Friday, July 9, 2010

Love, Love, Loves....

HAPPY FRIDAY! Yah, don't you just love waking up knowing its Friday! Its like waking up on Christmas morning!!! (but miniature excitement)

Bethany getting married....
It has to be my new favorite show! One reason being she is hilarious! I love her one liners and her crazy busy life. I also love her makes me feel normal :) You can go watch them on, I did this week :)
Could you imagine if someone asked to videotape your life?!?! These people have such crazy lives compared to me. This is what my show would be.... Wake up, drink coffee, eat, start work, swear a lot, ask for forgiveness, sleep, eat, eat, eat, sleep, watch tv, blog stalk, sleep. Seriously I can't believe I haven't signed a contract for a new show. My life is so amazing!! jk... But Bethany Getting married is really funny and it makes me smile!!


If I won the lottery I would only shop at J.Crew! I love love love their clothes but sometimes have a really hard time spending 98.00 on a NECKLACE!!! Its crazy, but look how cute these dresses are!

I love these sites!! I purchased a $50 Gift certificate to Ceviche's for $25!!!! Love that!
I don't think I will ever go anywhere again without looking at sites for coupons before I leave.

I can't wait to eat dinner tonight!! Anyone else?!?!?! Oh the simple things in life that please, sleeping and diamonds.

Just kidding!

Love you all!

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  1. Bethany Getting Married is one of my favs too!! I'm always laughing out loud when I watch her show. Hope you are having a good weekend!!!


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