Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's Official...

It has been the longest seven days of my entire life!!! It has been a week since ty has left and I seriously feel like I could have birthed 4 kids, flipped a house, and received my PHD biophysics in these last 7 days.There have been some really wonderful things that have happened, the first being I had an incredible girls weekend in Tampa. I have to say a girls weekend is sometimes just the perfect recipe for a sad girl. I have such amazing girlfriends and we had 3 days of exactly what I needed!! On Saturday I felt like I was 5! There was a really great park in Tampa with fun little fountains that a lot of kids run through. Since it was so hot, the five of us girls decided to have some fun! It was amazing!! My friend Hope was so honored and ecstatic that some lady taking our picture called us crazy little college girls!It was such a fun weekend and I want to go back right now. My friend Katherine is actually working on a compound for all of us and our families to live on as we speak. We think it is the next step in our lives and will solve a lot of our problems of being too far away. So if you would like to live on our compound just let me know! How amazing would that be living on the same street as your best girlfriends!! It would be incredible!!
The Second AMAZING thing is Tyler received his White Coat. It is a very special ceremony that signifies your start of medical School. I was so depressed I couldn't be there to witness this but there were a lot of great pictures taken and he looked so freakin adorable!! I am so overly proud of him and wish I was there to give him a huge bear hug!!!! I think girlfriends should also get a white coat for being supportive...what do you think? I would wear it everyday when I am on campus working and then I would make everyone call me Dr. Kara....and that is probably how people get arrested for fraud :) I just think I would look great in one...I would probably buy a stethoscope too. Anyways I can't wait till he is a doctor and all of his hard work will have paid off. There is a really long road ahead but I know it is his dream and he will be amazing!!!
Well I am off to watch more of Flipping Out! My FAVORITE show! He just makes me laugh so much!!! I want to be his assistant, I would be the best assistant I just know it! If he moves to Florida I will totally apply and get the job!

Good Night!

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