Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Where are we now?

We are two months from the end of 2013. I. Can't. Believe. It. 

Last time I posted was January 2013. Clearly life has been quite busy and the blog has taken a back seat. I don't remember why I started to blog but I do miss it sometimes and will try to see if I can get back into it. 

So where are we in life/medical school? 

1. Ty is a 4th year Medical Student and will graduate in June of 2014. Less than a year. 

2. We are in the process of applying for residency which is such an unbelievable experience. (more on this in a bit) 

3. I am back working for the company that I started my career with and am LOVING it! 

4. We still live in NJ, but this could definitely change within a year.

5. I am the Aunt of two precious identical twin boys. My sister and brother in law welcomed two boys this October and I am quite obsessed. 

6. This December Ty and I will celebrate 2 years of being married. CRAZY! 

That is the short recap of our lives this past year :) Medical School is definitely the culprit of our time (and money). My husband is a champ and is doing a fantastic job as a medical student. Medical school cannot be prepared for or taken lightly. It is a bear :) and sometimes a mean bear, but Ty is dedicated to becoming a doctor and I am so proud of the doctor he is becoming. If you have not given your doctor a hug lately please do :) They spent a lot of money, time and energy to get where they are (not that we all haven't) but Med school is no joke. 

So how to apply to residency? Well in short you create one big application and send it to hospitals with thousands of other students :) It is super competitive and not easy or cheap. You hope that your hard work and dedication will pay off but we will not know till match day this March. Fingers crossed for my main squeeze as we get through this stressful time to hopefully light at the end of this tunnel.(really long and extremely expensive toll tunnel) 

We are loving the gorgeous weather in NJ. Fall is fantastic and makes the holidays that much better. Luckily this year we didn't have any storms like we did last year. Sandy really set us back and am happy this year to be hurricane free :) 

Happy Fall to everyone :) 

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