Monday, August 30, 2010

Waste Food!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE food way too much. If I could I would probably be 758 pounds :)
I have gained at least 6 pounds this summer :( Thanks to my lack of walking for work and the abundance of fast food from ty being home this summer. (If you don't know my boyfriend Ty, he should own, work at, buy stock, live at a McDonalds Or any fast food restaurant for that matter. Let me remind you, he has a FLAT as a board stomach and is in perfect shape. Yes even his cholesterol! I so wish I had his body...... but I DO NOT and I guess thats a good thing because then I would have male parts and we would not be dating Tyler. .... anyways!

Kara's Bowl of Ice Cream

Kara's Bowl at the end....

So the point of this is I have been really trying to watch what I eat. I have already lost 2 pounds in 2 weeks. But I have about 5 more to go. So what I have decided is I am going to waste food. I know I am horrible, but I have to teach myself how to eat properly!!

So if you put a plate of food in front of me I will totally finish it! ALL of it, why? I am not sure why. I guess that is just what I have gotten used to.

Lets take a look at exhibit C below. A picture from this weekend... and oh wow whats in Kara's hands? WOW thats a huge piece of bread that I ate EVERY LAST PEICE OF!!
So I have decided now lets say I eat a bag of 100 calorie peanut butter crackers (which I do a lot) i will leave at least 1 maybe even 2 in the bag. Tonight I have my usual Greek yogurt and raspberries for dessert, and left a little bit a yogurt in the cup. I know Im crazy, but I think this might work!!! PS. I love the Dannon Vanilla Greek yogurt! For breakfast I will add granola and raspberries and I love it!!!

If I can train my self to just have Portion control I can eat the things I love but just not a TON!!
Back in college I did a few small things to my diet and they REALLY worked. I truly believe if you do small things it will really add up! Just to let you know, back in college I stopped using mayonnaise and only drank diet soda. HUGE difference. Since I was a HUGE dr. pepper lover and I am and was a sandwich whore :) So i really do think small changes work for me.

I will keep you all posted on my new horrible wasting habits. Let me say, I DO NOT LIKE WASTING food, and I will not do this for long but I need to adjust how I eat and I think this will help my health :)


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  1. I usually try to throw up a half an hour after every meal... to each their own I guess. Just kidding!! Eat up, you're a growing girl!! I used to love it when ma said eat up you're a growing boy (thanks for the fat stage of my life Cindy!!)


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