Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm Embarrassed....

So I know what you are thinking two blogs in two days!! Did Kara get fired? did she break her legs and has to lay in bed all day? Neither of the two happened thankfully! But yesterday my mom informed me that she tried to post a comment on my blog and couldn't figure it out. (i told her I would teach her soon :)) But she wanted to say your next story has to be the IPhone story! So here it goes everyone, You all might stop being my friend but I will tell anyways...

So this all dates back to May when the new IPhone 4G was unveiled and we found out that you can do face time, meaning Tyler can be in Grenada on campus with Wifi and I can be at home with Wifi and we can talk to each other face to face through our phone! I know amazing!!!

So we pre-ordered two phones and it wouldn't give us the option to ship it to our house so we said ok we will just go pick it up on the day. (Bad Idea)
We were nervous about it but the Apple guy said don't worry we have gotten really good at product launches. (knowing what I know now, I would have liked to kick him square in the pant region and tell him he lies like a dog!)

Anyways we show up at 820 in the morning and Ty sees the line and says NO way, I am not standing in that line. This line below.....

I said, well lets just stand in it for a bit and see how quickly it moves. Being such a great BF he said ok, and we started to walk the 176 Miles to the end of the line. So we end up standing there for 2 1/2 to 3 hours and get a good distance about the middle of the line. An apple guy comes up to us and says we are really sorry its taking so long but we really are horrible people who do not know how to run a store.... not really but he said we are thinking you guys from this point have about another 3 hours. Tyler and I looked at each other and thought we have already WASTED 3 hours of our lives by standing here, we are not going to leave and have wasted 3 hours without a phone. So we decide to keep going in this line... fast forward 7 hours later, I am standing at the front of the line waiting to tackle the next apple advisor that comes to greet me. I had this flash in my mind that I was just about to start running and screaming into the store and grab all of the iphones I could grab and walk out and start throwing them to all of the people standing in line. But i didn't want to get arrested, so we finally got out 10 HOURS LATER!!!

I know, I wasted 10 hours of my day! Yes Tyler was 100% correct when he first saw the line and yes we did get the phone and its amazing (but the signal sucks!)

Literally I didn't want to mention this to anyone for the rest of my life because I am so embarrassed I wasted that many hours.

But on the flip side, I got to spend 10 amazing hours with my love at the MALL. Who can say they have done that:) Also we have cute little matching phones....

So side note, the reason Ty can use his phone in Grenada is because they use similar chips down there so he can just swap them out and use his iPhone in Grenada. Its perfect......
Well fast forward to the next morning, my feet look like pieces of raw chicken and I am now officially permanently a hunch back. Ty takes out the Sim card to see it, and just stares at me....

THE GENIUS COMPANY HAS NEW TINY SIM CARDS!!!!! SO ty will not be able to use it!!!! (we think!) Isn't that amazing!!!!

The poor guy was in line with his cranky girlfriend for 10 hours so he could use his phone for a month! I know I am the best girlfriend in the entire world!!

So that's my long story!! Totally horrible and embarrassing, but a story at that! I hope you never ever have to stand in line for 10 hours for anything unless its to pick up a free car you have won. No we just waited 10 hours to pay apple for a phone.

While I love apple so much, they are on my I HATE YOU list for a few months until my hunch goes down.

Happy 4th of July to everyone Except APPLE!! I hope they have to stand for 10 hours on the 4th of July!

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