Monday, August 30, 2010

Waste Food!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE food way too much. If I could I would probably be 758 pounds :)
I have gained at least 6 pounds this summer :( Thanks to my lack of walking for work and the abundance of fast food from ty being home this summer. (If you don't know my boyfriend Ty, he should own, work at, buy stock, live at a McDonalds Or any fast food restaurant for that matter. Let me remind you, he has a FLAT as a board stomach and is in perfect shape. Yes even his cholesterol! I so wish I had his body...... but I DO NOT and I guess thats a good thing because then I would have male parts and we would not be dating Tyler. .... anyways!

Kara's Bowl of Ice Cream

Kara's Bowl at the end....

So the point of this is I have been really trying to watch what I eat. I have already lost 2 pounds in 2 weeks. But I have about 5 more to go. So what I have decided is I am going to waste food. I know I am horrible, but I have to teach myself how to eat properly!!

So if you put a plate of food in front of me I will totally finish it! ALL of it, why? I am not sure why. I guess that is just what I have gotten used to.

Lets take a look at exhibit C below. A picture from this weekend... and oh wow whats in Kara's hands? WOW thats a huge piece of bread that I ate EVERY LAST PEICE OF!!
So I have decided now lets say I eat a bag of 100 calorie peanut butter crackers (which I do a lot) i will leave at least 1 maybe even 2 in the bag. Tonight I have my usual Greek yogurt and raspberries for dessert, and left a little bit a yogurt in the cup. I know Im crazy, but I think this might work!!! PS. I love the Dannon Vanilla Greek yogurt! For breakfast I will add granola and raspberries and I love it!!!

If I can train my self to just have Portion control I can eat the things I love but just not a TON!!
Back in college I did a few small things to my diet and they REALLY worked. I truly believe if you do small things it will really add up! Just to let you know, back in college I stopped using mayonnaise and only drank diet soda. HUGE difference. Since I was a HUGE dr. pepper lover and I am and was a sandwich whore :) So i really do think small changes work for me.

I will keep you all posted on my new horrible wasting habits. Let me say, I DO NOT LIKE WASTING food, and I will not do this for long but I need to adjust how I eat and I think this will help my health :)


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'M Leaving....In 6 Days!!

So I decided I was super fed up with doing long distance and of course missing TY like crazy, Sooooo I just booked a flight :) I want to go see his little island life and see him for 5 days!! I cannot wait and am very excited. I have been very anxious recently and I think this will calm my nerves a bit.....(for now...) I am trying to take everyday one day at a time and not think about the big picture. Which if you know me IS NOT ME!! I am a super planner and love to think ahead. I need to learn to chill, and you know who helps me chill the most?!?!? The guy living thousands of miles away in Grenada!!!

Anyways I will totally update you all when I go there and can't wait to share pictures!!

Also I saw Eat Pray Love :) IT was cute, I love Julia Roberts though. So I don't know if I would have loved it if she wasn't in it. It makes me want to travel the world. (Not alone but just travel and eat!! ) Its a cute movie :)

Anyways back to watching HGTV! Hope you all have a terrific week!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Want Ugly Dresses!

Meet Marisa Lynch... She was laid off from her job and became very sad and depressed and wanted to do something that made her happy. So she thought about all of the things she loved and realized she loved, vinatge stores, flea markets and garage sales. So what she decided to do was: 365 days. 365 items of clothing. 365 dollars. And the blogging begins…

She decided to buy very ugly dresses for 365 days and make really cute outfits out of them and blog her entire experience. The budget was $365 for a year! CAN YOU IMAGINE!! Please look at her website and see her amazing transformations. I know I wish I had that creativity!! Here is a little sneak peak...I mean really!!! seriously!!! come on!!! I would buy the dresses she makes TODAY!


This is what I think a lot of people dream of doing. We dream of finding what we love to do and turning it into a job :) She is pretty good!!

Check it out!

Here is to turning what you love into a career!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's Official...

It has been the longest seven days of my entire life!!! It has been a week since ty has left and I seriously feel like I could have birthed 4 kids, flipped a house, and received my PHD biophysics in these last 7 days.There have been some really wonderful things that have happened, the first being I had an incredible girls weekend in Tampa. I have to say a girls weekend is sometimes just the perfect recipe for a sad girl. I have such amazing girlfriends and we had 3 days of exactly what I needed!! On Saturday I felt like I was 5! There was a really great park in Tampa with fun little fountains that a lot of kids run through. Since it was so hot, the five of us girls decided to have some fun! It was amazing!! My friend Hope was so honored and ecstatic that some lady taking our picture called us crazy little college girls!It was such a fun weekend and I want to go back right now. My friend Katherine is actually working on a compound for all of us and our families to live on as we speak. We think it is the next step in our lives and will solve a lot of our problems of being too far away. So if you would like to live on our compound just let me know! How amazing would that be living on the same street as your best girlfriends!! It would be incredible!!
The Second AMAZING thing is Tyler received his White Coat. It is a very special ceremony that signifies your start of medical School. I was so depressed I couldn't be there to witness this but there were a lot of great pictures taken and he looked so freakin adorable!! I am so overly proud of him and wish I was there to give him a huge bear hug!!!! I think girlfriends should also get a white coat for being supportive...what do you think? I would wear it everyday when I am on campus working and then I would make everyone call me Dr. Kara....and that is probably how people get arrested for fraud :) I just think I would look great in one...I would probably buy a stethoscope too. Anyways I can't wait till he is a doctor and all of his hard work will have paid off. There is a really long road ahead but I know it is his dream and he will be amazing!!!
Well I am off to watch more of Flipping Out! My FAVORITE show! He just makes me laugh so much!!! I want to be his assistant, I would be the best assistant I just know it! If he moves to Florida I will totally apply and get the job!

Good Night!

Monday, August 9, 2010

500 Days of Tyler....

It has been a crazy and amazing three months! I can't even describe how blessed and lucky I am to have such amazing friends, family and a lovely boyfriend. We have been so lucky and have enjoyed every second of this 3 month break Tyler has had.
I am sitting here blogging while he is packing. How do you pack for 4 months?!?!?! Crazy huh?!!? I don't even know where I would start! But I hope in the next few months I will be packing for a few months too... WINK WINK!!So I have to take him to the airport tomorrow at 12 and then I schdeuled a LONG one hour pedicure for 130 :) I explained to my nail lady Michelle Ty was leaving and she said "oh wow we better do the one hour pedicure" and I responded by Hugging her and saying I loved her. JK but I thought I was going to jump over the table because she read my mind.

Then I am going to dinner with some of my lovely girlfriends who I love with all of my heart! They read my mind and know exactly what a girl needs..... I also bought a body pillow! This is what I will be sleeping with for the next four months :) I am hoping it will make me comfy and feel all snuggled. Sorry mom I will keep him in my closet after I wake up :)

The last big news..... I HELD A CAT!!! This is Tyler's sisters 18 pound cat!!! He is pretty darn heavy and I just had to hold a cat before I turned 25!!! P.s. If you don't know, i am highly allergic; but I am somehow dating the guy whose family has three cats! Weird huh!!

So here is to keeping very busy till October 15th when I venture to Grenada!! Any recommendations on how to stay busy are ALWAYS welcome.
I purchased netflix for $8.99 a month and I get unlimited movies a month online. So I am going to watch Dexter, Lost and lots of movies!! And of course lots of Traveling!!!! Love you all!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Can't Wait for Tuesday...

So Tyler Leaves on Tuesday and I can't wait :) So I am kinda kidding but I have decided instead of being super sad I should just think of all of the things I can't wait to do when he leaves!!
Like not drive as much, lay on my new love seat in my room, get back to my gym classes that I have been denying! Positive thinking is the goal!!! (wow those things sound like I am going to have a blast when he is gone.....those were really sad!)

So nothing too exciting going on recently just really enjoying life until everything changes in a few days. I really have to get back to my crazy job in a few days/weeks and am not really looking forward to it, but on the positive side it will keep me busy! I am planning some trips too!
Columbus, Atlanta, Tampa, Grenada....and that is it for now but you never know!! I am a traveling queen!!

So a couple of things I need to discuss......
I thought I literally killed someone.... I had a lot of urgent messages and whenever i talked to someone in my family it was one of those (in a semi screaming voice!) "Kara you messed it up!!" I was thinking oh my gosh, did they find my stash of snacks in my closet, did Menchies close, did my Grandma have a heart attack when I sent her a basket of squirrels for her birthday?!?!?!
Oh No... I called my uncle a Hostess!!!! For god sake! I have horrible Grammer and spelling! Everyone knows that!! So my apologizes to my Uncle Greg, She is the best uncle in the world..... JK!! But really I should have said Host!
Tyler did not proof my last post, so lets just say its all Tylers fault!

Also a HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to the sexiest Grandma I have ever seen!! She is so darn cute and I love her! Here is her birthday cake, she told me her wish was that her favorite gorgeous granddaughter Kara won the lottery! Thank you Mammaw for that :)
I know you want to make this my picture when I call you don't you... I give you permission! or you can use it for your desktop on your computer...I will allow but only this time. Her pictures go for A LOT of money and as her agent she can get pretty snappy when she doesn't get paid for her photographs!

enjoy the weekend my loves!!

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