Monday, August 9, 2010

500 Days of Tyler....

It has been a crazy and amazing three months! I can't even describe how blessed and lucky I am to have such amazing friends, family and a lovely boyfriend. We have been so lucky and have enjoyed every second of this 3 month break Tyler has had.
I am sitting here blogging while he is packing. How do you pack for 4 months?!?!?! Crazy huh?!!? I don't even know where I would start! But I hope in the next few months I will be packing for a few months too... WINK WINK!!So I have to take him to the airport tomorrow at 12 and then I schdeuled a LONG one hour pedicure for 130 :) I explained to my nail lady Michelle Ty was leaving and she said "oh wow we better do the one hour pedicure" and I responded by Hugging her and saying I loved her. JK but I thought I was going to jump over the table because she read my mind.

Then I am going to dinner with some of my lovely girlfriends who I love with all of my heart! They read my mind and know exactly what a girl needs..... I also bought a body pillow! This is what I will be sleeping with for the next four months :) I am hoping it will make me comfy and feel all snuggled. Sorry mom I will keep him in my closet after I wake up :)

The last big news..... I HELD A CAT!!! This is Tyler's sisters 18 pound cat!!! He is pretty darn heavy and I just had to hold a cat before I turned 25!!! P.s. If you don't know, i am highly allergic; but I am somehow dating the guy whose family has three cats! Weird huh!!

So here is to keeping very busy till October 15th when I venture to Grenada!! Any recommendations on how to stay busy are ALWAYS welcome.
I purchased netflix for $8.99 a month and I get unlimited movies a month online. So I am going to watch Dexter, Lost and lots of movies!! And of course lots of Traveling!!!! Love you all!


  1. Peepsy...Love you both so so much! So happy you had this wonderful summer, that is what life is about. You are such an incredible filled with light, laughter and love (really wasn't going for alliteration there)..These next few months will fly by, then you can get your hair corn rowed in Grenada like you've always wanted ;)

    Love you both...over the moon and back!

  2. Hey Kara,

    Me and my boyfriend work opposite schedules so anytime you feel like we can chill nothing like being around a two year old to drive you crazy enough to forget what youre missing lol.




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