Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Can't Wait for Tuesday...

So Tyler Leaves on Tuesday and I can't wait :) So I am kinda kidding but I have decided instead of being super sad I should just think of all of the things I can't wait to do when he leaves!!
Like not drive as much, lay on my new love seat in my room, get back to my gym classes that I have been denying! Positive thinking is the goal!!! (wow those things sound like I am going to have a blast when he is gone.....those were really sad!)

So nothing too exciting going on recently just really enjoying life until everything changes in a few days. I really have to get back to my crazy job in a few days/weeks and am not really looking forward to it, but on the positive side it will keep me busy! I am planning some trips too!
Columbus, Atlanta, Tampa, Grenada....and that is it for now but you never know!! I am a traveling queen!!

So a couple of things I need to discuss......
I thought I literally killed someone.... I had a lot of urgent messages and whenever i talked to someone in my family it was one of those (in a semi screaming voice!) "Kara you messed it up!!" I was thinking oh my gosh, did they find my stash of snacks in my closet, did Menchies close, did my Grandma have a heart attack when I sent her a basket of squirrels for her birthday?!?!?!
Oh No... I called my uncle a Hostess!!!! For god sake! I have horrible Grammer and spelling! Everyone knows that!! So my apologizes to my Uncle Greg, She is the best uncle in the world..... JK!! But really I should have said Host!
Tyler did not proof my last post, so lets just say its all Tylers fault!

Also a HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to the sexiest Grandma I have ever seen!! She is so darn cute and I love her! Here is her birthday cake, she told me her wish was that her favorite gorgeous granddaughter Kara won the lottery! Thank you Mammaw for that :)
I know you want to make this my picture when I call you don't you... I give you permission! or you can use it for your desktop on your computer...I will allow but only this time. Her pictures go for A LOT of money and as her agent she can get pretty snappy when she doesn't get paid for her photographs!

enjoy the weekend my loves!!

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