Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Do Not Touch...

Every time I walk into this store I tell my self DO NOT TOUCH and then I wont buy!
No It is not the grocery store...but Papyrus!

You may or may not have received a card from me from Papyrus, but they are my OBSESSION!! I have found myself buying such random cards just in case it ever happens. Like a congratulations on your new job as a tiger handler!! You never know!!

I had to go to New Jersey for work for the day yesterday and it was such a crazy 24 hours! My flight was super delayed last night and I just wanted to get home, I was walking around the airport in heels (which already makes me cranky!) and I just wanted to be home in bed! Anyways as I was mopping to the terminal i saw it there it was in bright lights and I was like a zombie walking in.

I am not lying when I say this! I swear the guy working the counter said wow you just walked in here so happy, and I laughed and said yes I really like your store.

Need a cute card for something, check it out! Be very careful though!! It adds up very quickly :)


  1. Kara I am giggling like crazy over here because I am obsessed with Papyrus and yes it is really easy to get carried away in there! They do have a rewards program that you can purchase for like $10 or $20/year and you get free cards, etc, with your purchases. I didn't renew it this year, but I did it last year and it definitely helped offset some of the expense. Aren't their cards simply divine?! :) xoxox

  2. Hi Trish!
    I had no idea! Thank you so much, wow I have to get in that program because I would have to save something. I am quite obsessed. I will have to post some of my favorite cards next time, they are like a work of art!!

    Thanks for the information Trish!

  3. I love papyrus! Do they have a store in Orlando?

  4. Peeps....I am so glad you bought me the Tiger Handling card! Nakagema (first time I've ever tried to spell his name...what do you think?) loved it too. You are the best and oh so funny. and I love you.


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