Thursday, September 2, 2010


Hello from Grenada!!

I got in last night at 8PM and it was soooooo easy!! I have heard all of Tyler's stories about the small loud prop planes, loosing his bags, flight delays! I didn't have ONE late flight, I was on a HUGE jet that offered food, and both of my bags were sitting there when I walked up. Oh yah and Ty usually spends 30 min to 2 hours in custom lines, and ummmm I walked right up to the lady and walked right out! It was the easiest thing ever.

So I walked out to find my man waiting on a bench for me, he stands up and starts limping as quickly as he could over to me. It was so precious!! God it felt so good to just hug him. I woke up yesterday morning and I was soooo anxious all day!!! &&!(*&@*!@^*@ (that is what my stomach was feeling like) So it literally immediately went away when he walked/limped up to me. We threw my massive bags in the taxi that he had waiting for us and we went to his humble abode. I walked in the door and there on the counter are all of my favorite things. Diet Coke, Special K, BLOODY MARY mixes, wheat thins, easy mac!! I just about died! I could have died and gone to heaven and I would have been totally satisfied with that moment. He is so cute, and all of the diet cokes were cold for me. He definitely knows the way to my heart :)

It was dark and raining here last night so I really haven't seen much of Grenada, and Ty is in class now. I woke up this morning started on my 75 emails that I had received since 5 last night :) and now am updating Pink Lovey!! We are going grocery shopping later today and I just can't freakin wait! I will have to take a picture of my latest find that I was so super proud to buy him.
I purchased a little baby crock pot at target for...get this.......$14...JUST KIDDING $7!! Can you believe that?!?!? So I packed that sucker in my bag and brought it to him. Its perfect for one or two people and I think it will really come in handy the next two years.

I will definitely have pictures soon, but as of now I have just seen his apartment. I have to say it is the ABSOLUTE weirdest feeling being here. I don't know where I feel like I am, but I can tell you I don't feel like I am on an Island! You know I think Grenada was never really "real" to me because I didn't know what it was like. I think this will calm my nerves a bit now when I am home and know where he is. I am so excited to be here and see his life! I am waiting for him to be home from class and am so excited to just hug him in person and say hello :)


  1. This post gave ME butterflies :)

    Love you both so so much!

  2. Also...I think I missed something...Why is Tyler limping?

    He is trying out a career as a rapper or he is injured??

  3. Hi Little Hopey! He tore his MCL and ACL we think. He definitely tore one of them but just not sure which one!


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