Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wait what? March? No seriously...what?

Whooooaaa whoooooaaa whooooaaa hold on there February, not so fast! When you leave its March and then we only have April and 17th days in May and then we are leaving this beautiful island. Last time I checked it was like January 13th and now you are telling me its almost March!!! 

Ty and I are officially in the process of our next step...hopefully NY! We have to rank the states in order and we did NY 1 (obviously :) ) and NJ 2 (not obviously but the others are worse.....) Anyways we will be back in Florida on May 17th and then will find out where our next home will be in the end of June. 

Just to show you what I  imagine our place to look like here are a couple of pictures of us in our new apartment... 

Wait..... hold on......its how much a month.......... oh ok well can we at least have the chair in the study?!?! Wait what?!?! There is no way......a chair... ok how about one of the books...you know what never mind...  So in conclusion Tyler and I (i wish delante) will be living in a fancy box for the next two years :) I will make sure there is a 2nd box for visitors :) 

Can't wait for our next step though, can barely wait!! 

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