Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So I am back from Grenada and my Tuesday went a little like this...

Professor- "Hi Kara, It's great to see you!"
Kara- Its great to see you too!
Professor- Come on into our meeting and see the department...
Kara- Thanks (in my head...I want to be in Grenada!! I want to go back to bed! Its really kinda like a monday even though its tuesday...I have a bad case of the Mondays/Tuesdays, wow there is a lot of people in here...)

Time passes infront of 25 people....

Professor- Kara...ummm Kara, Im not sure how to tell you this.... You have a really large sticker across your chest.
Kara- thanks...wait what?!?!

Yah I went for many hours without noticing :) Thankfully I was wearing a colorful shirt, and it was an XS sticker (only because it was stretchy and Ann Taylor). But that is how my week started. My room is a MESS, I have laundry piled out the door and work is really quite ridiculous!

I will post about Grenada very soon... I the mean time please listen to this new song by Sara Bareilles.... Love this song :) From now on when a customer is mean to me at work..I am going to secretly wear a hidden ear phone in my ear so when someone is rude I will just blast this song and just smile and nod and this should keep me from screaming in the middle of someones office :) Its almost the weekend!!!

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