Sunday, February 21, 2010

Do not Poke my Grandma..

What a day it has been. My 83 year old grandma is on FACEBOOK! Yes believe it, we created an account for her today and she has already learned the main features of facebook. Last night we found out she was quite excited to see what people said on my moms facebook wall, so my uncle had the idea to sign her up! She already has 14 friends! I know it has only been 8 hours and she is already a facebook queen!
I was so proud of her, she is not afraid to try anything and she will sit there with you and try until she learns it. I have to say she is pretty quick, quicker than my mother on facebook. JK JK! my mom is a facebook queen as well! If I find out someone pokes my grandmother on facebook though, i will hunt them down and break their computer and their fingers while im at it. Jk, but seriously I will not allow that type of behavior with her :)

This weekend was the first weekend I was in town in 3 weeks! I know crazy, it was good though I laid outside, did laundry, cleaned my closet and went and saw 2 movies! I know quite the busy bee :)I saw dear john and Blind side. I have to say channing tatum is extremley good looking in this movie, but I was not blown away. If you really want to know I only teared up ONCE. That is a big deal! Blindside was great! I really liked it and I would like to adopt a football player now. I know sounds weird, but how amazing that someone could give someone who had nothing just a chance at life. I loved it!

I had a horrible week at work this week. Well actually only the end of the week was bad, but it was really bad. I lost a really big adoption that I really had no control over losing and it was really tough. Its going to be really tough to make it up and i am just going to keep working on a few other things that might help me make my number. Im crossing my fingers!

I am watching USA vs. CANADA Hockey right now. GO USA! BOO MAPLE SYRUP! Jk, I used to date a canadian citizen for 4 years or so. Even though he is still routing for CANADA (ehemmm, we are still working on this), he has been a USA Citizen for a couple of years now. My parents sat me down a few years ago and said If tyler wasn't a citizen they could not support our relationship. We do not eat maple syrup and life and breathe hockey. But Tyler became a US citizen all in the name of love. I kid! His whole family is :)The Winter Olympics was really a breaking point in my 7 year relationship with Tyler. Finding out he would route for his OLD country :( Just broke my heart. I mean come on USA or CANADA you pick...
I think all of the studying and heat in Grenada is really getting to his brain. I am excited he is coming home for a few days so I can make sure he has not gone totally insane, whats next he will want Sarah Palin for President?
(So the US hasnt ever beaten Canada in the olympics, so since we MIGHT lose I have to get him somewhere :))

Anyways, this week at work should be a bit more calm than the last and then a weekend to get ready for Ty to come home and Lauren and Erics wedding! I can't wait!

I hope this week FLIES BY!!

Love you all, GO USA!


  1. Perfection beats Maple Syrup 5-3!! Go USA!! Everybody is saying that you need to come back to Quincy, Tink says she misses you, Steph said she is glad she met you (and not Bri... just kidding Bri), and the team said they need you so we can win again!!

  2. Perfection. absolute perfection. I love your new bikini! and Tyler, let someone help you with your war paint next time, your lines are a little crooked.


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