Saturday, October 23, 2010

No Time..

You would think being on an ISLAND I would have plenty of spare time to blog! Well lets just say it's day 8 of my 10 days here and I am just posting!

Let me just say, I do NOT want to come home! The pace and life here is so different! The first couple of days I was so jittery and I finally told Ty that I had to go for a walk to let off steam. What steam you ask? I guess my U.S. steam! Here everything is Island Time, which is really whatever time you want it to be. Back in the U.S. I am used to answering to everyone within 24 hours or I have horrible customer service. Everything is very competitive and very fast pace. I know I will miss it, but it is so nice to come here and just LIVE! It does take a few days to get used to the pace, but once you get hooked on the pace it's so hard to go back to the U.S. pace.

We have been pretty busy down here. I have been doing emails as well everyday, so I am trying not to be too far removed from work. Come Tuesday morning I think I will be in shock!
Here are a couple of photos, I have taken A TON here but here is a sneak peak of Grenada.

I come home on Monday night and land in Tampa... Why Tampa you ask? Well my sister and I are going to the Carrie Underwood CONCERT! AHHH! This is thanks to my AMAZING Brother In-Law!!! He knows that his wife and sis in-law really only want to go to ONE concert really really bad and he made it happen for us! We can not wait, pictures to come for sure!
I will be driving back to Orlando EARLY Tuesday morning so I can get back to work and back on campus. It will be a tough week, but this has been well worth the stress of this upcoming week..

Big News to come..... I will post my big news in a few days ;)


  1. Loved the update...thank you Peeps! You are so gorgeous in all of your photos. I cannot wait to come visit Island time WITH you!!! Love you so so much. Can't wait to hear more about your trip!

  2. Ditto to Hope! & I can't wait to hear this big news. You have me on the edge of my chair.


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