Sunday, May 2, 2010

Well Hello There.....

......MAY! Thank you for arriving so quickly. My heart, stomach, butterflies and mother thank you very very much! I guess I also have to thank April too for being so short and quick!
I can not wrap my little tiny brain around the date. I sit here today and see May 2nd and am quite confused! My countdown is now 8 DAYS!! I know i am a little bit of a cheater...I do not count today or the 11th because I will be driving down to Miami on the 11th and the day will already be here. I am going to try to blog or something at least upload a photo while I am sitting in the airport. I can not wait I just feel like I am waiting for him to pick me up for High school Prom. I was so nervous and had such butterflies it was crazy. There was always this kind of awkward silence when your date first picked you up. I am not sure what I am going to say first i think my hugs and kisses will come first. The poor kid has been studying so so hard it has been crazy! SO PROUD OF HIM!

So yesterday was also a big day in my life. I just about fainted and had a little heart attack. I decided I was going to buy myself a present and I did. His name is Louie...He is a louie vuitton purse and he is pretty handsome if I can say so my self. When I was at the counter with my sister and my brother in law, I started sweating a bit and I started getting really red and a little queasy. You see I have recently realized I am kind of cheap. I will go buy $200 of a ton of really cheap clothes in ten minutes, but ask me to buy a pair of nice shoes for $90 and you would think you asked me to chop of my legs. So you can imagine what i thought when the guy gave me a total for a purse. It was like he was asking me to stand naked in front of the president on national TV and speak about neurobiology while standing next to Brad Pitt, Shiloh while holding a
cat. I could of sworn that is what he said.... My sister calmed me down and Now have closed my mouth and have started speaking again.
I am very excited and proud that I purchased this all by my self. Very rewarding..I don't think I will ever do it again but it was fun i guess once.
Productive day today, cleaned my room, in the process of laundry and about to take a shower! I know I'm pretty spectacular! and its only 1120!
I hope you had a terrific weekend, only one more weekend left until Ty gets here!!!! WOOO HOO!!!

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