Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hi Pongo....

Happy Tuesday :)
I am sitting here after eating like a baby for the last two days! I can only eat soft food, for some reason my jaw is messed up and now I can't chew!! Isn't that fabulous :)

Anyways A couple of fun things I wanted to share with Pink Lovey.

I bought new make up :) I have been using Bare Minerals for about a year now and I really liked it, but if you know me I have A LOT of Freckles... I wasn't super satisfied with the coverage my freckles were getting so when I went to visit two of my best friends. (peeps, my Pink lovey roommates) they suggested Bobbi Brown.
So i went and got ALL new make up and drum roll please...... A CREDIT CARD!! So its a miracle I now have TWO credit cards. I really can't believe it, I feel like I just want to keep applying for new ones because I really can't believe it. The feeling that I get when I am accepted is UNREAL!!! I am just kidding about applying to a bunch but I wish i could :)

So I really like my new Bobbi Brown make up, it is a bit heavier than I am used to but It has A LOT more coverage and I feel like an adult :)
I will keep you posted on it! Here is the cute bag for all of it, and I LOVE IT!!

Second Fun New thing... My good friend Beth uses Tanning wipes sometimes by Kate Sommerville!
They can be found at Sephora. I didn't believe she was using them because she looked so natural, so we went and bought some! I decided one night I was going to use them really quickly to see how they worked, and they worked REALLY well......until I raised my arms.
I sent these pictures to Beth and she said i had to post on PL, so I hope you enjoy these.. It got better the second time I used them..i asked my mom for help and I took my time. I REALLY recommend them. I am pretty fair skinned so I am not sure how they would work on people with tan skin, but I liked them!!!

So the reason this post is called pongo because my sweet sweet boyfriend thinks I should be called Pongo since I am splotchy :)
So don't mind my signature at the bottom of this post that says Kara, until my "splotches" are gone you may call me Pongo....

P.S. I am trying to figure out what color I should make the font, I don't like it Black.. So bare with me :)

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