Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lebron and I...

So it was so weird, I received a call from Lebron this morning. (he usually calls me in the afternoon before his games for advice) and he wanted to know where he should go. He said "Man Kara I am so confused I am such a media Diva and I want all the attention so I am putting off this decision as long as I possibly can so I am all over the news, radio and Internet. Kara I love that i am everywhere you turn to and it has made you frustrated." I said listen Brother just make a decision so I can continue my life without hearing your name ALL DAY LONG!Here is our picture after a game of his...Pardon my shocked face but it was weird all of a sudden I look down and I had tiny hands and he was holding me like a baby!

So I was watching TV and Its ALL I HEAR! OMG Lebron is going to Miami, no wait Cleveland, no wait OMG Chicago, wait what!!! This is crazy people he is moving to play in Afghanistan!!

I am ready for this to be over :) and had to get it off my chest ITS CRAZY!! I wonder what he ate for lunch today? did he blow his nose this afternoon? WHATS NEXT!?!?!

While I am at it here are a couple other pictures from my computer.. Here is my grandma with Jay-Z he quotes her as being his biggest mentor of his life..

I am not even going to get into this one....

This is one of the events that I went to as Lebrons advisor and decision maker. Also he needed help with his jump shot so we practiced after. (i am also his private basketball coach if you haven't already noticed.)

Hope you all have a great weekend coming up!!!

So you are probably wondering...well I had a tough day at work!

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