Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Time Chi....

We are back to reality and the countdown begins until Ty leaves to begin his dream of becoming a DOCTOR!!
This summer has made me really cherish my life. It has absolutely FLOWN by. It has been probably the greatest summer of my life. Great trips, many laughs, seeing my family and many more memories. Of course there is also that thing called Tyler he has made it I guess some what enjoyable :)

I will upload some more pictures soon but here are two from my phone to hold you over!
We had an amazing weekend, my uncle is the best hostess ever! If you have never been to Chicago you HAVE TO GO! Its incredible. If the weather was just a little bit different in the months from November to March I would be there tomorrow! Its amazing!
Not to mention I was able to stop by one of my favorite cupcake shops! Mandy B's!!! And don't you worry your little pants off I brought home 8 for everyone to enjoy....
BIG BIG NEWS! Thanks for some great advice from Trish, I of course went to Papyrus and purchased some adorable adorable cards AND drumroll please....I purchased a frequent shopper card! Yah. It was $10 for a year and I get some great savings. So thank you for the great advice.

I did some amazing shopping as well, I bought some really great dresses from urban and found a dress that I really loved but they didn't have my size so I just got the one that I tried on that fit but was a bit snug. Because thats always smart since my weight NEVER fluctuates! And because trying it on for a combined time of 30 seconds standing really gave me a gauge on how it really felt. So I decided I really wanted to wear my really cute snug dress out to dinner and a bar that Ty and I really wanted to go to. So we hop in a cab, and within 15 minutes I was regretting it like no other. Honestly I felt like I was wearing a freakin corset. I have never felt more squeezed in my life!! So I tried not to let ty know because I knew he was really excited about the night, but he started to catch on. I am not sure if it was me putting my hands up my dress to relieve my waste band, or if it was my dry heaving in the cab that informed him that I was literally going to die. I started to think, holy cow my mother is going to have to bury me and explain to people. "well my pea brain daughter tried to fit into a dress it eventually collapsed her ribs and she died." I was nervous.... Ty is the best Boyfriend because he knew I was MISERABLE, and even though he really wanted to stay he said Kara you are not going to stay like this all night and we went home to change into a very loose fitting linen dress. :) Then the night really got much better and I LIVED!! Yah, so lesson learned I am only from here on out going to wear massive sweat pants and baggy tshirts...Jk, but I wish!!

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