Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What did you just say?

I have not been able to stop thinking about smart people recently. I know its an odd post and an odd thing to say, but I am constantly speaking with highly intelligent college professors who teach thermodynamics and legal economics! It blows my mind how amazingly intelligent some people are. As much as i sometimes complain about my job, one of the amazing things about my job is I am constantly surrounded by brilliant individuals who are experts in their fields. If I want to build an airplane, become a accountant, learn how to give an enema, the list goes on and on! I have experts who I can see everyday. I was very lucky to sit in on a speaker who is actually an author for us and was the second in line to become the federal reserve chair and was on presidents bush' advisory board. AKA..hes pretty freaking brilliant! I was overwhelmed by everything he knew and wanted to bow down to him and just walk up to him and scream I am so stupid! I don't know.... that is just what i felt like doing, he was that brilliant! I sat in the crowd surrounded by 50 brilliant college professors who nodded their heads and laughed at his jokes.. I sat their watching everyone else to make sure i was mimicking their facial expressions and heads so I didn't look out of place. Let me tell you I was a 23 year old blond surrounded by 70 year old college professors in suits... I took a picture for you below...
I am definitely a pro in some areas of life, but let me tell you I am NOT a pro when it comes to Economics and Finance! I can sell you a pretty nice finance or economics book, if I may say so myself. (wink ;) )

Anyways I wanted to say something positive and I am so lucky to be surrounded by very intelligent individuals. Let me also point out I am constantly surrounded by either Tyler or Tanners Brilliance, its pretty amazing and outrageous how great they are. Yes I am slightly bias, but both would like to be doctors. Its going to be crazy! They will both be outstanding!
(p.s. Let me tell you my adorable boyfriend still always says he thinks I am as smart or smarter than he is, how cute is he?)

anyways I guess this post is about how lucky I am to know extremely intelligent people. They make me happy and so proud to be their friends!

p.s. I thought you should see me in front of my crazy intelligent professors describing the thermodynamic process...... weird they still buy books from me isn't it!

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  1. Laughed out loud 5 times reading this post. I love you, you furry little yellow duckling :)


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