beach? that's a great picture. I just love her so much that she would even think that the SUPERMODEL picture I posted as a joke on my site was her niece!! haha. I just about died, but then realized that my family sees me in a light that no one else does and I love them for that. Thanks Judy for making me feel like an amazing beautiful supermodel, while i sat there in hideous sweatpants, mismatched socks and a huge tshirt! I also love that i woke up with SWOLLEN eyes this morning because I had a tough day yesterday and my mom greeted me this morning with "hello cupcake" note cards she found for me. She said she was trying to save them for Easter but couldn't wait any longer and wanted to cheer me up. Made my whole day that much better and i love her that much more for seeing anything cupcake related and immediately thinks of her second daughter. (sees anything dog related Brittany; cupcake related Kara; Volleyball, medical school, chickens, food, anything =Tanner; JK mom! I know he is your favorite its ok)

As much as I am unhappy or should I say not as unusually happy as I usually am, I am so so so blessed to have such an incredible life. i am way t0o blessed, that I am so sad because the love of my life has moved and my job is really tough. WELL BOO HOO Kara! right!!

Yes I am not as happy as usual but i should be at least grateful for what I have....

Deep Sigh....... tiny little smile...

I knew Pink Lovey would make me feel a bit better!!

Funny moment of March:
I did a Nursing presentation and was going to show these nursing videos that these nursing professors were interested in purchasing. I was standing in front of a very large screen and projecting the videos on the screen. Standing in front of the screen I just clicked on a video. Continued speaking and would turn and point to important features while the video continued to speak. I quickly noticed it said how to administer an enema. I was thinking to myself, there is no freaking way they would ever show someones private parts. Well.., GUESS AGAIN! I just couldn't speak or move and was standing there red as anything and mortified while the nursing professors looked on nodding their head like they were watching a nurse administer a shot. They thought it was so normal, I almost died of embarrassments and definitely realized I could NEVER NEVER be a nurse. I could not believe I saw someones body like that I was embarrassed for them!!
Side Note: WHO In their right mind would show their goods on a nursing video.. Are those people actual patients who agreed to be video taped or Actors who agreed to show everything. I am so embarrassed but thought you would get a kick out of it.

Its Friday! Yah! (well almost...) No plans this weekend, but I can't wait to sleep in!


  1. I wish I could have been there to see your face during the presentation, priceless! I love you. too too. so so. much. I too have made a derm appointment :)

  2. OMG!!! sissy!!!! i almost just peed my pants laughing! I could totally see this happening to you. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall that day! you're my favorite!


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