Saturday, September 11, 2010

Half of my Heart...

Is here....

So here is my post about my fabulous trip to Grenada!

So since last January Tyler has "prepped" me for Grenada. I had a very different view of this little Island than what it really was. Some of Tyler's stories had been about him having horribly delayed flights, loosing his luggage, slow service, and bad food. So I really didn't expect too much from the little island of Grenada.

First things first I had the absolute EASIEST flight EVER. Not a single delay, not a problem with my luggage. Everything was on time and waiting for me :) There were NO lines at customs, they asked me about two questions then I was all set. I had the absolute biggest smile on my face walking out of the little airport. All day I had really bad butterflies/nerves and I was just so excited to get there. I mentioned in one of my earlier posts about walking out and seeing him so I won't bore you again :) But it was so fun seeing him after not seeing him for over 3 weeks. This time will be longer, and it will be sad but we will hopefully both be very busy. My traveling schedule is just CRAZY! Right now I have 3 weekends in a row of travel. (NYC, Atlanta, and Anna Marie Island) Lots of pictures for sure!

Speaking of pictures ..... Here are some from my trip!
Here is Tyler's Apartment... Upstairs are the studios and downstairs are restaurants, a wine shop, and Internet Cafe....

We bought a Grill!! I was so excited until we opened the box and it was in a MILLION pieces... Guess who had to put it together....Tyler! Here is the end product :) We made bratwursts on the grill and they were delicious!
Tyler made me the BEST Grilled Cheese I have ever had :) I really feel like he has missed his calling as a Grilled Cheese Chef..but I guess Doctor will do :)

So after my amazing grilled cheese and our chocolate Ice Cream sundaes with bananas, I felt very lazy, so I decided to do some jumping jacks and my lovely boyfriend thought it would be fun to catch me mid jack...Here is my face to the paparazzi, I just ate so much food and I am trying to exercise. :) But thought it was quite funny! Oh the things that keep us interested in grenada!

I bought coffee mugs for Ty's place to drink my morning cup of coffee in :)

Ty and I actually were only on the beach one day, but when we did go it was gorgeous. It was so quiet and peaceful...

This was our dinner on our last night at a resort called La Luna. It was AMAZING!! It was like we were on our own private Island.

The Sunset was gorgeous!!!

This was the pool over looking the ocean :)

I had an amazing time and can't wait to go back in October for a longer trip!

Good Bye Grenada....Until next time!!

Here is our view on the last night at La Luna. I keep watching this video hoping I can blink and be back on my lounge chair with Ty....

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  1. Your legs are KILLER! I need to be in your shape! You two are so perfect together, too. Love love love.

    So glad you chose Atlanta as one of your trips. I'm a very lucky and happy lady! Can't wait to see my peeps. :)


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