Thursday, February 25, 2010

Burned Out...

It was something people in my company always warned us of. I always thought burning out meant one day you would just go crazy and pull your hair out! Well I found out what it was and it is not going crazy its just being so over everything you don't want to work anymore....I have been really struggling the last few weeks...maybe even months and I know there are other factors than just the job. Not having Ty here has been tough and I know he is a HUGE source of support and a distraction for me when I am about to BURN OUT! He was always here to stop me before the break down and I never knew how much it meant to me. I am only a WEEK away from him being here and I know that will help! But in the mean time, if I don't win the lottery here are my dream jobs that i would love to do now.
1. Open my bakery
2. Keep blogging and make money from it somehow :)
3. become a wedding photographer
4. be a news anchor on the today show
5. Work at a children's hospital and play all day long
6. open a bed and breakfast in Grenada for vacationers :)

Any suggestions on other dream jobs PLEASE feel free to comment below...Have you ever thought what you would do if you had the opportunity to do your DREAM job, regardless of money?

my other favorite thing to think about is what would you do if you won the lottery? Yesterday it was 76 million....What would you do with 76 Million?

My mom and I were talking and she said well I can tell you right now you wouldn't be sitting here whining about your job anymore! And I said YOU ARE RIGHT, we would get in the car and drive to Tally to go pick up our money. We would pay all of our bills, pay off the house and car and then go on a big vacation with our family! We would also buy a beach house... you would all be invited.
I would also go work at a children's hospital for free and just bring presents and fun crafts all day. and I would hug the little ones so much.

On a side note, I found the saddest little blog last night.
Do NOT READ it at work or if you just put make up on.... It is hard to read and it makes you appreciate your life so so much!

She is a precious little girl who is as cute as can be battling cancer. Unfortunately she only has days to live and her mom has been blogging and updating her status on twitter daily. It is so hard to read but makes me say why am I even whining about my job. I don't have kids yet, but if i did I could only imagine how unbelievable it would be to have a sick child. When I go visit children for queen for a day, I always think the kids are unbelievable and precious BUT i always come home thinking about the parents too. They are unbelievable and so strong for their children. I give them so much credit and don't know if I could be that strong. I love Queen for a day, now with a NEW name... FOR A DAY :) (they changed it so it was more for boys and girls now...( because it is really helpful for the children who get to escape from the pain for just an hour or so but also for the parents who get to see their little one laugh and smile for a bit. It is also amazing for the volunteers who get to see a different perspective on life.

I am so grateful for my healthy family, boyfriend, and friends. I have an unbelievable life that I am so grateful for....

It is Thursday which means its almost the weekend which also means its almost NEXT THURSDAY! I would like to go bring a tent and clothes to the airport and sit right infornt of the security gates with magazines and books. I think I might get arrested if I do that, so I will just imagine it in my head so I don't end up in jail when Ty is here. That would be a big bummer, I could only see him through glass and then I would really get into trouble when I had to scale the gates at the jail.. Anyways back to reality I'm staying at home and waiting for my Caribbean lover to be here! I will blog either the night before or the morning of so you can feel my butterflies with me.... CANT WAIT!!

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