Saturday, February 27, 2010


The Olympics, Chili, fresh baked bread and my roommate (my mother) what could be better on a Saturday night!

My mom and I have enjoyed the Olympics so much, that we had to have one last night with a fire in the fireplace and a night of cheering on the USA! It will be sad to see them go because they are on all night in my house. At first I had a heart attack each and every time I watched them. The reason for this was anytime someone fell or stumbled, (every minute) my mom would gasp really loud and scare me to death! I had to warn her that I was going to die at a very young age if she didn't stop scaring me every two seconds. I think she enjoyed scaring me to get back for the many times Tanner and I jumped out at her :) If you don't know Tanner and I, we really really enjoy scaring people. Tanner and I stand behind doors, corners and chairs and jump out very loudly to usually scare my mom. (sometimes each other!) It is usually hilarious to us, but not too funny to my poor roommate/mother. Tyler always enjoys scaring me too because he knows how much I absolute hate BEING scared. I know I know, I can dish it but I cant take it. Watching people get scared is so funny to me :)

If you follow me on Facebook or read my last post you have seen my link to

She is a two year old with neuroblastoma who I have been following for some time now. She is unfortunately not doing well and I am praying for her and her family. She is just so precious and I hate that someone so little has to be in such pain. Her mom has been blogging for the last few months to get the word out about pediatric cancer. Is she not the most precious thing you have ever seen? I can not stop thinking about her and her family. DO NOT read her blog if you are not in the mood to cry, it is very sad. I know you might ask why am I reading and following such a sad story? I definitely have a spot in my heart for children battling cancer and would spend all day every day trying to cheer them up if I could. I am so glad I have been working with Queen for a Day (newly named For A Day) so I can help as much as I possibly can with the little ones.

So I am now blog obsessed, I have created another blog for For A Day. The Non profit organization that I am the director for in Orlando. I really wanted to have a place for parents and others to visit to see updates and events for our local chapter. I will try to update the blog every visit I have with a Queen or a Hero :)

It is Saturday which means only a few more days until Tyler is home! So excited to see him after 8 weeks!

Brittany and Adam surprised Tanner in Wisconsin with Greg at his volleyball game :) So wish I could have been there. P.s. They WON!!

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  1. "I know I know, I can dish it but I cant take it." (same goes for practical jokes) I kid, I kid. . . ;) love you peeps!


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