Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Face Lift :)


As you can probably already tell, Pink Lovey had a little Face Lift. Isn't she a gem :)

I came across this lovely little company called Penny Lane Designs and fell in love! I worked with the designer over there who is AMAZING and so helpful to get Pink Lovey looking gorgeous!! Take a peek its a really cute website and they create really beautiful sites!!

My next really important piece of information..... My BROTHER IS A KING!!!

King of his College that is!! Tanner was crowned the Homecoming King of Quincy University!! Can you believe it!??!!
So since I have YET to get my hands on a picture of my Brother with a CROWN on I decided I would google a King with a Crown and see if a King came up. Here were my options..

Slim pickings if you ask me, we can let Tanner decide who he would like to be....

Anyways I have not yet edited the pages but will get to those very soon :)

Have a great week everyone, my next blog will be about my weekend in Atlanta!!!


  1. Hi sweetie, the new blog look is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

  2. Thank you Trish!! You are so sweet, I was really excited about it! Hope you are doing great!!


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