Monday, September 27, 2010

New York State of Mind..

Hello All,
I am back home and constantly waking up in the night trying to figure out where I am! Tough life, I know. I have been so so lucky to be able to travel this much, but I have made a note for the future to not book 4 weekends of back to back travel. Not good for my mind or body, but sure is fun :)

So Last weekend it was New York to see my friend Ashton and my Father! My friend Michelle and I left on Friday afternoon and came home on Sunday so it was a quick weekend but SO worth it!! We had a blast. Michelle's flight was a bit later than mine so she didn't come in till later, but Ashton, her boyfriend and I met my dad for dinner and a boat tour around Manhattan.
I have never seen Manhattan or Jersey from the water so it was pretty amazing! It was a tad bit chilly but gorgeous!!! They pulled up really close to the Statue of Liberty and it was so beautiful lite up at night. The problem it was too dark for great pictures but I do have some of course :)
My Dad and I :)
There she is :)

this was our first night out after our little boat tour.

This is us on Saturday in one of our many cab rides! Shop Shop Shoppin... (we have been saying that ever since this trip when Michelle sang that while we were in the car....we learned Michelle had a lot of little songs and sayings and we can't wait until she has kids to see how the react to all of her songs and dances!!)

Saturday night we decided to go see the Adams Family on Broadway! We choose this one for a couple of reasons, first Michelle and her family love the Adam's Family so she really wanted to see it and then Secondly because we knew someone in the show!!! Wesley Taylor went to high school with us and we have seen all of his pictures and status updates on Facebook about it. We hadn't seen him since high school but he was so kind to allow us to come back stage with him. It was amazing!!

This was on Sunday, Gorgeous day on a rooftop!!

It was so interesting to be In NYC, thinking about how I will be there possibly in a couple of years. Tyler has to do his clinical rotations in NYC for 2 years starting in May of 2012. I can't imagine myself walking around the city as a resident but it was fun to think about it and a tad scary!

So glad we were able to visit and see Ashton! It was a quick trip and I was sooo tired on Monday let me tell you! I was home for 5 days and then left Friday afternoon for Atlanta!! I will update you all on that weekend soon :)

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