Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I know TWO blogs in one day!! I could not wait to post this.. many of you may or may not know...I have been trying to get a credit card for almost 2 years now!!! i know it sounds crazy but true if you have no credit right now you can not get a credit card. After countless rejections I am now the proud owner of ....

A CREDIT CARD!! WHAT WHAT!!! I know i have just been over the moon all day and screaming at my family members who answer their phone! Watch out im going on a shopping spree....JK! I will post a picture of my new baby as soon as I receive her....I will name her...miracle :) Fitting huh!

PS. Ty got a 90% on his midterm! One down three more to go! pps..the average was a 78%...i know my bf is a baller :)


  1. Master, please teach me your ways! THIS IS THE MOST EXCITING NEWS EVER!!!! I am slightly jealous though!


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