Friday, July 16, 2010

Be Careful.....

So I found a new cute clothing site.....

Be careful!! They are really stinking cute and really not too expensive. I only bought one so far and my sister had a few in her shopping cart so I am not sure what she ended up with! Very cute ones though..

Also my sister called me to remind me that today is the......


All I could say was MAN! I am really trying to STOP buying things I don't need. Not sure how its going to work out because so far I suck at it! I will keep you posted on my status. I have decided I am going to start using cash from here on out, so I actually see the tiny green pieces of paper come out of my pocket.

Here is a self portrait of me... I like to throw all of the cash I keep in my purse in the air before I go to bed every night... JK... This is my horrible misuse of money... Here is to SAVING!! Off to get a mani/pedi, Jk but really I am...Here is to saving TOMORROW!!

***If you have any tricks on how you stop buying stuff you don't need or little tips...PLEASE POST BELOW!!!



  1. I love lulus - I found the site while pregnant. I love the dresses and the prices ;) Enjoy your day - sounds fun!!

  2. Peeps...I LOVE the photo of you :) Your enthusiasm is always so exciting! LOVE you from head to toe :)

    also, I tried to comment on the post below and for some reason my computer won't let me. Basically...I want to know when Brit is teaching another Country Hip Hop class because

    Also, her hair is fabulous! So cute and maintenance free ;)


  3. Kara,

    Its been like years since I last saw or spoke to you and I barely ever blog surf but somehow I stumbled upon yours and its hilarious. You really could make a great writer. Very entertaining props to you.



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