Monday, April 5, 2010

Weddings are like Cupcakes!!

I love everything there is about Weddings! I love that the wedding festivities really start on Thursday sometimes even Wednesday and last until Sunday! Every girls cries at the wedding! Its another excuse to buy a dress! You get to eat Delicious cake!
Reminds me of cupcakes, I buy them on Wednesday and they last for a few days because i buy too many, I cry every time I eat one..JK..and I buy a new dress every time I buy a cupcake! JK again! But I love cupcakes and weddings!

I went to another wedding this past weekend for my college roommate Suzanne. She looked so pretty and her dress was amazing! As I get older, (ALMOST 24!!) You start to see your friends less and less. Its a very sad thing, but the great thing about weddings is it gets everyone back together.
Here are some pictures below...
Some of the great friends I got to see!
Suzy walking down the aisle!
Suzanne with one of her flower girls...
Suzanne getting her bouquet, I love this picture!

It was a great time and I so enjoy being a paparazzi at the wedding!
Embarrassing STORY! One of Suzanne's or Adams family members, was taking a picture right beside me and I stepped in her way, So i apologized and she said, oh my goodness you are much more important! She would much rather her photographers pictures turn out than mine! I kinda turned red and explained, i just have an unusually large camera because I enjoy taking pictures.. Slightly awkward.....
Anyways, I leave for NYC on Thursday! Really excited to go up there to shop, see my dad, and maybe have a few (45) cupcakes! WHAT come on, give me a break! Its NYC cupcake heaven...
On a more serious note, I will be turning 24 on FRIDAY! WHAT!! I know crazy, I still remember my 21st birthday like it was last year! I really am excited for 24 though, I think its going to be a GREAT YEAR! I know 23 was! Exciting times to come, like more weddings!! I am attending a Greek wedding with 600 guests! Isn't that crazy! I am so excited to see everything, I might break a few plates, then get arrested...jk I will wait for a Greek to do it and then I will follow! I will take pictures! Mr. Manis is teaching us how to Greek dance before we leave for the wedding. It should be very interesting.....
Then Joey is getting married in December, and then Dianna next March! Wedding bells are ringing very loudly around my girlfriends! Its probably because they are so pretty, just kidding but really I have gorgeous friends who wouldn't want to marry them!!!!
Have a great week, Happy Belated Easter!

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