Monday, February 15, 2010

Welcome to Pink Lovey!

Happy Monday and Welcome to Pink Lovey! Pink Lovey you may be repeating to yourself...its fun to say but why would she name her blog this? Well.. It all started back in the triple of adpi with my two amazing roomates. Peeps and Peeps, or you might know them better as Hope and Beth :) SB peeps, or single bed peeps (becuase she slept in the single bed Beth and cave bed peeps (hope) sleep in the cave or the bottom of the bunk bed :)) Single Bed peeps, (beth, until you can follow the lingo) baby sat for a set of twins :) One of the twins called the other one PEEPS, which we thought was sooo adorable we couldn't stand it. It was immediatly our names for each other. Then the girl twin had a blanket that she called pink lovey. I just absoluley LOVED that name and so did all three of us. So beth immediatly named our triple in the adpi house PINK LOVEY! It was an instant hit for us and we still refer to our room as pink lovey. We named our wireless internet pink lovey too :) I really enjoyed setting up that on the phone.. "yes mam, what would you like to call your wireless internet?" The dumb blonde sorority girl on the other end.. "Ummm how about PINK LOVEY!"

"Im sorry mam did you say PINK LOVEY?" Yes I DID!!!!
So that is where the name PL or Pink Lovey came from. My lovely friends Hope and Beth whom I really adore and think about daily. So naming this blog Pink Lovey made so much sense. I started to think when creating this blog... what word do I love or what makes me happy? Tyler immediatly said Pink Lovey. I wanted to marry him right then and there on skype! I knew I dated him for a reason. Those two little words make me so giddy. It brings me back to my college days (almost 2 years ago!) and makes me so happy. I can just hear peeps' saying Pink Lovey and it almost makes me want to cry in a good way! So while this definitly is not a replacement for the REAL pink lovey this is just a little reminder everyday for me of what I love, my girlfriends, pink, college, pillow talk, love, My pink blanket, and many more ideas that come to mind. I also added the hot pink cupcake behind pink lovey because my other favorite item is CUPCAKES!! I just adore them and they make me so happy! This combination of a hotpink cupcake and pink lovey makes me want to squeeze my little computer screen so tight because it makes me so happy!

Anyways now that I finished explaining my new home a quick update of my weekend! I had an amazing weekend with Tanner! So much fun and I have some pictures for you too! I know you are dieing to know about my 5 hour wait in the airport. Well I was in a different terminal and couldn't find anywhere that people were waiting for their loved ones. I was so depressed wandering the STUPID airport for hours. Then all of a sudden I had to pee, so I walked down some weird staircase and there is was a three row auditorium where people (Lovers) were waiting for their loved ones!! It was INCREDIBLE.. even better than my last visit. I wanted to cry, I grabbed my iphone and earplugs and popped on the new lady antebellum cd and a mix of other sappy songs and just sat for hours and watched. I know I looked like the CREEPIEST girl ever, sitting similing for hours and never claiming anyone who walked through the gates, but i loved it!! I have to say (sorry Tanner) I was a bit sad when Tanner called and said he was outside, I wanted to tell him some Tanner i have the flu and Im in the bathroom can
you circle for a bit or maybe even say PARK YOUR CAR TANNER and get in HERE pronto!! but we had 2 hours to drive so I walked away with the BIGGEST smile on my face. It was incredible. Yes if you were wondering I took a picture! I am such a creeper. This was my favorite.. this guy waited a least an hour pacing and then sitting down and then pacing and then sitting down with his little bouquet of flowers. I was in heaven if this wasn't going to be the BEST arrival ever I don't know what would...I was pretty sure he was about to propose to his girlfriend who was living in Africa and teaching at a school to little kids with aids....well IF i would have seen the arrival, MAYBE i could have told you but thats what i was hoping he would have said if i would have asked him...Tanner showed up.....Jk Tanner I love you and was so excited you were there.. ANyways Here is his picture, notice the precious little flowers on the left hand side :)

I am saving this blog to finish when i get back from tribal dance class... i mean body back in an hour!
No..that is not my face after I completed the tribal dance, that is my face in the 20 degree weather in Quincy, showing my family my 47 layers of clothing I had to wear to keep semi warm. I am definitly a FLORIDA GIRL!!

And No this Blurry picture of tanner is not him smiling becuase he saw my tribal dance, it is because...


It was the biggest upset at Quincy in about 15 years!! During the game I literally almost

1. peed my pants

2. had a heart attack
3. jumped on the court to help them

4. did some vulgar movement to the other team to distract them.. (my beautiful grandma reads this so I have to keep it clean..JK)

This is the ONLY picture I could get of tanner after the game becuase I was so dang excited for the win. I was literally jumping and screaming the entire match. I wanted him to win so bad and they did! He was pretty incredible if I can say so myself...

So there its is my first Pink Lovey post... I feel so much comfortable at my new home and hope you do to. If you were here I would give you a very big PL (pink Lovey) welcome which involves some big squeezes, squeals, nose nuzzles and jumping up and down a few times.

Have a fabulous Pink Lovey week my friends!!


  1. Peeps! LOVE the new home and love the cupcake photo...I want to eat it! This post, along with every other one made me laugh SO hard. You are so funny and I love you madly. In true PL fashion, I will end with a very high pitched.. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

  2. AHHHH! i love the new pink lovey blog, good choice sissy! love you! see you sunday!

  3. PINK LOVEY!!!! This has made my day, week, month, and year! How I love the name, and more importantly, the writer of this sensational blog. Thank you for making me laugh (like cave bed peeps) I have smiled so much today because of you!


    single bed peeps :)


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